End SARS rally in Warri Nigeria.

End SARS “Special Anti Robbery Squad”: the fictions and the facts

[11:09, 12/14/2017] Moderator: Hello good morning honourable members of the upper chamber and welcome to today’s segment of our 24rs Debate, sorry it’s coming late due to my tight schedule.

The activities of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a division of the Nigerian Police Force set up to checkmate robbery and other related crimes have become of great concern to Nigerians, as many Nigerians at some point have fallen victim of the aforementioned body and with their activities some alleged to be sponsored why others deliberately done to please their bosses.

What should Police authorities do with the Special Anti-Robbery Squad?

OR If you are the Inspector General of Police, what will be your take on this?

All existing protocols should strictly be adhered to and may the greatest school us.

Good morning.

[13:04, 12/14/2017] Eghosa: Good afternoon people what I expect the police authority to do is to disband SARS and collapse its activities. The police authorities should look into the welfare packages of its officers and address pressing issues relating to pension and gratuity.

Renovated police barracks nations wide.

[13:30, 12/14/2017] Moderator: Good afternoon @Eghosa, having said the police should disband the squad, who will be bold enough to take the bull by its horn, is it the IGP or the police service commission, because they said “he who must come to equity must come with clean hands”

To the best of my knowledge I think the IGP is the right person to make such pronouncement and owing to the fact that so many Nigerians are saying they lost confidence in this present IGP and with series of bribery allegations against him viz the Senator Maina’s saga and a whole lot, so is he clean and bold  enough to leave the big log in his eyes and remove that of SARS?

[13:50, 12/14/2017] Ikechukwu: Well my own take on this matter is that SARS has lost its respect in the eyes of the masses owning to the fact that they have left their duties as specified by the law and the act that established it, involving in various crimes thereby breaking the law which they ought to have protected, so the thing is they should be restructured through their functions and duties and federal government should make sure that they are well paid and taking care of as such gesture will not alone stop them from misbehaving but propel them to give in their best in protecting lives and properties of our nation.  Thank you Mr.  Moderator.

[14:23, 12/14/2017] Moderator: Welcome Ik, SARS is an Anti- Robbery Squad as specified by law and justified by the act to which it was created but we always see them wading into kidnapping issues, intimidating the poor masses most a times to please those at the top, and with what they did at peace corps office on the orders of the Inspector General of police catering away with their logistics and brutalizing those they met on ground that day, it brings the question of “WHO WILL REFORM THE SARS”?

[06:27, 12/15/2017] Moderator: Good morning adorable comrades of our amiable platform, a big thank you to Mrs. Eghosa and Mr. Ikechukwu the only participants in our yesterday’s debate, some regulars who were unable to turn up due to work and some other reasons we understand, knowing fully well that this is the last working week for the year therefore they have been up and doing to put some things in order, while others were engaged in one way or the other all for the Christmas celebration.

On behalf of myself I want to appreciate all your efforts since the inception of this noble platform you have worked diligently and assiduously to see that we are here today and if you have time to read our previous extract you will see that our inputs are of great importance and will serve as oil for nation development, my prayer is that despite the hardship in the land may the good Lord see you through in all your endeavors, continue to work and pray for the success of this platform because anything you approach causally the result will be casual so do all you can to see that this platform see the light of the day.

Some may see it as time wasting but you can’t take that from them, it’s their own opinion but a day will surely come when they will say I had the opportunity of being there but due to my lackadaisical and loquacious attitude I was removed from the platform, like Kim Ill Sung will say

“It is only those who fight for freedom with indefatigable and self-sacrificing spirit that wins and maintain it forever, because there are many thieves willing to trample on the sovereignty of other Nations”.

On our yesterday’s  Debate, Eghosa and Ikechukwu your inputs are not far from other Nigerians calling for the proscribing of SARS, but who will do this when the Inspector General of Police himself seems not to respect court order, recall he was asked by the court to wash off his hands on the operations of the Peace Corps and N12.5m be paid to Peace Corps as damages by the police but he is not obeying the judgment but this is the same person who went to court to stop his probe and the Senate obeyed the court order, so like I did say, Nigerians have lost confidence in this present IGP because he does things that are inimical to nations development.

My submission will not be complete without giving honor to whom it is due, with a singular honor I want to in a very special way thank the management of talk-am platform and also wish them a happy celebration I also want to advice that as we take a break may you re-strategize and come up with something different that will further push this platform forward, recall we started perfectly and the zeal was there but at some point some persons backslide although the Bible says many are called but few are chosen thank you and God bless.

To the rest of us, this is the season of love and as we patiently and anxiously await the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ may we extend the hand of love to the downtrodden, I wish you a meritorious celebration and a fruitful 2018.