Nigerian is facing over population

Building Effective Consensus on Population, Unemployment, Poverty and Inequality issues.

[10:47, 4/12/2018] Moderator: Good morning and welcome to the platform, it’s a Thursday morning and lots are happening as 2019 approaches, and I hope as youths preparing to take over leadership positions we are working hard and tremendously to achieve our life targets?

Population is seen as a sudden large increase in the number of people in an area, in a democratic dispensation they say, “The more the merrier”. But what happens to the quality of a State and it’s citizens life expectancy when her population keeps growing at an alarming rate? It’s another angle that the government needs to take its searchlight to. In Nigeria successive administrations have come and gone without addressing the three main factors in tackling development, what happens to unemployment, poverty and inequality, according to Seers. So where will we be and what will become of citizen’s faith in the next 20-25yrs if we cannot address this, our population keep increasing and our GDP decreasing.

Question :

Our population has hit the 198million mark and now seventh in the world.

How do we address “unemployment, poverty and inequality”?

Caution, no foul language, solution based analysis, brief and concise and may the well-articulate men and women if any, school us.

[11:31, 4/12/2018] Ikechukwu: Good morning Mr. Moderator and my fellow Comrades, it is quite unfortunate that this country Nigeria has not come to reality with the dangers assigned to over population if not well manage. I believe we have all it takes to control the rate at which our population increase, we need to create more jobs , skilled opportunities as well as encourage entrepreneurship so that youths and able men and woman will not continue to wait on government for a job not yet in existence.

Also it is the right time status quo of the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer become history otherwise the population will continue to increase at geometric ratio while the standard of living will be decreasing at the same geometrical form, thank you.

[12:30, 4/12/2018] Eze: How do we create the jobs ? I know a lot of people will say government should create policies🤷🏽‍♂. But even when the government is trying to do something we as the populace how are we helping ourselves or exploiting the opportunities? Personally there is a lot that can occupy the growing population weather skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled.

The growth in Agriculture has helped many people transcend from white collar jobs to agric entrepreneurs, our fashion industry is growing including entertainment etc. in some areas it’s the talent you have that employs you. If we first discover who we are and our abilities and creatively use that, I think we can generate employment for ourselves and even employ others.

What runs the world is individual creativity, like this our means of communication it was someone’s idea, Nigerians have been docile for too long waiting for government and multinational for employment whereby we on our own can be masters of our destiny.

Managing the population will be difficult because we might have some serious religious hurdle to climb, and our ability to reinvent ourselves and how we do things in the Agric sector, power sector, transportation sector, IT sector and processing raw materials to finished good can employ thousands if not millions of people in this country. I’m sorry to say but Nigeria is stuck with ancient ways of doing things and we are too comfortable with it and it hinders creativity and progress.

[13:01, 4/12/2018] Moderator: Yes @Eze, I agree with you in this particular one, and to add to all you have said, our fear to step up to challenges also contribute and that makes Nigerians docile, and unless the fear to succeed will be eliminated we will still have the aforementioned as a challenges. In another perspective to have an elaborate population is never a barrier to development, for instance countries like China, India, USA and a host of others with enormous population but with individual creativity they have gotten it right, so until we begin to see our population as a blessing by showcasing what is in us for a better life, also you cannot leave government out of this, government should be committed to investing in individuals, building rails that connect, bridges that unite, roads that connect and above all available credits for our startup businesses then I think there will be hope, welcome Mr. Eze.

[13:25, 4/12/2018] Chimgozie: At the entrance of a south African university, this is inscription is written

​”Destroying any nation does not require the use of atomic bombs or the use of long range missiles. ​It only requires lowering the quality of education and allowing cheating in the examinations by the students.​”​

Patients die at the hands of such doctors.

Buildings collapse at the hands of such engineers.

Money is lost at the hands of such economists & accountants.

Humanity dies at the hands of such religious scholars.

Justice is lost at the hands of such judges…​”

The collapse of education is the collapse of the nation, we talk about diversifying when we have not really taken the right measure towards diversifying, To what extent can we diversify with a curriculum designed to only produce workforce for the bourgeoisie, neocolonial exploitation and survivability? A curriculum based on theory and no practicability, a country where a mechanical engineer cannot fix his generator or car, a curriculum where the younger ones are not taught to be creative, they are only educated to work, then how can we diversify to Agriculture when such is not embedded or incorporated in our curriculum?

