Nigeria's base security.

Nigeria’s base problem, and how does solving it ameliorate other problems?

[12:31, 4/26/2018] Moderator: Good Morning Comrades, sorry that our weekly debate is kicking off a little behind schedule today.
Nigeria as we all know it is presently bedeviled with seemingly insurmountable issues. Issues which range from insecurity, abuse of human rights, corruption, tribalism, to religious bigotry just to name a but a few. There are a wide range of narratives currently being undertaken, none of which seems to be setting a solution in perspective.

Out task today is simple;

What in your view is the base factor to Nigeria’s numerous problems, why do you think it is the base factor, and how would tackling that problem douse most of the other national issues?

Caution: all existing protocols observed, and please be reminded that today’s topic creates no room for argument.

May the best folks regale us. Good morning.

[12:33, 4/26/2018] Eze: The base factor of our problem is Nigerians and our behaviour towards our lives generally and when I say Nigerians I mean everyone in this country.

The solution is to carve out a defined and standard model on how we want our country to be like and deliberately follow that model of growth until we achieve it. In justice, infrastructure, security etc

If there is a standard that is set that we all have to follow for development, I think we will go a long way.

[12:55, 4/26/2018] Moderator: Thank you and welcome Mr Eze, interesting summation, however, the country has had leadership right from our independence, and each leadership’s style has necessitated a reciprocal response form followership.

If we have reached this point as a result of the “Nigerian’s lack of patriotism”, what can the ordinary you and I do to effect the change we need at the National, State and local level?

[13:26, 4/26/2018] Eze: We’ve had all manner of agendas from 5 points to 7 points to no point. Now if we have a standard model on how our schools, roads, police, army etc the followers will be able to hold responsible the leaders that veer off the set standard.

That’s why they recall cars in America because it doesn’t meet the set standard. Simply put, if we have the same model/ standard of roads, hospitals, schools, housing estates and infrastructure in all the 36 States, I think anything below that is suspect.

But its chaos here, anything goes, no checks or balance no quality control.

[13:33, 4/26/2018] Moderator: Interesting, meaning we have not really had a progressive leadership with vision?

[13:44, 4/26/2018] Eze: Not at all. For instance, look at our transport systems, it has great potential to employ and generate revenue for government, but check out the chaos in each State.

We don’t have cerebrally sound leadership, no plan nothing, that’s why if you listen to their campaign messages, they say we will do this and that but there is no talk about the “how”, no time frame, no organized logical long-term solution. They just do things on impulse, for temporary satisfaction to please the masses to be voted again 🤷🏽‍♂

[14:00, 4/26/2018] Moderator: I couldn’t agree more, things would have certainly been different if we had leaders with the kind of intellectual prowess such as you have elucidated.

In the light of our current misgivings, what should the common Nigerian do when our polity has been submerged and rotated amongst the same vision-less Prebendal Lords and their Clients?

[14:13, 4/26/2018] Eze: It would be cool to get people we think are credible hoping that the systematic rot won’t get to them because, our system has changed even the best of brains, it’s a wishful thinking.

Debates before election can help pick the best, It will help to know those that have a systematic and concrete plan and those who are just airheads because, a debate is not a prepared speech one can read from, you will have to give an impulsive and articulate answer.

If they were not able to divide us along party and religious, ethnic, educational and finance lines, we as citizens would have been able to set our standard and make sure the politicians live up to those models and standard. After all, democracy is government of the people by the people and for the people 🤷🏽‍♂

Question is how many Nigerians in the 200 million know what democracy really is? But we’ve let it be defined as government of the politicians by the politicians and for the politicians

[14:34, 4/26/2018] Moderator: I agree, the correctness of your entire speech may be hinged on this part:

“If they were not able to divide us along party and religious ethnic…”

Nigerians have become so polarized so much that sincerely, National cohesion may never be plausible.

Distrust and suspicion amongst ourselves has become part of our different cultures, and the new generation are easily acculturated likewise.  If this paints a true picture of the Nigerian dilemma, don’t you think cessation would be a more plausible option for us?

[14:52, 4/26/2018] Eze: There is business in chaos.

[15:14, 4/26/2018] Odey: We would surmount our setbacks when truth, fairness, justice, and equity become the hallmark of our operations. Strengthened institutions that are peopled by merit and not skewed quota system as we operate today,  take for instance, the National Population Commission should be impartial to the extent that a proper and accurate census can be  conducted by it to reflect the reality on ground, this is fundamental because, it is based on report from that body any meaningful planning will be achieved.

[15:17, 4/26/2018] Moderator: Welcome Mr. Odey, all of these you have enumerated are great feats, but how can they be instituted in the light of current realities?

[15:17, 4/26/2018] Eze: How do we do that?

[15:30, 4/26/2018] Odey: Yes there are challenges, but not insurmountable, we need a purposeful leadership with undoubting commitment, a leader without sectional prejudice, ready to galvanize the abundant resources for the good of all, a leader ready to fly with the tide of the 21st century. In fact, a youthful leader who knows the way he is taking Nigeria, not he who can be easily derailed by sycophants.

