A Faction-less Opposition

[10:11, 7/13/2017] Moderator: It is another beautiful Thursday, and the birds are chirping “24hrs Debate”.   Interesting turns in our Country’s polity this week, the import of one of such events warrants a debate.

After PDP lost the 2015 election, the National Chairman who led the party to defeat, Adamu Muazu had to resign under great pressure, more so as suspicions pointed to his possible betrayal of the presidential candidate of the party in the 2015 election, President Goodluck Jonathan. The party needed to bring someone from Muazu’s North East Zone to replace him. Many qualified candidates showed interest, but some influence-peddling governors, especially Nyesom Wike of Rivers State and Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State, colluded and brought in Sheriff as the National Chairman much against vehement protests by some major stakeholders of the PDP. Ignoring the protests, Sheriff and his National Working Committee, along with the party’s Governors’ Forum, preceded to Port Harcourt for the 5th May 2016 National Convention.

Trouble started when political ambitions clashed. Sheriff was seen to be using his position to run for president in 2019. He was already allegedly picking his team and offering some of the Southern Governors his running mate. When this was discovered, the same governors that brought him in organised a coup and the convention sacked Sheriff as the National Chairman. It appointed Senator Ahmed Makarfi to head a National Caretaker Committee. Both factions went to court to assert their right of control. Eventually, while a Port Harcourt Federal High Court pronounced the Makarfi faction as the authentic leadership, its counterpart in Abuja gave its nod to Sheriff. A court of appeal verdict on February 17th, 2017 affirmed Sheriff as the party’s National Chairman and the Makarfi faction took their case to the highest court in the land for final adjudication.

Finally, the Hon. Chief Justice of Nigeria, Walter Nkanu Onnoghen of the Supreme Court earlier this week ruled in favour of the Makarfi faction, stripping Sheriff of any claims to the leadership of the party.

Will Nigeria count on a credible opposition of the PDP under Ahmed Makarfi led caretaker committee come 2019;

Also, has the Supreme Court’s judgment freed the Judiciary from this lingering insinuation in certain quarters that the ruling APC Federal Government is using it to cripple the opposition,  giving the government in power a free ride to an undeserved second term?

Stick to the rules, no foul language, others are entitled to their opinion, and may the most articulate men and women school us

[10:33, 7/13/2017] Talker Eghosa: The PDP needs to put its house together and settle all aggrieved elements, because the super structure (Makarfi fraction) needs the substructure to put up a formidable force.  As for the judgment, I commend the judiciary for their unbiased decision.

Can I attribute it to the absence of the lion king? My opinion 😏

[10:34, 7/13/2017] Talker Dave: They can only do that with hard work of reconciling both factions. But the million question here is whether they can take back the power from the APC is another issue. Also whether the APC can still continue is another serious issue because both parties have been tested by the people and are known for what they are. Let me quote what a guest said on the 95.1 Nigeria Info Radio yesterday,

That the solution of the country is neither in the hands of the PDP nor the APC parties as we know of them now, but a Macron’s theory may likely spring up in 2018, to sweep the votes of Nigerians in a different party.

Meaning a new party may emerge at wee hours to 2019 election to claim the trust of the people for another government that is yet to be experienced. And I want to believe that is likely to happen. Emmanuel Macron appeared all of a sudden in the French political world and in less than or about a year revolutionize the mindset of the people who are only interested in wanting to experience the unknown that look and sound reasonable. Even the APC formation was not more than a year and half and they took the power from the largest and stronger party in Africa who were strategizing to rule up to fifty years but only in their dreams.

[10:51, 7/13/2017] Talker Eze: Well until we see the candidates they will produce for 2019 and how they plan on governing with credible facts and figures and the step by step methods they will solve our lingering problems like light, road, unemployment etc, then I can look into these partie.

For now they are just busy scheming and insulting each other and defecting, and I want us to take a look at some critical things happening in the country. Gradually we are diversifying under this current administration. Lots of people have taken up farming (rice, wheat and even yam is being exported today). But as for their politics, I would suggest a thorough debate that will help us understand how sound our politicians are. Not from primaries straight to election, because it was from the Rivers State governorship debate I knew my Governor Wike had no plans, and we saw through him from the answers he gave to Economic, Security and Management situations

[11:01, 7/13/2017] Talker Emmanuel: Good morning honourable members and as well welcome on board, both those who joined today and other honourable members. I was excited over the ruling of the apex court, it is a welcome development to our nascent democracy. Let me start by quoting what former President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan said “no victor, no vanquished” in the judgment meaning no winner and no looser, to this I urge the Makarfi led PDP leadership to demonstrate maturity. They should do away with grudges put heads together and mandate a reconciliation committee to bring both factions together so as to have a viable opposition to challenge the All Progressive Congress APC not just in 2019, but should start from today so that the ruling party will adjust, tighten their leadership belt so as to give dividends of democracy to Nigerian populace.

