Nigerian Women & Politics

[10:26, 7/27/2017] Talker Dave: Good morning fellow debaters, today I have the privilege of presenting the day’s topic and I am most honored.

Background: The Nigerian woman’s political situation has not been any better than that of the youths. During President Olusegun Obasanjo’s political administration, they came up with this political romance of “35% affirmative action” in government appointments. Since then they have not gotten close to achieving that neither have they taken the bull by the horns by doing something spectacular that will give them that fair political participation or in government appointment.

Yesterday the women representatives in the National Assembly after working so hard to get this aspiration of theirs included in the proposed bill intending to amend the 1999 constitution, met with ill fate as her male counterparts dismissed her fight in a secluded E-voting system.

Question: What should be the best option for women to get their diehard desire in politics which is fair or equal representation with their male counterparts in political participation or appointments?

Caution:  May we all be guided by our existing protocols, thank you and welcome honorable speakers.

[10:47, 7/27/2017] Moderator: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen of the house, please be advised that today’s debating session has begun with Talker Dave’s introduction. Thank you.

[11:08, 7/27/2017] Talker Emmanuel: Hello good morning and welcome to another segment of our debate, I’m also honoured to be here. “It’s a roasted issue” like my friend will say, but first to start with, I want our mothers and the women to know that the political terrain is not easy so they should work with the upcoming generation, the youths to come up with a platform. I must have to commend their efforts; unfortunately the bill did not see the light of the day. It is said that he who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day.

The women should not take a stand alone, because if they do their dreams can never materialize. We have a male dominated Assembly talking about the upper and the lower chamber, so they should work assiduously and diligently with the youths, championing a platform at the grassroots level so that sooner or later, the affirmative action they are looking for will not only be that of 35%, but up to 40, or 45% with the aid of the youths.

The number of women in States Assemblies and the National Assembly is very low, which they (women) claim is affecting women’s participation in legislative processes in enhancing national development. The women constitute over 52 percent  of the nation’s population no doubt about this but the women alone can’t crush the giants we have within the corridors of power, they should work with the youths to actualize their dreams else, their efforts will just be in futility.

[12:28, 7/27/2017] Talker Dave: Yes Speaker Emmanuel, you are very much on point. That should be their only route to actualize their political mandate. If not there is no way women can get what they want from these trends of men in power. Come to think of it, political positions are to be wrestled for they are not just there for grabs. Wherefore women should wake up from their fantasies of trying to hypnotize these power-thirsty men to get 35 percent affirmative action. It is even out of misplaced priority, why not 50% with the men by forming their own party together with the most viable group who are their children and engages these men in a back to back political contest, where they can win all the positions contested for.

[12:35, 7/27/2017] Talker Samuel: Good day ladies and gentlemen, am privileged to be in the midst of positive youths of this country, The future of this great Nation indeed is bright with what this platform stands for, if we relent not, if we keep the fire burning and expanding with dogged determination to improve the life of an average Nigerian through encouraging them to demand good governance and representation from their leaders.

[12:46, 7/27/2017] Talker Dave: And concerning the efforts of that lady Senator, even a prophet of doom could have gotten it right concerning the outcome of the voting on the 35% affirmative action. I knew this could not happen in this country under this government. They should thank former PDP governments who with the influence of two former First Ladies from the South and their respective husbands had attained the current level of representations that they have now, making the APC try in maintaining ratio. Women should respect the efforts of these First Ladies Stella Obasanjo and Dame Patient Jonathan.

