The Lion King Returns

[09:36, 8/24/2017] Talker Linda: I Welcome us all to another beautiful day of the most educating and exciting Debate on social media. (Talk-Am 24Hrs Debate). It’s an honour moderating today.

BACKGROUND: President Muhammadu Buhari on arrival at Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja. AUG 19 2017, after 103 days in London, jubilation, Rallies were held across the country, in Ekiti State, major streets of the capital were crowded with stakeholders, party members, supporters of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and Civil Society Organisations.

The crowd which included artisans and commercial motorcyclists in the state marched from the Oke Lyinmi to the APC secretariat chanting various songs. The placard-carrying coalition created a traffic gridlock on the Ado Ekiti -Akure road as well as at Ijigbo and Ajilosun areas of the state capital.

Addressing the rally, the APC Acting Chairman in the state, Mrs Kemi Olaleye, said many residents of the state were happy over the president’s return. “His return will rekindle the war against corruption and insurgency while boosting efforts to end economic recession,’’ she said.

Olaleye also assured APC supporters in the state that the forthcoming party primaries in the state in preparations for the 2018 governorship poll would not be manipulated. She said the party’s candidate would emerge through the unanimous vote of party members.

“We are happy that God has shamed those who thought President Buhari won’t return alive, we are solidly behind President Buhari even beyond 2019,’’ she said.

Debate Questions: What effect will his return  have on our country economically, politically and psychologically?

What will Governor Fayose of Ekiti do now that the president is back? We all know what he said about the president while in the Uk.

In his speech Mr. President said Nigeria unity is settled & not negotiable, What hope does this have against the IPOB and other groups?

CAUTION: Stick to the rules, no foul language, each speaker is entitled to his or her opinion.

[09:45, 8/24/2017] Talker Chimgozie: Good morning house, it’s an honour and a privilege to be part of this debate today, the President’s coming back is a good one for the country, but I’m afraid the polity will be heated again. Mr. President unfortunately does not believe in diplomacy, he always wants to achieve his goals forcefully, forgetting that in a democratic setting, dialogue is everything.

Secondly, we will be deceiving ourselves if we say our unity is settled and not negotiable, when some people are marginalized, when some people are seen to be the ruling class and others followers, when people are not given equal opportunities, the truth is, we have to renegotiate and put things in order, if we don’t come to a round table to discuss our future as a nation, then the peace and unity we all desire may never be achieved, even if all the IPOB members are wiped off, the younger generations will still fight for the same course, until the issues are being resolved.

[09:50, 8/24/2017] Talker Linda:  The return of the president will not give this present government the needed expertise to turn the fortune of the nation if he refuses to sit up and work.

[09:57, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: Government is about good policies and the will to implement those policies, I think his return will strengthen the zeal and will to follow through those policies. Looking at his policies on corruption, insecurities and agriculture I think there will be renewed effort to implement those policies further. Right now I think is the best time for him to take hard decisions.

[10:01, 8/24/2017] Talker Chimgozie: I don’t think any of their policies has ever yielded the desired results, has corruption been tamed? Insecurities is on the rise, maybe he is getting it right in the Agricultural sector.

[10:03, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: Yes it has been, just that the Judiciary and lawyers have been a cog in the wheel

[10:03, 8/24/2017] Talker Chimgozie: I agree with you sir, now is the time, Nigerians are running out of patience

[10:03, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: If he throws them in jail people would say he is s dictator, there are processes to follow. EFCC investigates, take it to judiciary to prosecute, moreover a lot of monies and properties have been recovered from suspected looters E.g Deziani

[10:07, 8/24/2017] Talker Chimgozie@Talker Eze, I understand that our judiciary is very corrupt and you cannot fight corruption when you don’t have a judicial system that is working, but he ought to have thought of fixing the judiciary before embarking on the so called fight against corruption, which sometimes looks like a witch hunt.

[10:07, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: You don’t fix judiciary because they are independent, they should fix themselves. If he does, he will be labeled as a dictator

[10:10, 8/24/2017] Talker Chimgozie@Talker Eze, A lot of money recovered but cannot be accounted for? Even in this present administration, corruption is massively going on. Our treasures are being looted massively.

We can motivate them, have you thought of why they take bribes? If you can get the answer, you can find a way to fix it

[10:13, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: How do you know that there is corruption?  Our external reserve just hit 32billiion; Sovereign wealth fund is increasing, monthly allocation increase.

About those taking bribe, it’s wickedness that makes them take bribe, nothing more.

[10:26, 8/24/2017] Talker Emmanuel:  Good morning honourable debaters and the Moderator @Talker Linda, it indeed shows that women are ready to take the mantle of leadership in this corporate entity called Nigeria, I am also honoured to be among the likeminded gurus to discuss way forward in our dear nation.