We need to sit down and draft a curriculum that will instill creativity, practicality of various fields of study, a curriculum that will enforce agricultural development from the early years (primary). Countries like Singapore have reviewed their curriculum and hence where they are today, as I always tell people, colonial carry over has been one of the problems facing us, a nation and the few privileged individuals have capitalized on it to hold the country to ransom,  we as a people must start thinking outside the box, our over reliability on the government is due for eradication, if the right policies are identified and implemented, then our population should be a blessing and not a curse, in terms of productivity and military might.

We don’t even have the capacity to curtail the increasing population, as most people both in the rural and urban areas has little or no education on child control and birth, most community don’t even have medical centers.

Our values and those policies or goals we want to pursue as a nation should be incorporated in our curriculum and we start passing those messages to our younger generations from the onset.  If you look at the rate at which our elites and children are going to overseas for study, you will indeed know that something is wrong with our educational system. We must look inward, no matter how much we may be deceived that our economy is growing or will grow, the truth is that until we become a producing nation, poverty and unemployment cannot be eradicated or even minimized.

Chairman Mao Tse Tung shot the boarder of China for 40 good years, no importation, whatever we cannot produce, we improvise and today we all are witnesses to the testimony of China.

The inequality can only be bridged when there is a level playing ground

[13:37, 4/12/2018] Eze: With the proliferation of the internet education isn’t limited to schools anymore, it’s only a small minded person that still equates education to the four walls of a school, knowledge is everywhere and even at our fingertips whereas useful knowledge which is practical knowledge is now a personal endeavor. Lots of Nigerians now subject themselves to apprenticeship and practical knowledge especially in what they have passion for.

[13:39, 4/12/2018] Henry: Good day Mr. Moderator and fellow Comrades. Population is and has always been a good thing when it comes to National development. It only becomes a curse when there are selfish tendencies and deeply rooted corrupt practices. Eze and Chimgozie have advanced very pertinent points “Looking inward” but the problem is that after you have looked inward, you will still to a large extent depend on others to fully execute your vision. That is when corruption raises its ugly head.

Even the issue of over population, it’s a concept that was advanced and sustained with the intension of having a sectional hegemony over the rest. The Brits affirmed it and it has since then become regularized.

[13:39, 4/12/2018] Chimgozie: @Eze, Internet at what level? Go and study the British or American curriculum and you will find out that the values and the goals which the State wants to achieve or pursue are incorporated in them. Why are our leaders not buying internet for their family instead of sending them abroad to study?

@Eze, the fact that people are now pursuing apprenticeship,does that make it right?

[13:41, 4/12/2018] Eze: It’s a form of education

[13:41, 4/12/2018] Chimgozie: What is the essence of education?

[13:42, 4/12/2018] Eze: Pls answer, because education if broken into different forms (formal informal and non-formal education ), and all have their uses. So if one isn’t working just think of another form,  or both can be applied.

[13:42, 4/12/2018] Chimgozie: What is the meaning of the word university? Why is our school system limited to just theory?

[13:46, 4/12/2018] Eze: You are the one complaining about Prof not being able to work his gen but all illiterate who went to try non-formal education (apprentice) can.

Sometimes it’s even our parents and trends that make us go try a system that doesn’t profit, whereas, if we had gone to try a secondary or combined system we would have been doing well.

[13:46, 4/12/2018] Chimgozie: Is that how it ought to be?

[13:48, 4/12/2018] Eze: Yes because, like I said education has 3 forms, depends on what suits the individual. But because of trend and class we almost always think the other two forms of education are useless

[13:49, 4/12/2018] Chimgozie: Now talking about inequality, in organizations you will find out that those who are certified are handsomely paid while those apprentice are not, even when they are trained by those uneducated ones. Our educational system is not fruitful.

[13:50, 4/12/2018] Eze: Yes, and it’s like that everywhere, it’s been so since time immemorial so are we here to complain or suggest something new that a two year old in Nigeria doesn’t know?

[13:51, 4/12/2018] Henry: You are right, we must explore other options aside formal education, but the problem is that in Nigeria more emphasis is laid on formal education. University education is highly glamorized yet offered with high level mediocrity.

So the paradox like Chimgozie asked is ” why glamorize it and dispense it so poorly? Why do the bourgeois send their wards to study outside?

[13:53, 4/12/2018] Chimgozie: What is curriculum @Eze? If our curriculum does not contain and purse those values and goals with which we want to achieve, then I wonder what makes it a curriculum. Education has gone beyond just learning 1+1

[13:59, 4/12/2018] Eze: Please if you have a copy of our curriculum, please I would like it. Our educational level dropped because personnel delivering on education became incompetent

[14:02, 4/12/2018] Chimgozie: No doubt about that, as we saw in Kaduna State. That is why how far we can go as a country is dependent on our education

[14:02, 4/12/2018] Eze: Some of us know that a few teachers and lecturers helped impact on us in school while others were a nuisance. We complain about education and parents pay teachers for exam expo or malpractice or sort teachers. Everybody follow for the wahala including us complaining.