[12:54, 7/27/2017] Talker Emmanuel: In fact I was overwhelmed with joy when I received the news that the 35% affirmative action bill came dead on arrival I was happy, because if you look at it very well and take an assessment of women who have been in governance in Nigeria and Africa at large, you will begin to ask yourself, “what has been their contributions to the nation’s building”? In countries like South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and some others that have this affirmative action as part of their laws and with their quietness and non-performance, something will prompt in your mind that you will begin to ask yourself this question, what really have they contributed with the little opportunity given to them? So just like you did mention @Talker Dave, until they (women) collectively come in alliance with a Vanguard Party which will be by the youths to actualize this “big dream”. I was told that a woman used huge amounts of money to renovate an office, although they (women) said she was influenced by men, whatever the case may be, women alone can’t do it because they can think but the ability to complete their thinking with a perfect result is not there so they need to work with the youths to see the light of the day.

[12:57, 7/27/2017] Talker Samuel: Like Speaker Emmanuel rightly said, alone the women may not be able to achieve it, in Africa, most of our culture and traditions seems to limit the potentials in a woman, subjecting them to second class citizens of their various societies. Women can do great things, women are very influential creatures, Women are passionate and deserves more and greater roles in the politics of our dear country. First of all we will have to change our mentality towards women, most of us see our women as lesser beings or as our subjects and always want to rule over them. This is one of the reason why our leaders today are not willing to give our women the opportunities to attain their full potentials or showcase what they can do. As I employ them (women) to channel their course through the youths, I also want us to play our part as the youths or Men in changing the mentality of an average Nigerian, that the woman is a weaker vessel, in doing so, the masses can believe and confide in our women

[13:03, 7/27/2017] Talker Eghosa: Good day all. In our political system the hurdles women have to pass through is enough for them to quit, the system has been programmed in a way to scare off their female counterpart. The life of every woman is laced with domestic chores, whether single or married, when political meetings are held in odd hours , how Will our women in politics cope, because most important resolution are taken at odd hours of the night.

There is therefore a need to lay more emphasis on the affirmative action for more women participation in political parties for meaningful positions in the party and elective offices. This is essential as women and men have different needs and priorities. This is due to the fact that women would not only reflect their interests alone but would also act as mothers, care takers and wives.

[13:11, 7/27/2017] Talker Samuel: With due respect Speaker Emmanuel, I disagree with you on one point, women can do great things, me and you are products of women, we are mostly what our mother’s shaped us to be, our personalities today is mostly as a result of our home which is championed by a woman(mother), people like Dora Akunyili, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala and several others have made immense contribution to the development of this country, the woman has the ability to bring the desired change we are looking for in this country, talking about the few that have failed to make an impact, we need to look at their precedents, most of them got there because their husband, relative or friends already has a platform and manipulated their way into governance, my representative in the House of Reps has never sponsored a single bill and this is his third tenure in the house, what would you make of such a man?

We can only advocate for credible candidates, if Theresa May can champion the affair of a great country like the UK, I believe we have women that can do better.

I think the problem our women are having is inadequate support, in a country where you buy votes, it is mostly only the rich or ones with so called godfathers (Prebendal Lords) that can only have their way, God bless Nigeria.

[13:17, 7/27/2017] Talker Eghosa: Thanks Sam, really women are multi tasked, they can be many things to different office, a mother, a wife, a caregiver, you named it. If given the chance, they can even outdo their male counterparts. I for one isn’t rooting for 35%, am looking at 50/ 50 lol

[13:28, 7/27/2017] Talker Victor: Lets tell ourselves the truth, looking at the Nigerian political environment, culture and religions, I don’t think Nigeria women can do or play better politics.

[13:31, 7/27/2017] Talker Eze: First of all, we should think of how our society treats women even in our homes, churches and communities. It’s how we deal with them in private that reflects in our society in general. How do you want to give power to a group of people that we as a society have confined to a certain role? Moreover, some of the women that have tasted power have sometime misused it in a very large scale, now creating a bad image for some that could have made positive impact in our society, making it difficult for society to trust women in public office.

