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2019 Election: Will we make changes or maintain status quo?

[09:50, 1/18/2018] Moderator: Hello out there and thanks for joining us on talk-am platform, its a beautiful Thursday morning and a lot of politicking is going on as 2019 is fast approaching, like we keep sounding on this platform we are not partisan and we should always as citizens agitating for a better Nigeria, attack issues the way they are despite our ethnicity, religion and tribes, as Nigerians we should always know that no country will love us more than her citizens, so we should do away with things that divide us and focus on building a new Nigeria, we should do our best to let those on the street know that on the field of play, victory has nothing to do with faith, ethnicity and region but with hard work and tenacity.

Joining you on the platform today, I am Ibaba. O. Ibaba, we commiserate with those who lost loved ones in the killings across the country and pray for the repose of their souls, and may God almighty grant peace in Nigeria to enable us live together as a people to achieve the great sustainable development goals.

There is no doubt Nigerians have been brought to a cross road by the ruling party, the All Progressive Congress’s (APC)  inability to be better than their predecessor. Moreover, many believe both parties to be of same kind (political gladiators) that cannot provide good leadership to the masses expectations , wherefore they hope in the emergence of a new promising party to harness what is left in the Nigerian polity,

The 2019 election is just around the corner with these two parties as the major players, predict and analyze the chances of winning the presidential election between these two major parties (APC&PDP)


Should we be expecting a new political party entirely to unseat the ruling party aside the People’s Democratic Party?

No hard tackle on personalities but the issues on ground and may the most articulate men and women school us.

Good morning!!!

[10:27, 1/18/2018] Frank: They came and deceived many under the guise of fighting corruption and including 60% of Christians gave them “APC” their support including Benue, Southern Kaduna, now what are we seeing, Killings and claiming dominance.

The Fulani herdsmen are killing innocent people with impunity and the primary aim/objective of the State and those who run the state (the government) is to protect the defenseless citizens, but what they are rather displaying is total isolation.

The Economy is hampered because of our useless self-centeredness and gullible determination and you expect such government to return to power again!!! You are giving an automatic license for totalitarianism, for killing, destruction, stealing etc at the detriment of everyone that survives probably 2019.

We as collective and reasonable people that are most affected by this barbaric war of dominance should learn from our mistakes now or it will be too late! It is said “to be warned is to be fore armed” I rest my case.

PDP yes they are corrupt set of people and still recycling and rebranding the corruption from Mr. A to Mr. B then to Mr. C. Who are those greatly affected and still being affected? Of course you and I, but without any fear of intimidation of some party worshippers in our midst I will tell you boldly that if Buhari fails to arrest the acclaimed ill-happenings bedeviling the entire nook and cranny of our nation called Nigeria, then he stands a loose advantage to PDP.

[11:11, 1/18/2018] Dave: Regrettably the ruling party of the day has so many factors to their disposal to continue being in power come 2019 election. Just as the saying goes, “Niger don enter one chance, it is true to some extent of the economy, insecurity, blatant ethnics and religious division etc. After Buhari and with good political strategy from a visionary party, the Apc can be sent parking.

Assuming they are by any chance sent away by a majority vote, I don’t see their likely to-be presidential candidate being as simple minded as President Jonathan whose political ideology is “his ambition not worthy of the blood of a single Nigerian”, because his antecedents has never showed him as a power thirsty leader, who neither believes in political godfather nor do or die politics. The APC for instance has it all in terms of power of incumbency, the financial resources, the political power of influence etc to contend with any party in the race, because Nigerians are docile people who behave just like the chicken following the path of its persecutor if he lures them with some few grains.

This you can see clearly in the behaviors of the ordinary man who is suffering without food under this government but can kill another defending the name of the president because of ethnicity or religious sentiments. They will all vote again and again for him based on such baseless factors, and considering the fact that they constituted a larger number of geopolitical zones than others in other parties, thier chances are sure without some efforts to manipulate the result.

[11:14, 1/18/2018] Frank: Seeing a different set of party emerging as ruling party, hmmm!! Maybe possible but will be made of the same mediocre!!! Just pray you have good set of leaders who are rightfully assembled by God Almighty for the common man. If not you keep soaking in higgledy piggledy State of disorder, confusion, chaos and anarchy in our ever nascent democracy

[11:25, 1/18/2018] Dave: The only ray of hope that is visible now is the “handshake across the Niger” which I tag as a gallantry move of political consolidation of some ethnic groups and religion. This single move if not abandoned will equalize the imbalance of political awareness of the south -west, south -south, south-east and the winning formula in the people of the middle belt. Watch carefully for happenings of this prediction after the four-year second term of the Apc.