[11:08, 7/13/2017] Talker Emmanuel@Talker Eze, you did mention a lot of persons going into farming, producing yam, wheat etc, but how is the government supporting them through the use of fertilizer, mechanized farm equipment, and having said that you mentioned diversification so what are the modalities of diversifying the economy when we still rely on a mono-economy being oil alone. And to say that they (PDP) are just making noise I doubt and is too early to conclude that they are making noise owing to the fact that the judgment came barely 24hrs.

[11:09, 7/13/2017] Talker Dave: The point to consider in that question of PDP being a creditable opposition is “To what extent can they be assumed to be creditable?” Is it when they match up the ruling party in criticism or when they are able to wrestling power back from the APC? And the issue of public insinuation about the ruling party being behind some of the lower court’s decisions, being different from the apex court decision. All are mere public opinions, sometimes out of ignorance of the true nature of the law. The law itself is said to be an ass, meaning it can turn to any direction. The decision of the Supreme Court is a decision of many Judges put together while that of other lower courts are decisions of a single or three judges according to the category of the court. Every judge is entitled to his decision based on how he or she sees and understands the law juxtaposed with facts put before him or her. All social sciences are issues of objectivity or subjectivity, and the human reasoning can be affected by some certain factors, such as interest, hate, love etc.

[11:09, 7/13/2017] Talker Scott: Thank you very much Mr. Moderator for this imperative topic, it is imperative because it just happened of recent, earlier this week, and we need to interact on the issue to ask intelligent questions and get in return intelligent Answers. Though this political legal battle between Sheriff and Makarfi started nearly 14months ago, and I am so pleased with the judgment of the Supreme Court. By declaring Ahmed Markafi the Authentic National Chairman of the PDP. This shows that despite the situation of the State, justice delayed is not denial.

More also, Nigerians should not count on a credible opposition of the PDP under Ahmed Makarfi led Caretaker Committee come 2019, because they have wasted much time in fighting themselves instead of preparing new strategies on how to take over power from the APC. Believe it or not, this judgment has caused a division in the party; I know many of the party members that this judgment didn’t favour will move to other political parties.

[11:10, 7/13/2017] Talker Eze@Talker Emmanuel have you heard of the CBN Anchor Borrower’s Scheme? And looking at the antecedents of the PDP with the damage they had caused the nation through their looting and mismanagement of the economy, I doubt if they will have anything credible to oppose. Case of pot calling kettle black

[11:13, 7/13/2017] Talker Emmanuel: Yes and what does that entails to a peasant farmer in my village or your locality where he or she has to travel to a junction to charge his handset (Cell Phone) using generator and returning home with candles to light up in his room and have a night rest?

[11:15, 7/13/2017] Talker Eze: It does @Talker Emmanuel because if they do it will help them move from peasant farming to increasing capacity and they will have enough money selling their produce. Little drops of water makes an ocean. The journey of a mile begins with a step.

It’s the same peasant farmers that are now out-growers for rice milling companies and also those peasant farmers that have helped reduced the importation of rice and pocketing monies that were supposed to have gone to importing the same commodities they can produce. So yes it means something to them, after all, the average yam farmer now can earn forex.

[11:19, 7/13/2017] Talker Emmanuel: Honourable members and specifically @Talker Eze, my people say “lessons are blessings for those who wants to learnPDP as a political party were given a treatment which they never believed will happen in their 16 years reign by Nigerians and that alone to me they will seat up to reclaim powers from the ruling part.

[11:20, 7/13/2017] Talker Eze: Well till then, but for now it’s too early to assume American, French and Dutch presidential election has thought us that, because if you look at 90% of the corruption cases are PDP members, the ones still in the party and those that have defected to APC.

For the 16 years they have nothing to show, corruption was institutionalized , abandoned projects littered Nigeria. It’s the followers I feel sorry for, because we talk of party and not ideological and great governance strategies, make we dey see.

It’s a victory for a set of politicians not even for Nigeria because they have just gotten the platform to hold the people hostage. Also as far as I am even concerned, with our present crop of Judges, my people I take every judgment from the Judiciary with not just a pinch, a spoon of salt, because  the judiciary stinks of corruption. Now SANS give Judges money and cases are assigned to special Judges that they have influence over. Hmmm I am at loss of words, let us see what they have to offer, it’s too early to tell.