[13:38, 7/27/2017] Talker Samuel: Thank you Speaker Eze, as I said earlier, we are marginalizing the women, we are not giving them the chance and opportunity to showcase what they were truly made for, thereby killing the potentials in them, we must change our mentality towards women, we must start seeing them from another perspective. Even our religion does not make women less important, in as much as man is the head of the woman, women have their destinies to fulfill too, and we must accord them the opportunity to contribute their quota in the affairs of this country.

But question though, has 90% of our men (politicians) not abused the power we entrusted in their hands? Why do we keep trusting them? Since 1960 till date, how many women have held very sensitive political offices in this Country? Yet, look at where we are today.

[13:45, 7/27/2017] Talker Victor: If we really trace history in Nigeria we will understand not all women in politics end well, number them lest discuss them. Coming into politics and their end, check the ones in power, always having shaky grounds, looking at the ones in National Assembly, do they really command power? OK Lagos State just concluded Elections how many women were involved? Nigerian woman can do exploit in other industry’s but not in political arena, they should be given privilege to advice government but not to be in power.

[13:44, 7/27/2017] Talker Emmanuel: We or rather I am not saying women cannot do it but in a country like ours, it is difficult just like someone pointed out, the political parties at the start point don’t give the equal opportunities they accord to men. Women can perform but one thing we should take cognizance of is corruption, which has become so endemic in this country, sailed through our institutions and as such hinders development. But if platforms cheered by youths are set-up without infiltration by the political elites (godfathers), women in conjunction with the youths can do or lead absolutely well without fear of any intimidation knowing a solid foundation has been laid before their coming in.

Don’t get me wrong @Talker Samuel, I am not against the women but let the truth be told, the image and incompetence of past women in politics has been painted black in advance democracies, and what gave rise to this, it is our belief that a female child education ends in the kitchen. So they should come together and work with the youths, this is the right time if they consider what happened yesterday as an insult and really wish to fight back come 2019 elections.

[14:02, 7/27/2017] Talker Victor: @Talker Emmanuel, I don’t think bringing youths and women together in politics is a good idea. If youth most succeed women should stand on their own. We have the Ministry of Woman Affairs do we have Ministry of Youth Affairs? What have they been able to do with their ministry? Funny that most of their commissioners are men.
Women have a better platform to do well in Nigerian politics but they failed maybe because the men are failing.

[14:10, 7/27/2017] Talker Dave: @Talker Eghosa, the women affirmative action is really an unnecessary aspiration when they can occupy whatever number of positions they desire to. What we are saying is that, they are asking the impossibility and from the wrong group of politicians. So to me they have no choice but to cut all political relationships with those guys now in power and find themselves some promising new breed of politicians in their children and wives and sisters. It is together that we can make the difference with the advantage of population.

There is no doubt women are incredibly intelligent to make a difference in this male domineering  world, and Nigeria is so blessed with them that can do wonders in governance. Obasanjo knew of their capabilities very well when that he had to shop the likes of Ngozi Okonjo  Nweala from the World Bank, our rugged dear Aunty Oby Ezekweseli, not forgetting our dear late mother Dora Akunyily and I know many young ones like them are still undiscovered.

[14:20, 7/27/2017] Talker Samuel:

[14:32, 7/27/2017] Talker Eze: Personally I don’t think our country needs gender or age or young, I think we do need people of good character no matter their age or sex because, it’s the character that sets a tone for great role models selling which we don’t have in this country. Who are our youths and even women looking up to?  We only have people of questionable characters as role models, and that I s what is wrong will the our society.

[14:33, 7/27/2017] Talker Emmanuel: Very true, I agree with you ,age or gender should not be the barrier but the ability to deliver and make Nigeria great.

@Talker Victor, We have Ministry of Youths and Sports, but just like Speaker Eze mentioned the character, and the body will dance to the tune, because if you imagine people like Alison Madueke holding the whole country to a ransom, Mrs. patience Dame Jonathan overriding her husband while in power, and with the incumbent Minister of Finance Mrs. Kemi Adeosun who has been in the news for the couple if weeks with controversial statements, you will conclude that allowing a woman without serious supervision to pilot affairs of government, she will turn to a dictator.