  1. His presence in the country……I don’t expect anything different from what Prof. Osibanjo was doing as the Acting President. While in London, the presidency came out and made us to understand that there is no vacuum in government, that the Acting President was doing everything so his presence will not change anything be it political, psychological or economically.

2  Governor Fayose will not do anything and the last time I checked he never said he will do anything if President Muhammadu Buhari returns from London. I watched on the television when people from Ekiti State specifically the Pro-Buhari group asking the governor to provide the pictures of Buhari on life support or resign, and the Miyetti Allah threatening to sue the governor, with a lot of stories going viral on social media crediting laughable statements to the governor that he said he will commit suicide if the president returns alive. Fayose never said so, he only said he had eleven pictures of the president on life support, in a coma and that the way the Acting President saw Buhari when he visited was so pathetic so the man should honourably take a bow and go to Daura and rest.

To further clear the air, the man Govenor. Ayo Fayose came out to maintain his stance that on July 6th, president Buhari was on life support, but he (Fayose) and the rest of Nigerians are glad that the President is back, but he further said “you are sick and tired, go home and rest” One thing we should understand is this, those people calling for Buhari`s resignation loves him, we should stop pretending the man isn’t sick.

The way I saw him when he came back, he can’t meet up with the expectations of the office of Mr. President, so it is those protecting him that are his real enemies who are working for their own selfish interest taking advantage of the man`s ill health to acquire wealth which is not helping the country.

It was reported on BBC, that “rodents have taken over the office of the Nigerian leader” this is an International assault to our country, this statement was issued by the Senior Special Adviser to the President on Media Mr. Garba Shehu, now a lot of people are asking questions, why are they deceiving Nigerians with lies and fabricated storie?

So we don’t expect anything from Fayose other than what he said, and I want to believe that his pressure couple with other civil society organizations necessitated the then visit of Osibanjo, governors and the rest to London while the man was still away. So if you ask me, I don’t expect any other thing from Governor Fayose.

[10:28, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: Fayose should shut up and govern, show us what he has done in Ekiti if he has something to offer to his people he should do it. Nothing productive has been done in Ekiti yet he will criticize someone handling bigger matters. I think that is the definition of madness.

As for Fayose, he should wait and clear the corruption case he has, he is trying to gather sympathy so that when EFCC come after him he will cry witch Hunt.

[10:30, 8/24/2017] Talker Scott: Good morning ladies and gentlemen, it’s an honour to be part of today’s debate.  President Buhari’s return will not change anything, he just came back to resume his normal duty as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Moreover, while he was away, the Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osibanjo was working tirelessly to move the State forward. He is back to continue his tenure and plan on how to win 2019 presidential Election.

[10:44, 8/24/2017] Talker Emmanuel: No.3 The presidential broadcast, saying Nigeria’s unity is settled and not negotiable, we all know that our unity is settled courtesy of the 1914 amalgamation but I want to believe our unity is or should be negotiated, I was surprised when the president said aggrieved Nigerians should channel their grievances to the National Assembly and the Council of State appropriately, and that was where I saw a comma in his speech and also so many areas within a six minutes speech and it also cut-across the minds of so many Nigerians, with the likes of Jubrin saying his broadcast was like a coup d`e tat pronouncement.

We should be able to understand one thing irrespective of our political affiliation and ethnic/religion cum sectional differences, “Legitimacy is derived from the people not from the national assembly and certainly not the council of state, which in any case is just an advisory body”. The country’s sovereignty is in the hands of the people not their representatives and it is important to allow open dialogue and the freedom of expression. That is why the constitution says “We the people…” and not we the National Assembly and the national council of state”. So our unity must be called to a round table for proper negotiations so as to solve most of these problems.

So @Talker Eze, anyone talking against Buhari should shut up and is total madness, please we can’t do well as youths unless we call a spade a spade. When you ask governors talking against Buhari to shut up, that nothing productive is going on in their respective States, how about the Pro-Buhari governors declaring public holiday in his return, is that not total madness, between the governor of Kogi and Ekiti state, where is the madness coming from?

[11:02, 8/24/2017] Talker Scott: Governor Fayose is hiding his head now, because of all he said about the president while away in the UK. But in the real sense, what the Governor said or did is Real politics. If nobody stood-up like he did, then what will you call that kind of democratic setting, when everyone have Freedom of speech.  Mind you, I won’t be surprised, when I see President Buhari and Governor Fayose having dinner together, they are all politicians.

[11:17, 8/24/2017] Talker Linda: Thumps up @talker Scott

[11:25, 8/24/2017] Talker Emmanuel@Talker Scott, Mr. Fayose is not hiding his head, he spoke yesterday saying the handlers of the president are just taking advantage of his health, he said he as a person is happy that Mr. President is back from London and he still maintains that he should go back to Daura and rest, he should resign.