[11:31, 7/13/2017] Talker Emmanuel: If you ask me @Talker Scott, I will categorically submit that the Justice Walter led judgment will not cause any division in the party, because after series of judgments from lower courts, the Supreme Court as the apex court delivered the judgment in line with the outcome of the May 2016 convention, the Supreme Court has done judiciously with the crisis if you wish to say that but believe me, honourable members, if senator Ali Modu-Sheriff had won yesterday, 75%of PDP members would have defected from yesterday, but thank God it went otherwise yesterday and with what we saw yesterday, there was jubilation across the country and even in Sheriff’s state talking about Borno there was a lot of celebration yesterday and that is to tell you how people were Nigerians were pleased with the supreme court’s ruling yesterday

[11:33, 7/13/2017] Talker Scott@Talker Dave, I believe in this Macron Theory, reason being that, we have seen PDP in power before, and now APC, we can spot the difference between both parties. I will boldly say that both parties have failed us. If not for anything, the lack of respect for the citizens of Nigeria and for doing the opposite of their manifesto. This Macron Theory is the reason we’re debating now, to bring about drastic change in our nation’s political offices.

[11:33, 7/13/2017] Talker Eze@Talker Emmanuel, So if sheriff had won it would have been injustice 😂😂. My brother if he had won people will also celebrate even in Chad and Niger republic.  You’ve never heard of hired crowd before? That is what we do in Nigeria, Politicians are defecting talk less of crowd.

[11:39, 7/13/2017] Talker Emmanuel@talker Eze, if you are attributing corruption to the PDP members alone then you are getting it wrong. In one of my analysis I said this and I will still repeat it here, “those still in PDP are termed hard core corrupt politicians but once you defect to the ruling party you are a saint, why are they not trying people like Rotimi Ameachi who used taxpayers money build up to 2015 to finance APC election, lets tell ourselves the truth, we should stop deceiving ourselves because you and I knows the truth. But to a very large extent I like what is happening now, the political witch-hunt, so that any political party that will take over from APC come 2019, will go after the APC members dividing and sharing the National cake now.

[11:52, 7/13/2017] Talker Ikechukwu: Good morning my moderators and member of this forum, it’s a beautiful morning and a wonderful day. Our topic today is a very sensitive one and as such deserves to be talked about. The verdict by the Supreme Court making Makarfi the PDP chairman is a welcomed development to the polity.

[11:56, 7/13/2017] Talker Emmanuel: You are welcome @Talker Ikechukwu my brother, To further my analysis on APC corrupt members @Talker Eze, why are we finding it difficult to convict those who are in power and even our past leaders? It is so because of our questionable characters and politics of godfatherism (Prebendalism), what happened in Brazil represents a fair government with equity. The former President Mr. Da-Silva was convicted yesterday for nine and half years for abuse of office and corruption, that is how it should be and those in power now it will serve as a deterrent to them.

[12:12, 7/13/2017] Talker Eze@Talker Emmanuel, I would suggest you read my comment well before drawing conclusions.

[12:06, 7/13/2017] Talker VictorI think both PDP and APC   are just pregnant men without delivery dates. Their system of leadership is dehumanizing, I see no role model in Nigerian political wind. No government in Nigeria understands State symbol and Mottos, none of them (APC/PDP) has looked beyond oil or understand what this nation is blessed with. Talk about Tin, limestone, iron ore, silicon, coal, salt, Coco, wood, Gold, oil and many more. Our leaders don’t understand youth empower rather raising political thieves and Kingpins. Just imagine if China were to be Nigeria, the level of development would have been beyond explanation. No government has been able to Account what this country generate weekly or monthly, for me, APC or PDP both lack transparency in governance.

[12:23, 7/13/2017] Talker Ikechukwu: Members of PDP and to the lovers of Justice, PDP now has a legal ground to act as opposition to APC as well as prepare themselves for 2019 election. However, my fear now is, can PDP really stand as one again? having seen most of their members jump to other newly formed parties. If they must come back strong and a better contender during 2019 election, they must put behind them all that has happened and focus on the future. On the issue of the Judiciary, they have to some extent been able to convince some of us that they can deliver on their mandate but for me they should repeat this kind of Justice over and over again before I can say yes they have done well. Do have a wonderful deliberation thank u.

[12:25, 7/13/2017] Talker Scott: Well said @Talker Ikechukwu.

[12:27, 7/13/2017] Talker Linda: Thumps up @Talker Victor, I doubt if Nigerians will count on PDP as a credible opposition because they themselves are not composed, they don’t stick together.  More so, PDP members have the habit of jumping into other parties when there is a little fire in their house instead of coming together to put off d fire

[12:38, 7/13/2017] Talker Emmanuel: Who is PDP and who is APC??