[14:36, 7/27/2017] Talker Eze: Even as members of this talk-am forum how do each and every one affect the people around us? Nigerians we like to criticize others doing wrong but in our privacy we are worse, when I accuse a leader of being corrupt yet I can’t stand on a queue or obey traffic rules etc, and tomorrow I become a leader trust me the nation will be in trouble. Our leadership crisis is a viscous circle, we learn the bad things and when we get the opportunity to make a change because of our already bad attitudes we’ve picked up, we do exactly what we complain about. It’s all in the character not gender or age.

[14:40, 7/27/2017] Talker Samuel: You are right Speaker Eze! Change starts with me and you, we must redefine the way and manner in which we do things. But responding to Speaker Emmanuel, Don’t we have better candidates than the present Minister of Finance and Economy? Their candidates emanates from the same corruption that has bedridden this country.

[14:43, 7/27/2017] Talker Eze: We do but instead of criticizing why don’t the better heads write papers and draw up thesis that can help her improve?  We must not be in the helm of affairs to do the right thing. I have listened to Pat Utomi solid and all sufficient criticize without proffering solutions.  These are erudite minds in the things of economics that can form a forum as we are now, come up with a solution and present it to the Minister; you will see if it’s sellable she can imbibe it, that’s what professors in other climes do, not fold hands and complain. Trust me one person cannot know it all.

[14:45, 7/27/2017] Talker Eghosa: You’ve nailed it Sam, 88% of women are financially handicaped .

[14:48, 7/27/2017] Talker Emmanuel: @Talker Samuel, It’s in the character dude. Imagine the actions that the wife to the Speaker of  Abia State House of Assembly did to a Road Safety official, allow such a woman to become Senate President, what will she turn to, or allow her to become the President of this nation what will the whole country turn to. I am not saying women are not good in leadership positions, but those given the opportunity to lead have at some point failed and that is why activities of women must be supervised by a superior animal being a man.

[14:49, 7/27/2017] Talker Samuel: LoL Superior Animal #man, if we say we are superior and women inferior, is that not Injustice? We have to stand for justice, no matter who is involved, man or woman we all have equal rights as enshrined in the Constitution of Nigeria. If we continue to see them as inferior to men, then there is no need aligning with them as you earlier suggested Speaker Emmanuel? Because we will still dish out the same treatment our current leaders are dishing on them.

[14:52, 7/27/2017] Talker Eze: We have to stand for integrity because it’s integrity that brings about Justice

[14:53, 7/27/2017] Talker Victor: Lol @Talker Samuel, when God created women what did he call them

[14:54, 7/27/2017] Talker Samuel: For me, I desire a society where everyone is special, where every soul whether man or woman will be proud of the creature he/she is and given the opportunity to attain their full potentials.

[14:55, 7/27/2017] Talker Emmanuel: Even from the creation, man is superior, down to our various cultures and traditions and that is why a woman will leave her biological home and cling unto her husband.

[14:57, 7/27/2017] Talker Samuel: @Talker Victor, even the advanced countries which brought this religion (Christianity) to us have given the women opportunity to excel in every area of their life and make an impact in the society

[14:57, 7/27/2017] Talker Samuel: Religion! Religion! Religion! This is why in some societies like where I come from, the woman is forbidden to commit adultery and if she does, immediately she runs mad but the man has green light to whatever pleases him.

[14:59, 7/27/2017] Talker Emmanuel: I am not saying women should not be given equal opportunity, no. But like in the advanced democracies that you mentioned, activities of women at some points are been supervised by men,

[15:00, 7/27/2017] Talker Victor: @Talker Samuel, Making reference to Europe, have u been there? The issue of gender inequality is everywhere, only minimal in Europe how about Indian, how about my Village, can any woman stand when men are discussing politic?