[14:07, 4/12/2018] Chimgozie: Are they (teachers) well paid or motivated

[14:08, 4/12/2018] Eze: Is that why they should destroy a system? Two wrongs don’t make a right. Even when they are paid, they still don’t improve on anything.

[14:10, 4/12/2018] Chimgozie: All I’m saying is that we must reconsider our educational system if we must meet up with other developed countries.

[14:11, 4/12/2018] Eze: I have suggested a more practical form of education it suits us and our teeming population better, because it provides room for independence.

[14:12, 4/12/2018] Moderator: Like Eze said it reminded me of something, when I was moving round I over-heard a young lady who is currently writing WAEC, reminding the mum that they are to write English language today, so the mum should help tell dad that she will be going to school this morning with #1000 for expo.

[14:14, 4/12/2018] Henry: I have witnessed a Mother personally coming to an exam Centre to hustle expo for her son. In her defense she said he is her first and only child so she must help him. Smh. Time was when we used to look forward to getting to primary 6, these days primary 6 has become a taboo.

[14:13, 4/12/2018] Chimgozie: When they are well paid, then there will be competition in the educational sector and that will change a whole lot. How many young guys today dream of becoming a teacher? Some, who are teaching today, just find themselves there coincidentally, probably as a result of joblessness or out of frustration

@Moderator and Henry, that’s what I’m saying, Education is supposed to be the engine room of every nation. They produce virtually every section of the societies.

[14:14, 4/12/2018] Eze: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 did anyone ever participate in school debate here, or inter school quiz? Competition amongst schools have died, like I said our level has dropped

[14:16, 4/12/2018] Chimgozie: Then something has to be done about it.

[14:17, 4/12/2018] Eze: If we still had those still going on in our schools today we won’t have incompetent teachers, because for every debate or quiz I represent both the school and the teachers of those subjects.

[14:17, 4/12/2018] Moderator: 😁😁😁😁😁

[14:17, 4/12/2018] Eze: 🤷🏽‍♂ Those competitions drove excellence amongst teachers and students, so a solution can be as a forum we can help organize such debates in States and across the country.

All in favour say aiii 🙋🏿‍♂

[14:20, 4/12/2018] Chimgozie: ✌🏼

[14:21, 4/12/2018] Eze: 🔨 the aiis have it. Our role modelling system is being corrupted, question is who are the young people looking up to? Our system encourages evil people and laziness we reward militants, bandits and thugs. Who do you think the young ones will want to be like? 🤷🏽‍♂

We can take it to the minister of culture to have a system where good Nigerians can be rewarded on a quarterly basis, its time our role modeling system changed.

[14:21, 4/12/2018] Moderator: Yeah it will go a long way bridging the gap from Sokoto to Imo state, I remember then when we go for all Catholic secondary school games and interact with students from other regions we exchange pleasantries and love among ourselves and some of which we are friends till date because of such meetings and activities. So if such can be reintroduced, it will go a long way.

Aiisss, respect……… The gavel.

[14:24, 4/12/2018] Frank: In answering the questions by our regular coordinator today, one must examine the attitude of the youths towards the ascendancy of becoming self gainfully engage, there’s no gainsaying that the youth from 15-45, constituted over 80% of our population, this means that the youth single handedly determined the economic benefits of our country, when the government gives the enabling environment which is the policy!

But unfortunately this has not been the case, the youths remains its own biggest enemy and obstacle to its socio-political and socio economic evolution. One character associated with youth that I do not like is, the pull him down, jealousy, envy, unhealthy rivalry (to mention but few) syndrome, exists bitterly and maliciously among youths who by now should be in total control of the political and economy space in this country.

They continue to see each other as rival and enemy instead of developing their mindset or skills through politics, education and entrepreneurial skills and allow partnership in progress prevail to their weak ones in the available communities they find themselves.

I believed for the youths and ultimately the country to get it right, youths must restructure their thinking faculty or pattern and begin to see each other as partners in progress, they must believe in itself and work together for a common purpose, which is determining its future and writing or designing its own history and that only will assure the competence and circular population in Nigeria.

When it comes to politics the youths are not using their given advantage of its numbers nor to steal the show of becoming economically empowered.

Mr. Ibaba, keep it up and good afternoon to you all.

[14:29, 4/12/2018] Moderator: I’m honored Sir, and we’ll articulated

[14:53, 4/12/2018] Henry: 👍🏼

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