[12:45, 7/13/2017] Talker IkechukwuWho or what is APC without PDP? So when one party is corrupt and it is the corrupt party whose members are the foundation of the so called corrupt free party, how can we reconcile the two? Snake will not stop giving birth to its kind. So for me the issue of PDP and APC is not the issue but the personalities involved

[12:52, 7/13/2017] Talker Scott: Interesting question @Talker Emmanuel, both parties are interwoven. To me, it’s the same people that made up the PDP that are in APC too. Don’t be shocked when you see some PDP party members defecting to APC due to this just concluded political legal battle. EXCEPT they (PDP) put their house in order and put hands together to vote out APC, which I know is not going to be easy.

[12:52, 7/13/2017] Talker Emmanuel: To a very large extent we have to understand this, PDP and APC are just nothing but political party acronyms. what is the character or attitudes of those playing under these platforms? Senator Barnabas Gemade from Benue State was the former PDP National Chairman, today he is a Senator under APC. His brother George Akume was a former Governor under PDP and his first tenure as a senator under PDP today he is in APC, the Senate President Dr. Bukola Saraki is a former governor under PDP, today he is in APC. The Speaker of the House of Representatives, Barr. Dogara Yakubu was a PDP member today he is in APC. Dr.Uzor Orji Kalu former Governor of Abia State under PDP, today he is in APC, and so many of them jumping from one party to another like course reps, you see one thing we should understand is that they campaign with agendas on black and white papers and when they eventually seize powers, to perfect their political manifestos becomes another thing. So we should stop talking about the dichotomy between APC and PDP, but rather look at those who parade themselves as their flag bearers.

It will not be easy but if you ask KOWA, HOPE and the rest of them who have not even produced a councilor since their inception as political parties, they will tell you they are aspiring to win presidential election.

[12:53, 7/13/2017] Talker Linda: If we say they’re interwoven @Talker Scott, why then do they have to vote out the APC?

[12:55, 7/13/2017] Talker Scott: It’s because, nobody wants to be on the passenger sit, Everyone including you and I wants to be the pilot/driver. Lol True talk @Talker Emmanuel.

[12:57, 7/13/2017] Talker Linda@Talker Scoot that is it. I see no reason why we even have to vote for the PDP or APC rather we should vote for other up-coming parties.

[12:59, 7/13/2017] Talker Scott: Thank you my honourable, you see why this Macron Theory should be applied straight away? That is where me and you come in as youth, to participate fully in active politics.

We might not get in right now, even if this new generation party emerged, the party might not win the 2019 presidential election. But let’s start from somewhere, and the time is now – thank you.

[13:02, 7/13/2017] Talker Emmanuel: To go further it will not be easy for the PDP to unseat the ruling party but if you look at how Ademola Adeleke came to power you will agree with me that people are regretting voting APC into power, a friend of mine juxtaposed that the 2years of APC rule is more painful and disheartening to the 16years of PDP, so what are we talking about let our PVCs lead us to the right direction.

[13:04, 7/13/2017] Talker Linda: Thumps up @Talker Scott!

[13:04, 7/13/2017] Talker Emmanuel@Talker Linda the other parties you suggested are being sponsored by the stronger and the ruling party so as to go into alliance when it is necessary, so how do we now as the people correct this abnormally?

[13:08, 7/13/2017] Talker Scott: Hmmmmmm.

[13:16, 7/13/2017] Talker Linda: Hmmm @Talker Emmanuel

[13:19, 7/13/2017] Talker Ikechukwu: True talk @Talker Emmanuel.

[13:21, 7/13/2017] Talker Emmanuel@Talker Scott you did mention involving the youths actively in political participation, but what is our mindset as youth and are we ready to do this collectively? National question, but I believe we can do this by having platforms like our talk-am, sensitizing others. It won’t be easy but with time we can correct some of those things and move ahead. talking about the  loquacious attitudes of our youths which you can as well observe that here on are platform where it is meant for political discussion but you will see some youths coming in with adverts and posting other unpleasant things so we need serious sanitation and sensitization on the youths just like Aminu said that he will sanitize the whole military especially the youths to bring out the gallantry and boldness in them.

[13:23, 7/13/2017] Talker Eze: Who is Aminu?

[13:24, 7/13/2017] Talker EmmanuelIdris Aminu

[13:24, 7/13/2017] Talker Eze: Well that brings me to the main issue in this, how do we take this forum to the streets because, we need a wider outreach for proper sensitization?