[15:02, 7/27/2017] Talker Emmanuel: Look at politics that played out in the U.S last year between Trump and Clinton, I felt that the history of their democracy never produced a woman as a president, it was one of the factors, that necessitates Trump’s emergence .

[15:02, 7/27/2017] Talker Samuel: I get your point sir! But we have to be careful, how we paint our ladies, we all have to work together towards actualizing a greater Nigeria, hence the need to accommodate them in the real sense, not just making the numbers and together we will make our country great. So many factors led to the emergence of Mr. Trump, not just woman factor.

[15:07, 7/27/2017] Talker Emmanuel: You can’t take pride out of a woman, but that doesn’t mean they won’t be accommodated, like I said they can’t do it alone.

[15:13, 7/27/2017] Talker Victor: I respect women a lot, but I think we should tell ourselves some truth, women have womb and it’s attached to feelings and reactions. I am not saying women should not be allowed to be in politics. No, rather given privilege to think critically because women have the ability to think but to conclude or crown their thinking is a problem, always need man beside to guide and conclude their reasoning. Women are a weaker vessel that’s my stand, only a weak man will allow his wife 2 be head of his home.

It’s against reason and against nature for women to govern an empire, their weak state doesn’t permit them to be preeminent, According to Montesquieu women’s calmness and gentleness would be helpful in divisions making in government, but not 4 them to be in control.

[16:04, 7/27/2017] Talker Eze: Tell that to Oprah Winfrey or Alakija, or Hillary Clinton, former President of Liberia or Argentina or South Korea. Montesquieu if I may ask when did he die? Because I am sure he didn’t see these women coming. We like to quote people of old who don’t have an idea of the present realities on ground, their words are not law it’s just an idea seen through the prism of their own human minds influenced by the happenings in their society at that particular time. And if the Montesquieu is the same one I know that nigger died in 1755.

[16:12, 7/27/2017] Talker Victor: If you understand the makings of Nigerian politics you will not call all this names you are calling, try to internalize Nigerian politic, Nigeria is a heterogeneous society, is there any country election as bloody as Nigerian election?

[16:13, 7/27/2017] Talker Eze: They are role models for women whether internal or external, it didn’t stop women from aspiring to do great things or become great influences in society. Allele Williams, Mrs. Random kuti, Queen Amina of Zaria, Dora Akunyili are they still alive? No but they were women that rose despite the make, domination of politics and sexism but despite that they made a mark for themselves and affected society in their own way that is why their names still hold value dead or alive.

[16:15, 7/27/2017] Talker Dave: @Talker Eze, you mentioned earlier that you didn’t think “our country needs gender or age”, it is not about what the country’s needs as in the class of people, but what you need to wrestle power from the power holders. You need population to sweep the votes since it’s only the majority that can carry the votes, and that majority is in the youths and the women judging from statistics of their population.

[16:17, 7/27/2017] Talker Eze: When you sweep the votes to a character flawed individual in the name of youth and women isn’t it the same problem we will have??? If the women I referred to above coul do it at a time when no one advocated for women’s right, how much more now that we have all those things working for them.

[16:21, 7/27/2017] Talker Dave: The youth as a term, cuts across the boundaries of age. Especially in Africa those who happens to have their mothers still alive even when in their 80-90 are still regarded as small boys and girls by their parents.

[16:22, 7/27/2017] Talker Eze: What’s your point?

[16:23, 7/27/2017] Talker Dave: Wherefore the youth is only a name tag for revolution.

[16:23, 7/27/2017] Talker Eze: What kind of revolution?

[16:25, 7/27/2017] Talker Dave: One that involve different people who believe in a change to another style of government. Issues of some of the youths behavior as not being any better off than these people in governance, is a normal thing that must happen in an already decay system, where morals, upbringing is left into the hands of the children themselves. You should just be good as it is your type we will shop for to represent us and not those immoral ones.

