About us

Talk-am.com is Nigeria’s first political social networking site that integrates politics with popular culture by providing an online meeting point for political savvies and those seeking to know.The Internet against all speculations has become part of our social reality, taking socialization to a whole new dimension. We shop, transact businesses, even learn through our online networks. Talk-am.com leverages on the convenience, flexibility and vastness the internet offers to arouse political interest, education and participation.


This platform is NEITHER affiliated with any political party NOR Politician. Talk-am.com is a place for political enthusiasts to air their opinions after the time constraint of the mainstream media has set in, and away from partisan fixes. Here, such thing as “Ruling” or “Opposition”, “North” or “South”, is of very little relevance because, at Talk-am.com arguments must be statements of value backed-up by verifiable facts.


We are poised to bridging the divide between ruler-ship and follower-ship, both are vital elements of every political systems, without which there would be no such thing as THE STATE. Hence, we are developing systems for seamless and effortless collaborations between both, because
The more we talk, the more we find common grounds (WE FM 96.3)
So let’s begin to Talk-am, as well as share questions and answers alike to a wider spectrum of our social circles all over the internet. Open your mind, be educated and be heard! Sign up and join the conversation, it is totally free!!!