That was what he said, and on the angle you mentioned that you won’t be surprised seeing them wining on the same table, that is the beauty of democracy and in politics no permanent friend and no permanent enemy what is permanent is interest. It may be that Mr. Fayose is using President Buhari`s health looking for publicity against his presidential ambition come 2019.

Listen to news Fayose is not hiding, he categorically stated that the man was on life support as of July 6th. It seems people don’t understand the meaning of life support, when you are on life support that does not mean you will be tied to a particular engine and you will remain in a particular place. I know of a Catholic Priest who has rechargeable battery in his system and he recharge the battery every month with #2000,you don’t use hand set, so the battery is supporting his life. point unclear! L

[11:34, 8/24/2017] Talker Linda: These people are just politicians who are not even good at the game they are playing because; they all usually get mixed up in their own game.

[11:39, 8/24/2017] Talker Scott@ Talker Emmanuel, It’s true what you just said,  but we should not be surprised when they Hook him Govenor Fayose with an indicting case that will ruin his name and position.

[11:39, 8/24/2017] Talker Chimgozie: That’s correct @ Talker Linda, They have a common goal, which is looting and exploiting our resources, and causing disharmony among the masses so that we will not unite to fight for our common heritage.       

[11:43, 8/24/2017] Talker Scott: But what governor Fayose said, there is an element of truth in it. How can a president leave his country for over 3months for medical treatment, what will you call that?

@ Talker Emmanuel, if u were Govenor Fayose, won’t you do the same or more to get publicity? This is politics and these are some of the strategies they use to gain grounds for Elections.

[11:52, 8/24/2017] Talker Chimgozie: According to Mao Zedong, “politics is war without bloodshed”, so the use of propaganda etc. is part of the game.  If the APC  government had done the needed in keeping Nigerians updated concerning the health of the Number one citizen  Nigeria, Mr Fayose would not have had an avenue to make his claims.

[11:55, 8/24/2017] Talker Scott:  so true.

[11:56, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: I think last week most of us were asked to pick a position and elaborate what we will do in those positions a few of us talked about what we would likely do, None of us made mention of abandoning governance and criticizing other people.

[11:57, 8/24/2017] Talker Chimgozie: Thumbs up to Fayose for mounting the pressure, that’s what an opposition in governance does, constructively criticizing the ruling party, which makes them to seat up.

[11:57, 8/24/2017] Talker Francis: Good morning Madam Moderator and my good people, it’s a lovely debate topic I must say. We are all glad that the President is back and seems to be in good health.  About Governor Fayose, I believe he exercised his constitutional right as a citizen of a country practicing a democratic government. Those things which he said may not have been true, but they without doubt expressed his views and doubts as the case may be. I don’t see anything wrong with that, he needs not fear, he never made any absolute statement. Earlier today Fayose still reiterated that the President is old and should go and rest. This is how he feels and he is entitled to his opinion as a stakeholder of the Nigerian State.

About the possible turn of event now that the president is back, I doubt there would be much difference. Why was the FEC meeting cancelled, what sort of rats have suddenly overtaken the Villa? All of these just give a glimpse to what we might have to grapple with in the next months to come.

There is a fundamental problem with Mr. President’s media or publicity team, because though every government must have issues and setbacks, but the communication prowess of the Presidency bridges the gap. But in this case, it’s sadly not so. They make blunders and turn a “not so bad” situation into a terribly embarrassing one. How on earth can you come out and say the President can’t work in his office because of rats?

[11:58, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: The business of governance is way different from Petty politics, for how long will our elected officials like Fayose not know the difference?

[11:58, 8/24/2017] Talker Chimgozie: Thank you @ Talker Francis.

[12:00, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze@ Talker Scott, Now you say what sort of president abandons his country because he is sick, please for God’s sake some of us act like we’ve never had malaria and admitted in hospital and not going to work, please give the man a break he was sick. And he cannot come back until he is well, I don’t wish anyone old or young to be sick. If the sickness requires him to go abroad by all means he should go, those are the perks of the office.

[12:02, 8/24/2017] Talker Chimgozie: I was so ashamed of this country when I heard that rats sacked the president from his office, which country on earth will such a story be told? Are there not professional cleaners who are taking care of the office in his absence? A whole presidential Villa is not immune to Rat, how dirty and unkempt the villa must have become under APC.

[12:02, 8/24/2017] Talker Scott: My issue is, even if Nigeria’s unity is settled and not negotiable, is there no room for re negotiation? I ask this question because of the way things are going in the country, where one part of the country has seen themselves as born rulers while others suffer and follow.

[12:02, 8/24/2017] Talker Linda: I truly wonder @ Talker Scott.