But it seems some of our speakers are trying to talk down on the capabilities of our women? Don’t even dare because your male brothers have failed this continent called Africa and if wishes were horses I will want them (women) to fill the strategic positions of governance to assess their intelligence vis a vis the men. Please get this right from now on when we have not yet started anything meaningful. Its better we ask question on how things will unfolds and get a reasonable argument, rather than scratching your legs and making some unreasonable assertion that can spark disunity of the two major vanguards of this intended movement.

Please this is not fair to these wonderful set of people called women, whatever you think a man can do, a woman can also. We are in this political aspiration together. So let’s watch out our contributions, is too early for unnecessary agitation of who can do better.

[16:37, 7/27/2017] Talker Moses: Hello my brothers and sisters.

[16:52, 7/27/2017] Talker Frank: Hi, interesting topic, God keep our women.

[16:53, 7/27/2017] Moderator: Moses and Frank, you are welcome to join the conversation on “Nigerian women in Politics“.

[16:54, 7/27/2017] Talker Eze: @Talker Dave I don’t understand what you are trying to get at.

[17:07, 7/27/2017] Talker Dave: Yeah @Talker Eze, I am only trying to react on whether women are and will be competent in discharging good governance as some of the contributors are sounding. I want to state that when we come up with our defined system of the intended government at the level of making our party manifesto, it will be so clear for every contestants to understand what his duties are, making even the less intelligent to do better than all what we are getting from these people in power.

A similar example of what we need happened one time in Chile when they voted the First female President in the Latin America, President Michelle Brachelet. This woman and her party promised what they tagged as “Citizen’s Democracy” promising the people of equal representation of gender, in the selection of their cabinet if they come into power and they got voted into power, and they kept to their promise. This is what I call a remarkable breakthrough in gender equality in politics. And that is the only way women can achieve such a remarkable representation in this male domineering political world. So I urge the Nigerian and indeed Africa to learn from this strategy to achieve their desire.

This is just to inform you the population of women in the world. So when you get them into a revolutionary movement of this nature, be sure that you will win by the power of population.

[18:32, 7/27/2017] Talker Emmanuel: @Talker Dave I understand where you are heading to but the point is this, it is too early to judge the capability of women weather they can do it or not. I also believe and suggest that the women should be in alliance with the youths for a sustainable development. Our institutions are corrupt and owing to this fact, as a youth if you are in such position as it stands now you will still fail just as the likes of Gov. Yahaya Bello and the younger people in this government and previous government have failed. We need a serious sensitization on both the women and the youths, if you merge the youths’ population with that of women believe you me the ruling class will go home shamelessly come the general election.

Democracy is by number and if the women can swallow their pride and work with the youths I believe the aim will be achieved. It is too early to judge who can do it and who can’t, even the so called men who have been piloting the affairs of this nation and some other African countries what has been their impact? Just living luxurious lifestyles for self-enrichment.

[18:42, 7/27/2017] Talker Dave: Yes that is the first point of duty, having these trends of government of the old packing away home shamefully. Then we all can just correct every abnormal policy of theirs to the normal thing that will inculcate development to signify the change that we desire. It will be that simple if we use their incompetent track records as our case study.

[18:58, 7/27/2017] Talker Emmanuel: When we were all fed up with the PDP government  build up to 2015 General election some of us believed that with the personality of President Buhari, whom some of us heard of during the Military Regime, corruption will be history, but when he came and met such institutions, he confessed that he thought he will meet the type of Nigeria he left 30 years ago. What am I trying to say, with the caliber of government officials we have, even if you are a saint, you can’t do it in the midst of corrupt people. ,The women must first of all come together with the youths, form a political party and come up with a manifesto that this is what will be in practice when we seize powers, rally round and win votes from every nooks and crannies, eject the Military men in civilian attires and the ruling class, set up strong institutions and kick-start. This will perfectly work if collective efforts are puts together.

