Defection, Siege, Abduction: A tale of Pre 2019.

[7/26, 09:47/2018] Moderator:

Hello out there and thanks for joining us on talk-am platform my name is Ibaba. O. Ibaba and I am privileged to be on the podium this Thursday to discuss trending issues in our polity and more so proffer solutions to some of the problems.
It was a big blow to the all progressive Congress APC as defection started from the National assembly down to some state, and just from Tuesday till this moment 15 senators, 37 house of Representatives members left the ruling party to other political parties and again on Wednesday the governor of Benue state Dr Samuel Ortom also left the party with local government chairmen and councilors  a development that seriously command the attention of the APC if they really wants to clinch back power in 2019, because in politics like they say is a game of number and the more the merrier and when you have such a worrisome developments, it calls for serious attention to look inward and put your house in order.
The police on that same Tuesday invaded the residence of the Senate president and the deputy Senate president, with some alleging that it was a coup on democracy and a plot to impeach the leadership of the Senate and install the APC anointed but the police came up yesterday through its spokesman Jimoh Moshood, denying that the invasion has no link the police and such order was not given to lay siege on the SP and DSP residence, hearing from the police spokesman we begin to wonder if such things are happening in the heart of Abuja the federal capital city and police claimed to have no knowledge on the development when it’s men were with their official vehicles, uniform and riffles cut on cameras carrying out this operation.
Is the current defections going on a payback to APC and a paycheck to the generality of Nigerians?
Is the problem coming from APC as a party or its a local political problem between lawmakers with their state governors?
The siege on the number three citizen and number six citizen what does this entails in a democratic certain?
What is the Nigerian populace celebrating, their interest or our interest.
Let’s maintain the decorum, no fowl language, any attack on personality and insulting words the offender will be evicted and added back after the debate.
Equality of personality, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, go straight to the point with brief and concise analysis, and may the most educated and vast in knowledge school us.

[7/26, 10:59/2018] Francis: Good morning Mr. Moderator and fellow Comrades. What we are witnessing in Nigeria is a drama orchestrated by the political class’ grip on power. Someone ones stated that in Nigeria there are just two modes of production and they are politics and religion (church mosque).
To your first question, this defection isn’t a payback to APC, because for Christ sakes, these are the very same people that decamped from PDP back in 2015. Then their reason was that “change” had come and the PDP were a bunch of criminals, today change has failed and the same criminal elements in PDP have become the messiahs to save the country. Isn’t it madness?
This is far from being a paycheck to the generality of Nigerians, because I don’t see what the country stands to gain from politicians moving to and fro like herdsmen.
The problem isn’t from A Party, the problem is from the kind of politicians we have and the lack of will of the populace to challenge them and demand accountability from them. They are celebrated and given titles and awarded degrees, so they keep perfecting their acts.
The siege is a show of how far we are from democracy, like I said yesterday, the strongman syndrome is our biggest Waterloo, its the rise and fall of our political system. Isn’t it rather insulting that the Police PRO will come on air and call Nigerians fools? The same PRO who boost of how formidable the police’s intelligence is still turns round to tell us they were unaware of a major blockade in a major part of the Federal Capital Territory. Smh, Nigeria will not kill me.
It’s hard to tell what the populace are celebrating and quite frankly its hard to blame them. Imagine when someone has been deprived of freedom for too long, even when he gains it, he still finds solitude as a decent way of life.
The Nigerian populace have been so deprived of their fundamental rights as citizens that their life’s work is now to be spectators of the political class and celebrate their drama.
On a final note, we must all be prepared for what ever outcome this forth coming election will bring us as a country, we must participate actively with a desire to right the wrongs. If I had the ability, I will tell all young Nigerians to ignore both APC and the PDP and go for something fresh, they are just acting out a script they have prepared together, and we and our children unborn are the ones bearing the cost of their costumes and cast.

[7/26, 11:01/2018] Odey: Morning, and welcome on board this very auspicious and eventful week. It is common knowledge that khama reigns supreme and nemesis is a bastard . Some 4 years ago APC benefited from that exodus from PDP. Irrespective of the reasons adduced for that defection, the APC didn’t manage their fortune well and its has boumeranged. Ranging from the gross non performance,lack of a clear cut policy framework for both party members and the populace, heightened insecurity in the land, obvious lack of internal democracy have necessitated the corrent re_alignment. Who knows, possibly a hand of God in rescuing his people.
With the invasion of the Senate principal officers’ residents and the eventual inability to stop the defection, the APC led federal government felt it would be too shameful to admit being the brain behind the act. The act was an embarrassment to all political watchers. A thumb 👍 up for Saraki and Co it would have been a different story by now.

[7/26, 11:27/2018] Moderator: 👏👏👏👏👏well articulated comrade Francis, but don’t you smell counter defections due to what is unfolding, majority of them were PDP members going back to their former party and in that same PDP we have the landlords on ground working round the clock to see that they clinch the party tickets, with the returnees now coming to slog it out with them, most of them are incumbent like the governor of Benue and some serving lawmakers, don’t you think it will pave way for more defections most especially for those who remained in PDP since they lost out in 2015, because I perceive a situation wherefore the returnees will use the power of incumbency to hijack certain things in the party and bring back the impunity that the PDP is trying to do away with, and also I think their is a limited space most especially in the people’s democratic party and the umbrella will not contain all of them.

Well said Comrade Odey, but do you think the defection is due to the inability of the APC to settle their grievances and make everyone to have a stake in the party, or its their local problem some with their political godfathers and others with their state governor, because to me I sense more trouble from their respective States than the problem coming from the center.
In kaduna state where senator Hunkuyi defected, his intention is to contest for the governorship position comes 2019,and remaining in APC where governor el-rufai will be flying the flag his chances are limited and that was what metamorphosed his switch to the PDP.
In Benue where the governor defected yesterday, he (Ortom) over some months have been at logger head with his godfather Sen Akume where prior to his defection he said that he has been issued a red card in the party, and that decision prompted a reshulfflement in his cabinets which 50% before their disengagement were the loyalists of Sen. Akume and with the recent impeachment of the speaker BHOA who is also a political godson of Sen. Akume.
Still in Benue where Sen. Gemade former PDP national chairman defected, there is a plan defection of former Governor Gabriel Suswam to APC who happens to be in the same senatorial district with the former and his chances of coming back to the red chamber are limited if he remain in APC as the former Governor will be flying the flag.
And so many similar issues from other states, so do we really think the reason for their defection is the inability of the broom at National to sweep their grievances or is their local political predicaments.

[7/26, 12:46/2018] Odey: Well crafted Ibaba. I look at the issues wholesomely and it is germane to state that the federal broom has also failed in some of its responsibilities to ensure internal democracy at the federal,, state, and at the various levels. Politics is about interest, most especially in our society where there a clear ideology that define political leaning. If party fails to provide the needed shelter the option is seek another accommodation. As you have predicted I equally see trouble at their respective destinations and those on ground will contend for relevance. On the whole, the masses will benefit as no political party will behave as if it is invincible.