[12:03, 8/24/2017] Talker Kimberly: Those criticizing President Muhammadu Buhari for the current economic situation in the country are judging his administration wrongly. We should thank God for sending him to us at this particular period of our national life. Everybody knew that the economy was at the verge of collapse before he came in. We should also be happy that he’s back. His being back is not the matter or that nothing is being done. Osibanjo can continue while Buhari oversees everything. He has been doing a lot and many people are not recognizing him but worrying about Buhari.

[12:05, 8/24/2017] Talker Linda: Hmmmm why won’t he then step down and allow Osibanjo continue instead of him overseeing things.

[12:05, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: The National Assembly has representatives of the people, there is a process in life if we have grievances there are appropriate channels to go through. I speaker earlier mentioned we should sit on a round table and discuss. That table will be really big to accommodate all Nigerians. We always want result without going through the appropriate process, Its like a production line raw materials cannot be finished goods without going through a process.

[12:06, 8/24/2017] Talker Chimgozie: One of Mr. President’s campaign promises was, “no more will Nigerians travel abroad for medication”, and after two years , look at where we are. Can the masses afford traveling out for medications? The present government has failed us, the past government failed us, is high time we rise and take our future by our hands.

[12:07, 8/24/2017] Talker Francis@ Talker Eze, I agree with your earlier line of thought about everyone falling ill at somepoint, but the problem is that the presidency seems to be so secretive about the kind of illness in question. I know you will tell me about Doctor – Patients confidentiality, I agree too. But exactly what is the plan, let them come out and let the people know how they want to run the government. Do they want Mr. Buhari to be at the background and Osibanjo running the day to day? Let us be given some structure as to how this government will work. Nigeria has been handed to President Mohammadu Buhari, and there needs to be a sense of responsibility from him. Telling us what is wrong with him fuels that responsibility. But not telling us, yet expecting Nigerians to maintain calm and understanding that is an unbalanced equation.

[12:07, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: We just don’t like to do the right thing yet we want result. If constituents call their Assembly members and reps and table their agitation to them it’s the duty of the reps to take up the gauntlet and go through the laid down process, debate on it and come up with a clear cut decision. Moreover the president did not deny that there are grievances he said there are appropriate means of channeling those concerns.

It would be disservice to Nigerians after paying Reps and Senate fat salaries and yet they can’t be useful to the constituents they represent, when it comes to crucial matters like this.

[12:10, 8/24/2017] Talker Chimgozie: They are the same set of people, revolving the power among themselves, if a prophet has prophesied that the founder of the famous TAN will someday join APC , I won’t ever believe it, most people that are tagged corrupt by APC in the build up to 2015 election are in the same APC

[12:12, 8/24/2017] Talker Francis@ Talker Eze, you are correct, but I believe that would have to do with our constituency projects, that have now been termed as corruption. But right now, we are talking about our Trust being put on a man to lead the entire nation. Are you insinuating we approach our Reps and ask them to make the President tell us what is wrong with him (Mr. President)?

[12:12, 8/24/2017] Talker Chimgozie: Are the Reps and Senate really useful?

[12:13, 8/24/2017] Talker Linda: @ Talker Chimgozie, about the President’s campaign promises, just know that he says one thing and goes back to do the same thing.

[12:14, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze@ Talker Francis, then what is the essence of democracy, if we rely on one man?  What happens from our local government Chairmen to Governor to Assembly Members to Senators to House of Reps? We can as well go back to military regime where the words of one man becomes law.

[12:14, 8/24/2017] Talker Chimgozie: We have to understand that one of the major challenges we have in this country is we ourselves, we support people sheepishly that we will never see anything wrong with them, what would one expect from a country built on religion and ethnicity?

[12:15, 8/24/2017] Talker Linda@ Talker Eze, are the Reps and other Senate working for our good? Are they not all filled with stories that can’t be trusted?

[12:16, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze@ Talker Linda, good point then we change them with our vote

[12:17, 8/24/2017] Talker Francis: Your argument skills never seize to amaze me @ Talker Eze, When it comes to knowing what ails Mr. President, yes, we rely on him to tell us.

[12:18, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: Dude ok what if you hear he had cancer or HIV or food poison, what would it change? Should we fold out hands and grind the nation to a halt?

[12:19, 8/24/2017] Talker Scott:  Kudos to Govenor Fayose, Charlie boy and others that had a voice in time of our president’s absence from office due to health issues. If not all these protests my comrades, the president would have still been in London, believe it or not.

[12:19, 8/24/2017] Talker Chimgozie: @Talker Eze, Going back to that era of military regime, Mr Buhari may be ranked  the most unsuccessful military head of State in Nigeria, his first coming brought untold hardship, devaluation of the naira, arbitrariness, and the second coming is even getting worse, I think he lacks what it takes to govern a nation as big as Nigeria.