[11:31, 1/18/2018] Eze: Did you see the people that shook hands; it’s the same old politicians. Carefully read the quote on the image below.

[11:32, 1/18/2018] Dave: Issue of another party emergence to overthrow these two major political parties is still elusive for now but can happen after the second tenure of this ruling party. Possibly by us if we are not derailed in efforts to accomplish what we have so far discussed before.

[11:33, 1/18/2018] Moderator: Well-articulated comrades, indeed we are helpless but for sure we are not hopeless. @FranK, do you think what played out build up to 2015 general election, the alliance of ACN, CPC, ANPP that ushered in APC  as a ruling party, can it still work?

[11:35, 1/18/2018] Eze: In our criticism of this administration we shouldn’t throw the baby and the bath water, it’s only 2yrs and some months. Somethings still need to be fixed.

[11:36, 1/18/2018] Dave: @Eze, I feel the above is a theory that can be very hard to proof in our political system.

[11:36, 1/18/2018] Eze: Ask Nnamdi Kanu, it’s a psychological thing; it’s what you make people believe, like some people will say Rivers State is a PDP State or Kebbi State is an APC State, and then people think it’s true. Forgetting it’s not about party. It’s something the politicians know and they work on the psychology of the people.

[11:39, 1/18/2018] Dave: Well as I have said we are docile people who will stand for the wrong path for some inconsequential reasons. You can confirm this from Donald Trump.

[11:39, 1/18/2018] Eze: Funny the quote suits Nigerians, the same goes to America for voting Trump.

[11:43, 1/18/2018] Dave: I think America at this time needed to have a leader such as Trump for some radical actions and truths not minding who it hurts. I think the problem with us is illiteracy and mediocrity in politics. And the difference can only occur when someone or people decide to take it upon themselves to create massive awareness of ideal political participation to every nook and cranny.

All we know how to do is to strategize for voting population in our geopolitical boundaries or religious affiliation to produce a party that can send some power thirsty leaders into power but lack the knowledge of what we ought to benefit from them. That is why we tend to appreciate and dance at whatever is thrown before us as dividends of governance. Dividends of democracy are beyond physical list of artifacts. It defines the people’s level of humanity in the society. What is the worth of our humanity if people keep dying every day from others due to animals that are lower to humanity? Who are to use the roads and the other dividends of governance that the government is trying to put in place? Oh of course the cows abi?

We as a people must understand what is good for us and stand for it. And as I have said, that is why the hand shake across the Niger is right. It is visionary conception to a higher level of political attainment of groups to redefine the general essence of living in this godam place called Nigeria, where people are senselessly killed without redress. This is no different from any form of bloody coup d’état.

[14:07, 1/18/2018] Ikechukwu: Good afternoon Mr. Moderator and to you all out there, it is another beautiful afternoon and a wonderful day. I want to sincerely sympathize with our brothers and sisters who lost their love ones. For me I sincerely believe that it is high time the citizens of this great nation, you and I stop voting for party, but rather show support to candidate’s. The nomenclature party has brought nothing but pains, regret, anguish and so on.

If given power I will like to move a motion for policy of cross carpeting to be prohibited because a good political party might surface but will be taken over by those bad eggs, also we the electorate should stop partisan politics but a party and candidate with benefiting manifesto thank you.

[19:35, 1/18/2018] Frank: I do not see how this government could get its mandate extended. I don’t really think they do plan to win election.

[06:37, 1/19/2018] Moderator: Hello good morning Frank, Mark, EZe, Ikechukwu thanks for your usual cooperation yesterday on the platform, and to every other person who had the zeal and were willing to participate yesterday but due to commitments were unavoidably absent. Yesterday’s topic was and is one that has to do with each and every one of us, how do we address some of the challenges in our country by engaging new and young people in our polity and stop recycling power among the old, from one military man to another.

It’s not by bullets or by bombs, we must renegotiate our union, are we ready to stay together as a people, we must jettison the primordial distinct vis, tribe, ethnicity and region, the Nigerian State cannot only be seen preaching unity with its mouth it must be the architect of building same.

So how can we achieve this is by actively participating in the game of politics, often time I hear people say politics is a dirty game but I think it is not, the actors and those who play the game here are very dirty so it brings about the generalization by an average Nigerian that politics is a dirty game.

I Will Leave You Here with A Poem Titled “THE WALL AND THE BRIDGE “by Dike Chukwumerije.

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