[19:10, 7/27/2017] Talker Scott: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, first of all, I would have loved to know the underground work the women in the house have done before raising such motion, secondly there is no way the women in the National Assembly will have equal political participation with the men. Not now, never. Thirdly, I will say the women just wanted to try their luck or just air their opinion which they themselves know won’t work in the sitting of yesterday, where the bulls won’t allow their horns to be taken.

The best options for women to get their diehard desire in politics (equal representation) with their male counterparts in political participation and appointment are:
The challenges inhibiting women’s participation in politics are multifactorial. Therefore, political empowerment of women needs to be comprehensive involving political, economic, cultural and social dimensions. This is why there is the need for a Gender Agenda for the empowerment of women.

The agenda should focus on the following areas to address structural inequalities that constrains women.

  1. Increasing women’s access to, control over and benefit from basic assets such as land, water, forest resources and capital. At the core of this issue are power and policy: learning how to address these two factors is the key to bringing about equitable and sustainable development;
  2. Enabling women to have more say in community affairs and at higher political levels.

Opening avenues for women’s representational role in decision-making bodies implies facilitating the right of association and expression, building awareness of women’s rights, questioning gender stereotypes, and facilitating women’s participation by ensuring the provision of basic services. It may also require positive action, such as reserving places for women in decision-making bodies. The gender policy provides that at least 35 percent of positions should be reserved for women.

The new administration should implement this policy.

  1. Advocating and coordinating efforts to increase investments in basic rural infrastructure and services, particularly water, health and education – limited access to which places a special burden on poor women and girls.
  2. Gaining men’s support for women’s empowerment. Consciousness-raising among men has to go hand in hand with women’s mobilization and group formation. The achievement of gender equality is not the sole responsibility of marginalized women: men and political leaders (both men and women) must also be engaged as champions of equality and women’s empowerment.

[08:49, 7/28/2017] Talker Eghosa: @ Talker Emmanuel, you amazed me, superior animals in quote, haven’t you seen men acting worse? Our outward display of character is as a result of our upbringing or deliberate personal training over the years. Some women over the years have occupied public positions and where bullied out, some were victimized and framed-up by the alpha males in the system. Women, always make the most of whatever they are given, they’re industrious, resourceful and detailed to a fault. Before you judge us wrongly, by classifying us weaker animals, take a look at the women in your life, are they weak? Good morning all

[09:30, 7/28/2017] Moderator: A wonderful session it has been, it’s impressive that our 24hrs Debating session sees more participation by the week, better insights and bonding participants.

I must say a very warm thank you to @Talker Dave for his introduction of today’s topic, I can’t say anyone else would have crafted it more, and also doubling-up as a speaker even makes him more deserving of our appreciation. Thanks Dave.

Like always we are intrigued by the correctness of @Talker Eze’s speech, his stance usually don’t align with those of the regular speaker, but it does most certainly appeal to our sense of reason, helping in our introspective reflection of the most appropriate cause of action and the best way to approach it.

@Talker Emmanuel, @Talker Samuel, @Talker Victor @Talker Scott all made very compelling arguments which can hardly be ignored. In this world of ours, sometimes the best secret to excel to the next level is usually the obvious things. Taking that stance, they made fine arguments drawing analogies from the obvious.

Who best can defend the cause of the woman than a woman? @Talker Eghosa though sporadic in her participation, characterized the woman even so beautifully. She is many things at the same time, a mother, a wife, a caregiver etc. However, as to whether the Nigerian woman is ready and being deprived unjustly is a question we bequeath to your our dear readers to further respond to.

As I conclude, I can only state that a better example of a successful debate is difficult to imagine, and while you make efforts to answer my last question, be guided by @Talker Eghosa’s comment which will echo through the journey of time;

Before you judge us wrongly, by classifying us weaker animals, take a look at the women in your life, are they weak? (Aideyan Eghosa )”

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