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What do we celebrate?: Moderator’s thoughts

[10:36, 10/5/2017] Moderator: Good morning and a big shout out to members of the upper chamber talk-am moderators, you guys are categorically the best, talk-am has come to stay with our collective efforts to the management of this amiable chamber, the sky will be your limit keep the flag flying.


It is the power or authority given to some people to develop their country and do good to their citizens.

Nigeria is our beloved country, we cannot choose our continent, our country, our States, our mother and families by ourselves, God chose Africa as our fatherland and Nigeria as our country, I am very sure if God gives many of us the privilege to choose a country for ourselves, many of us will never have chosen Nigeria.

There was a time in this country when a dollar was 48kobo, a brand new Peugeot was 40naira, a plot of land was 800naira, Nigerian Airways was flying from one continent to another, Dubai was a desert then. But today, Dubai is a country where Nigerian government officials are investing their looted funds, today we are celebrating 57yrs still crawling and growing, Nigeria at 57 and a dollar that was 48kobo in 1976 is now 365naira yet we have reasons to celebrate.

In 1974, General Yakubu Gowon, the then Nigerian Head of State said Nigeria has just one problem, and the problem was, “we have too much money but we don’t know how to spend it.” After 1977, Nigerian government established Festival of Arts and Culture and National Theatre and they invited the whole world to bring all their idols and demons including china, Cuba, India etc to the country by General Gowon and continued by General Murtala Muhammad and completed by General Olusegun Obasanjo, from that day, our naira began to fall and all the natural resources became a curse for Nigerians, not only that, God removed wisdom from our leaders both political and spiritual level and they became rulers and self-centered and Lord over us and even we citizens became blind followers. God tried to deliver Nigerians in 1979 but military truncated it, God also came to deliver us in 1993 which was called hope93, God also came to deliver us in 2007 with vision 2020 but all was aborted.

What is the life of Nigerians worth?

Your rulers are calling you ordinary Nigerian, yet you are laughing and celebrating Nigeria at 57 of looting, stealing, laziness, incompetence, maladministration, budgets padding, Boko Haram, Avengers, Fulani Herdsmen, False property and Assets declaration, poverty, homelessness, our 2018 budget rising to N10trn,hunger and vision less rulers.

Ordinary Nigerians killing ordinary Nigerians that steal maggi, goat, motorcycle etc but the same ordinary Nigerians worshipping their rulers that deliberately make them poor with their policies, ordinary Nigerians will never help fellow Nigerians like themselves who are in serious need instead, they will rather give all their life-savings to their religious and political rulers that don’t love them.

In 1994,a plastic paint of garri was sold at the rate of 40naira,today the same garri is 700naira, yet ordinary Nigerians celebrating their Independence in poverty and in hunger while their rulers are busy eating chicken with wine inside a luxurious furniture with air conditioned mansion, in 1989, 5litres of kerosene was at the rate of 5naira.

In 1983 when chief Obafemi Awolowo was addressing the western people in Ibadan, he said “The primary objective of leaders is the social welfare of the people they govern”.

1.Good road network





6.microfinance to support small scale business



9.Industries etc.

Nigeria is a country where denominational buildings has REPLACED industries and companies, any country where religious buildings have replaced industries and companies, that country like Nigeria will never move forward.

When citizens of a country are jobless, they will become religious rulers and followers praying for God to provide houses, cars, clothes, food, healings for them because religion has replaced industries and companies.


Talk-am crew is advocating for a NATIONAL REPENTANCE CONFERENCE for the Bible says in 2Chronicles 7:14,

If my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal their land

More effort is needed in the actualization of the sustainable development goals, partisan interest should not overshadow human interest, like Archbishop Benson Idahosa of blessed memory will say, “I will not keep blaming my leaders for they have done their best, I want to be part of those who will reshape, restructure and reconfigure a new better and a prosperous Nigeria” and this is exactly what talk-am is doing, read the extract, share and invite your friends via our WhatsApp invite link to join the moving train.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria, God bless talk-am team.

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