[13:31, 7/13/2017] Talker Emmanuel: Very interesting @Talker Emmanuel, flesh and blood did not reveal that to you but power from above, may you never suffer waist pain. To broaden our discussion and reach out to streets, please I beg us let that not disturb our debate for now, let’s leave for another day but just to inform you and other members that efforts are been made by the convener and some other persons, but it will be collectively discussed here sir.

[13:27, 7/13/2017] Talker Dave: Whether PDP can take over the power again, the issue is as the biggest opposition that they still are to the ruling party, they have all the advantages to do that. It is the advantage that every opposition has over the sitting government during the campaign period. That was what brought Obama, Buhari, Nana Okufo and all the new leaders that do emerge from opposition parties. Campaigning about the things the sitting government cannot provide and their administrative incompetence.

[13:43, 7/13/2017] Talker Ikechukwu@Talker Emmanuel, we the youths are over ready to pilot the affairs of this nation and I believe we will do better than them but problem is are they ready to release the power to us? Even if you and I are not ready yet other youth should be given the chance.

[13:53, 7/13/2017] Talker Scott@Talker Emmanuel, Thank you sir, but how long will it take for our youths to be ready to take over from these old politicians?

[14:26, 7/13/2017] Talker Emmanuel: You see there is high rate or level of illiteracy in the land and this metamorphoses into insurgency, crime, kidnapping, rape, human trafficking, militancy and what have you. How do you convince someone who is not educated not to snatch ballot boxes, engage in political thuggery, assassination etc. It is very hard but the painful part of it is that some of us who are a bit educated but because of hunger, joblessness, idleness, involves in the aforesaid for daily bread, forgetting the facts that those we the have nots’ children are protecting their interests and fighting for, have their children studying abroad and some of them working outside Nigeria.

[14:14, 7/13/2017] Talker Dave: Yeah, the youth in politics is the general solution to African and indeed Nigeria political subjugation, oppression and domination, economic exploitation through primitive accumulation of our collective national resources is tied down in the revolution of these trends of leaders in power by the youth from a vanguard party. According to Lenin’s application of Marxism’s actual revolutionary situation, He said revolutionary situation is created when three things come into play:

  1. When the masses can no longer live in the old way.
    2. When the ruling class can no longer rule in the old way which is the right way.
    3. And when the suffering and poverty of the exploited and oppressed class has grown more acute than usual. And the revolution can only be successful when the most crucial condition is achieved.

And what is that crucial condition? The existence of a Vanguard Party, which can only emerge from the youth whose political capabilities have not been tested. That is why men of wisdom are gunning the youth to do so. Maitama Sule Dan Masannin Kano of blesses memory cries for that and departed, he said:

Youth are the vanguard of every revolution, they are the vehicle for change. They are the panacea for our ills, they are the solution to our problems. They the future, with proper guidance, they will make it”. (Sardauna Magazine)

Wherefore the youth should stand up for their task so as not to be a useless generation. Therefore many of us can major in fabricating the guidelines for the success of the revolution to install competent good leaders in our nation’s democracy.

There is no any other solution in any political party of these trends of governments that can redeem African from this present political arrant nonsense. No way out from their category of governance. Take it or leave it.

[18:32, 7/13/2017] Moderator: It’s been another interesting day of our 24hrs Debate, the topic is one that didn’t call for much arguing, but Debaters have intelligently broadened the scope and breath of the debate through the use of well-constructed rhetoric and logical analysis.

Today’s Debate is indebted to @Talker Dave for his Macron Theory: “That the solution of the country is neither in the hands of the PDP nor the APC parties as we know of them now, but a Macron’s theory may likely spring up in 2018, to sweep the votes of Nigerians in a different party” (Source: a guest on the 95.1 Nigeria Info Radio).

@Talker Eze, for raising a very valid question “how do we take this forum to the streets because, we need a wider outreach for proper sensitization?”

@Talker Emmanuel for alerting us to be weary of saboteurs infiltration, as well as all other debaters who provided different stimulating insights towards achieving our ultimate goal.

As I listened through the words that have been crafted today by all debaters, I can only envision a Nigeria that is strong enough to favorably compete with other countries of the world in Technology, Economy, Education, just to name a few.

To wrap up my comment, I borrow the words of Late Maitama Sule Dan Masannin Kano of blessed memory (as provided by @Talker Dave)

Youth are the vanguard of every revolution, they are the vehicle for change. They are the panacea for our ills, they are the solution to our problems. They the future, with proper guidance, they will make it!”

And so I say to you, We will make it!.

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  2. What a debates. Am glad am in this forum. I have learnt a lot and I will love others to benefits from this throne of knowledge.

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