[12:20, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: These are the inconsequential things we argue about, he was sick people say come back, he is back people say your speech is crooked and you look weak. It just shows we don’t have a bearing, what are we as citizens doing to better the country?

Let me remind you that almost all of the military rulers were unsuccessful because I don’t remember what most of them did. Either they died or thrown out of office by their successors. We like to forget how in 1981-1982 Shagari presided over the worst possible civilian government prior to Buhari, a nation without history is a nation that goes back to its old problems.

[12:24, 8/24/2017] Talker Kimberly@ Talker Linda, We both know that the President stepping down for Osibanjo is not possible. He’s a smart person. His going abroad and coming back at a particular time twice is for a reason, and that is “impeachment” .

[12:25, 8/24/2017] Talker Scott@ Talker Kimberly, . But can the country move forward like this? We need active people in governance.

[12:25, 8/24/2017] Talker Emmanuel@ Talker Eze, round table does not mean sitting on a four corner table

[12:25, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: We can’t have active people when everyone is a critic without a solution, and the last government was almost like the Shagari government. Buhari just has to pick up the pieces after the others have messed up.

Can anyone justify the money that was stolen from this country in the last administration? Foreign reserve depleted at oil price of $110 per barrels no savings. Even the 64billio saved was nowhere to be found.

Personally I think we are fighting the wrong battle, nice debate topic last week by @ Talker Eghosa, None of us are too small to run for office, like they say “the change begins with me”. We are in a mess how do we get out is the wahala not asking what is sucking the president.

[12:29, 8/24/2017] Talker Kimberly@ Talker Scott, the country can still move forward definitely. They just need to execute what they started. Those being inactive will still be like that forever no matter what. The crooked system tolerates it. The only thing now is that people at the lower level of power should do something about it instead of allowing their heads.

[12:32, 8/24/2017] Talker Scott:  Thank you @ Talker Francis, those persons in media and publicity representing the president should be sacked, for God sake, how can a spokesman of the President come on National TV and say that the president cannot work in his office because of Rats? It’s funny. That man should be sacked with immediate effect. There are other good excuses to use not rats.

Are they telling us that, the president’s office has been left unkempt in his absence? Lies!!! The president did not come from London and went straight to his office, No. I suppose there are people in charge of cleaning whether he is around or not that office is supposed to be clean daily, that’s what they’re been paid for. Anyway that’s just an excuse for only God knows why.

[12:36, 8/24/2017] Talker Francis: I agree with you @ Talker Eze, the solution is what we are about. So how do we quieten Nigerians in the light of an unclear health condition of their number one citizen?

[12:39, 8/24/2017] Talker Kimberly@ Talker Scott you are right about Mr. President’s media team, because other countries will think our country is a joke and that’s not a good reputation for us now.

[12:44, 8/24/2017] Talker Scott: Yes I agree @ Talker Linda, we can change them with our vote, but many of us here have no PVC. How can they change them? Please there is an ongoing Registration of permanent voters card, go and Register now, that is you voice come 2019.

[12:47, 8/24/2017] Talker KimberlyPDP or APC, they all have problems, people will still complain.

[12:48, 8/24/2017] Talker Eghosa: Good day comrades, when the news of the President’s return filled the air on Friday last week, the masses had high expectations. However, their expectations were douse by the President’s speech on Monday morning. In my personal opinion, that speech was hurriedly put together to appeased the people that the president is fit as a fiddle to carry out his constitutional duties. That broadcast was highly condemned by well-meaning Nigerians for lacking empathy and the burning issues at hand.

I wished the presidency will come out clean on the president health.

[12:49, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze@ Talker Scott, I got my PVC since the origin of PVC.

When people talk about the president’s speech I begin to wonder. Some people no even read the speech sef, I ask again what should he have said?

[12:52, 8/24/2017] Talker Scott: @ Talker Eze, that’s good. I encourage every one of us to go and get theirs. This is one of the ways to proffer solutions to the bane we are facing now, but we can change that in 2019.

[12:53, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: Oya speech writers talk, I guess they were expecting him to say ok, Nigerians tomorrow we will divide the nation, or each citizen will own an oil well

[12:54, 8/24/2017] Talker Kimberly@ Talker Scott, elections will have to be conducted well in rural places in States because the last time I heard even rams and goats were voting for the president. So we truly have to know who we are voting for

[12:55, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: Yes @ Talker Kimberly, you heard you didn’t see. You know, what some of us base as facts are just hear say, and because of our prejudiced and bias nature we take these things as gospel truth without finding out and spread them like fact. It’s a great disservice to individuals and the nation as a whole; @ Talker Kimberly did you vote in the 2015 general election?