[15:34, 4/26/2018] Chris: National conference on restructuring Nigeria.

[15:42, 4/26/2018] Moderator: Welcome Mr. Chris, is National Conference any better valued? What is the outcome of the one most recently held?

[15:45, 4/26/2018] Moderator: Mr. Odey, you and I know that such individuals abound, but achieving a system that will accommodate them is the pressing issue.

[17:09, 4/26/2018] Chimgozie: Good day house, pleasure being part of today’s debate, I think the fundamental problem of this country from onset has always been leadership. I want to humbly disagree with my colleague who is of the opinion that we Nigerians (every one of us) are the problem of the country. There is a popular saying that when the head is rot, then the entire body is rot, the corruption that has infected almost everyone in the society is a seed sowed by our leaders, the political unrest and insecurity, religious bigotry etc . ravaging this nation today can be traced to our leaders, the killings in Benue and other parts of the nation, the Boko Haram and now the Shite movement, all these are political creations, politics is what is holding us down as a nation, people are desperate for power, they don’t mind destroying a total State or race to achieve their political ambitions, I am of the opinion that since democracy is a government of the people by the people and for the people, our solution to most of our challenges could lie in making politics less attractive and less influential and powerful.

Our politicians especially the Governors and President are too powerful that they can make away with  any crime.  Looking at Benue today, one could sense political undertone in the killings going on, what are the leaders especially Mr. President that has allthe state arsenal in his disposal doing?

Politics is so lucrative in Nigeria that people compromise to the highest level just dabble into it.  Restructuring could also go a long way in providing solutions to our challenges in terms of infrastructure and development, as every region will be left with no option but to look inward on how to move their region forward

[17:24, 4/26/2018] Eze: Sir your proverb just agreed with what I just said, 🤷🏽‍♂

We are affected as a nation one way or the other so long as the people have not proved to their leaders that they can either stop them from taking us for granted or follow the express demand of the people

[17:59, 4/26/2018] Moderator: Welcome Chimgozie and thank you for that elaborate analysis.

“As long as the people have not proved to their leaders that…”

How do the people do that in a State where the sanctity of human life not to mention the respect for their fundamental rights are hardly respected?

[18:23, 4/26/2018] Eze: Well have you seen a Governor, President or Senator carrying guns to kill or kidnap or snatch ballot boxes?  But they have errand boys who do that. They are young, vibrant sometimes educated.  What if those people say no to their evil scheming and expose them for who they are, or a police officer refuses to beat traffic while carrying a commissioner to the airport because it is wrong? Or a young man refuses to carry gun and shoot at his fellow men because his principal wants to win an election by hook or crook?

[19:05, 4/26/2018] Moderator: That means what we really need is a total cleansing and overhaul of our value system, consequently, evil will be suffocated out by so much good?

Hmm, impressive analysis, but this sounds exactly like what Plato proposed in his Philosopher King theory. A theory which even the West has not been able to achieve if not the likes of Donald J. Trump will not be president of the free Country.  Sadly it’s a theory that has remained in the pages of his book “The Republic”.

Don’t you see that happening with this theory of yours?

[19:15, 4/26/2018] Chris: Well, the troubles are festering because that has been ignored. Imagine if Benue had her own police.

[19:25, 4/26/2018] Moderator: Indeed, I only can imagine. With their own police who are indigenes, they will fish out all aliens and sanitize their land.

I agree, and that is why returning back to regional setting or cessation may still be a very valid option. Don’t you think?

[20:21, 4/26/2018] Chimgozie: A hungry man is not only an angry man but a frustrated and a helpless man who will do anything to survive.  When you deprive a man of food, his conscience and dignity will gradually become silent.  And that is what our leaders have succeeded in doing to the society, they have looted and milked the nation dry, leaving the masses gasping for a breath of survival.

[20:30, 4/26/2018] Moderator: Sadly so.

[20:33, 4/26/2018] Chimgozie: The resources that should be meant for the welfare of the society is been hijacked and diverted to individual possessions, subjecting the masses under their evil manipulation.  They have successes in corrupting the conscience of an average Nigerian

Nigeria is a project that needs God’s intervention, and until sharing of money and every form of gift is banned during and after campaign, Nigerians will always get it wrong in choosing their leaders

[20:44, 4/26/2018] Eze: It’s not about hunger its conscience and morals, if I may ask will you kill just to eat? I think I will like to start a TV show know your right. I will like to dissect and bring to the fore what is written in our constitution on our rights as Nigerians, because our ignorance of what rights we have as humans and Nigerians is bad. We don’t care to read and understand even when we fight we won’t know what to fight for

Like they say knowledge is power

[23:27, 4/26/2018] Talker Chimgozie: Which human right are you talking about sir? Does an ordinary Nigerian have right? If those rights are infringes upon where do you resort to? The same judiciary that has been destroyed by our leaders?

Can an ordinary Nigerian afford to buy a San to pursue his causeBail is free, but is it obtainable in this country