[13:02, 8/24/2017] Talker Emmanuel: @ Talker Scott, you don’t have to blame mr. President’s media team, because if you are there in the system, you will also do the same thing to protect your job, knowing fully well that if by mistake Buhari resigns virtually all of them will be flushed out. So I don’t blame them, but they should know that in every one lie, you will have to look for 10 different lies to cover the first one up.

[13:02, 8/24/2017] Talker Kimberly: No @ Talker Eze.

[13:03, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: Ok, just checking

[13:03, 8/24/2017] Talker Kimberly: Rumor had it

[13:14, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: It’s the same thing when we saw a picture of kids on the voting line I noticed that that one picture was displayed and it was tagged to be in different northern States

[13:16, 8/24/2017] Talker Kimberly: True

[13:16, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: Yet the picture was just from one polling unit and general opinion was it’s all in the whole of the North

[13:17, 8/24/2017] Talker Emmanuel: Which picture? Who displayed the picture?

[13:17, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: But it’s just the same picture of the same guys that was generalized as the whole north. We don’t even know who the guy voted for assuming he voted, I am not justifying the craziness. I was almost lynched for voting for a particular party, in my polling unit I saw the atrocities and people were allowed to vote more than once in my polling unit

[13:20, 8/24/2017] Talker Francis: We must argue with facts, that’s what gives credibility to our names as an analyst, so I don’t subscribe to ‘hear say’, but when also a view is predominantly shared by many, I think it might do us some good to do some research on it.

[13:22, 8/24/2017] Talker EzeGood talk @ Talker Francis.

[13:27, 8/24/2017] Talker Scott: As I said before, one of the solutions is for us to go and get our PVC. With that we have a voice.

[13:27, 8/24/2017] Talker Emmanuel:  I concur.

[13:34, 8/24/2017] Talker Scott: Another solution is that, we should not vote any candidate that has been in power before, most especially the elderly ones.

[13:35, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: How many of us even have a PVC raise your  hand✋

[13:49, 8/24/2017] Talker Francis: Very valid question that is our starting point.

[13:53, 8/24/2017] Talker Linda:   I do.

[13:59, 8/24/2017] Talker Francis: Madam Moderator’s first question is so apt, and it’s a question to itself. “Now that the President is back, what effect will it have on the country?” Nigerians are gullible, what were they expecting, that Buhari will come back and flog the IPOB group or suddenly turn around the economy? For all we know, his coming back might cause more imbalances in the polity, just as it’s playing out already.

Now we have two national questions added to the already overwhelming list.

1: Incompetence of his media team

2: The phenomenon of Rats in high places.

More drama to come…

[14:01, 8/24/2017] Talker Chimgozie: ✋

[14:59, 8/24/2017] Talker Emmanuel: It is not as if his media are incompetent rather, they are doing what they were employed to do protecting their job with their interests. One thing in Nigeria is that we are been overshadowed with fissiparous tendencies that when will see black we call it white just to protect our interests and that of those from our region. The idea of “he is from the north” , “he is from middle belt” is very wrong, the press is the fourth estate of the realm, their job is to relate to the populace the activities of the leaders, circulating valid informations, to the masses.

Listen to President Buhari`s adress to the service chiefs “crush any elements that tries to disintegrate Nigeria or is jeopardizing with the unity of the country“. In his presidential broadcast he mentioned the activities of IPOB, farmers/herdsmen clashes and that Nigerians have the right to reside in any part of the country without let or hindrance from anybody. I was expecting him to emphasize on the quit notice issued by Arewa youths and the Anti-Igbo song which he did not.

Just in the news today I heard Fulani herdsmen raped one 72yrs old woman in Ondo state who was in her farmland, they came and raped her. I am sure that the person who wrote the speech did so to please the part of the country where the president is from, then another thing is the rats in the president office, I earlier mentioned that it was a national assault hearing on BBC (British Broadcasting Commission), that rats have taken over the office of the Nigerian leader, the world heard that news, now I want to ask, Mr. Buhari stayed in London for over 100days, yet his office was not renovated, they visited him in London and we were told that he is recuperating fast and will be back soon, yet his office was not renovated or are they making us to believe that the president came back unexpectedly without his doctors approval?

Or we should believe that he was asked to come back because of the massive protest in London that was asking him to return home? What happened to cleaners in the villa? Did they also travel to London with BABA? After president Buhari won election in 2015,the entire office was renovated with millions of our money and the whole villa before he parked in and now he is just two years and some months in office and they are still renovating his office with about #4million taxpayers money aside the one they spent in London to fix air conditioning and ceiling while an average Nigerian is sent packing by his landlord because of just #24, 000? Oh arise my compatriots if Nigeria calls, please Baba Buhari, he who must come to equity must come with clean hands, good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.

[15:11, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze:  funny thing is that most Nigerians saying rat pursue president from office some if not most of them get rats for their house . Rat is a respect of no one, once you leave a place dormant for a while brothers and sisters they will inhabit. I’m sure his office was locked so make person no go steal file. As I speak rats are in my roof.

[15:13, 8/24/2017] Talker Linda: Speaker Eze not in Aso Villa, that is presidential residence. There are people who are in charge of cleaning and guiding that place.

[15:14, 8/24/2017] Talker EzeAso Rock na for space e dey? That office were they can bribe cleaners to steal file. Very sensitive info dey that office oh common manager office for company if oga no dey nobody dey enter.

[15:16, 8/24/2017] Talker Linda: Is that to say ever since he left files in his office were left dormant for the days he was away?

[15:26, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: I like Nigerian people we have flare for the dramatic. What if they lied and didn’t say anything or came up with another story that rats are in his office and it’s the truth is that why everyone is throwing a fist? Laugh about it and move on.

Rodents are not humans they don’t need security clearance to enter a place and even reproduce especially when the place is uninhibited for 3months. Maybe the President’s office is a whole wing even if it’s a room you think if rats had the opportunity to enter they will stop because it’s the president’s office?

The media man said the truth now he is incompetent, if he lied nko? Its rats, they enter even the white house if you let them. I think it’s something we laugh off and joke out of it not make rats a national issue.

[15:48, 8/24/2017] Talker Eghosa@ Talker Eze, the president shouldn’t have mentioned the story of Ojukwu, I might sound a bit sympathetic to our eastern brothers on this, because they were at the receiving end, even till today, when one beats a child, its expected of the child to cry, saying the child shouldn’t cry, shows how insensitive that adult is! A crying child can make so many irrational decisions, but as a father that have seen it all, Buhari is supposed to be patient and call these boys for dialogue.

During the election, the Igbo’s came out to say he (Buhari) hates them, he denied it vehemently, telling us how many domestic staff he has that were Ibo’s. From his speech on Monday, it shows clearly his mindset towards them.

There’s no union that is not negotiable, negotiations and dialogue is cheaper than war.

[15:49, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: He recalled a meeting he had with an Igbo leader and revealed what they discussed, what is wrong with that?

He (Ojukwu) initiated the call for Biafra and after the war he saw the need for the nation to be together he formed a political party (APGA) contested for presidency in Nigeria. I think that showed he wanted the unity of the country.

[15:52, 8/24/2017] Talker Eghosa: Is Ojukwu alive to counter those claims, it’s so untimely, because the youth are restive.

[15:53, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: But his son is alive to corroborate the story, or you will say Ojukwu’s son too is lying or he was paid ?

[15:53, 8/24/2017] Talker Eghosa: Its more of a trick to silence them (IPOB Group), he didn’t say his son was there, did he?

[15:54, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: It doesn’t matter if the son was there or not because we don’t know the kind of relationship he has with his son, and what he told his son or not. We weren’t there, it’s his son not our son.  So if the guy says his father was at the meeting and what was said is true, then leave it

We like to hear the bad things, when we hear the good one we doubt. Moreover both were colleague’s in the army, fought on different sides in the war, became friends, now that one too na talking point?

[16:28, 8/24/2017] Talker Scott: But wait ooo, how can they leave the office unkempt? Even when they heard that Baba is coming, is that one talk?

[16:37, 8/24/2017] Talker Eghosa: Nigeria has become a joke.

[16:43, 8/24/2017] Talker Francis@ Talker Eghosa so it seems, but what can we do to alter our narratives? Because from the way I see it, this ruined reputation of ours only seems to be affecting only the poor. The same international communities celebrate and are in fact looking for means of joining our elites to loot us dry. What do we the citizens do?

[16:51, 8/24/2017] Talker Linda@ Talker Eze. This is far from being biased my brother.

[17:00, 8/24/2017] Talker Francis: You know I was just thinking, when the then Acting President declared Hate Speech an act of terror, what came to my mind was “What constitutes a hate speech?” And like that one, I also want to ask, what constitutes a bias? That a person’s political affinity doesn’t align with the party or person in power, does such person’s criticism constitute a bias?

[17:19, 8/24/2017] Talker Eze: Am saying it because even as a country and as Nigerians we celebrate bad news about our country and neglect the good things that can promote us. America is not the best but they project only the great sides of their nation, and make loads of people think they are so great.

There are lots of positives to take out of this country and some individuals. I am talking about role modelling system, we celebrate the bad and leave the good.

Since Buhari took office we’ve been hearing if mind boggling monies recovered, gains on Boko Haram which we have been hailed for, children in schools being fed, agriculture development and benefits to local farmers which had grown our agricultural sector. Little gains that we can encourage and talk about, instead it’s his speech rats in his office etc.

If we encourage the good, more good will come out of us, not saying we shouldn’t criticize when one strays. In psychology there’s what we call positive reinforcement, it encourages an individual making effort to do better, because if we keep doing this trust me no leader is safe.

Case in point Rivers State after Amaechi built over 1000 standard health Care Centre and 800 standard primary schools and all he did for rivers people, employed over 15,000 teachers and doctors got each health center, not to talk of the roads etc. But come and hear the terrible things the indigenes talk about him. Then I ask what kind of people are we as Nigerians?

Our leaders do mess up big time, not forgetting the obvious, but sometimes it is encouragement for those that are making an effort that will make them do better. I do listen to political commentators on economic development and truthfully I don’t hear solutions just complain and criticizing.

I then wonder after all this talk what solutions are they proffering? None, that’s why I really loved last week’s debate, it was solution oriented.

[18:05, 8/24/2017] Talker Eghosa@ Talker Francis, I can’t look the other way, because the joke is on the masses, we’re not all stupid, calling black white, a government that can publicly come out with this, it’s pathetic. This government should come out clean, everyone falls sick, at his age its normal, but covering it with laughable excuses is what I’ll not condole.

I’ve not been to other countries to see how they tackle issues that concern them, but from what I see on social media I guess theirs is worse, most especially in advance countries.

I bet you, there’s nothing wrong with the masses, they are sympathetic, empathetically gullible, swayable and can lay down their life to protect the political elites in our society. Its evidence in the rousing support given to the president recently, yet, they still turnaround to insult their intelligence, and you’re expected to keep quite because of the international communities (washing dirty linens)

[18:14, 8/24/2017] Talker Linda: God bless you my sister, are we expected to keep quiet and not complain when the administration is making fun of us?

[18:40, 8/24/2017] Talker Emmanuel: The political philosophy of the APC led administration was social democracy, but after assuming into office they denied so many things they said, fooling us with lies and propaganda, but my joy is that they will still come begging 2019 for re-election, then we will tell them that power belongs to the people.

So just like @ Talker Scott earlier mentioned I wish to urge all of is to go back to our respective polling units and collect our PVC, and  just like @ Talker Francis mentioned, there is no bias in this, if your political viewpoints are different from mine, that does not mean am being biased, it is our duty to criticize any government that is misleading us even as opposition or non-partisan citizens, that will make them to fasten their belts to return dividends of democracy to the people.

We are not angels neither are the rulers, James Madison said “If men were angels there will be no constitution, and if angels are men there will be no government” we all know that as our leaders have their own deficiencies but not to see the entire State as morons, and as if they are the first set of people to pilots the affairs of this great nation. If it is not Lai Mohammed, it is Femi Adesina or Shehu Garba, one week one lie, maybe Lai Mohammed is planning for another one to blow next week.

Early this week Adesina said president may go back soon for medical follow up and on Tuesday Garba came up with rodents, and they will call a foreign company Julius Berger for maintenance instead of patronizing the local construction companies we have. I heard it’s about 4 million naira, for fixing of ceiling and Air conditioning, ASUU are on strike and they are still battling with them, meeting upon meeting every now and then. I thank God for the minister of education Mallam Adamu Adamu who came out to fault the Federal government, first of its kind in this administration, a minister will publicly blame the federal government, his Labour and productivity counterpart Chris Ngige was busy saying they should form a committee when the house is on fire already simply because their children are schooling abroad so they don’t care even if the strike runs for a year, but after rain, comes sun, 2019 awaits all of us God’s willing.

[18:43, 8/24/2017] Talker Eghosa:  Good talk @ Talker Emmanuel

[22:09, 8/24/2017] Talker Bliss P Baba: Well to me I don’t really see any implications at all weather in economy or politics everything still remains the way they are. About the Ekiti State governor, he is still right, Mr. President going back for treatment, that alone means he is not back to work for us but to showcase himself and go back.

[23:03, 8/24/2017] Talker Tony: Absolutely nothing changes rather the president is dragging the economy down and making caricature of Nigeria as a whole.

The beauty of democracy is to criticize the president without fear. Governor Fayose has the right to speak out when need arises. Here in America I know how many times I have criticized Donald Trump when he’s wrong because he works for us, it’s our tax money that he is being paid with.

Mr. President can’t say Nigeria’s unity is not negotiable after all didn’t he divorce his first wife? When things are not working it’s for everyone to come together and look for a way forward. For other secessionist, what we need is for everyone to seat on a table and tell ourselves the truth and way forward. No region should be manipulating others.

[01:203, 8/25/2017] Moderator: Mr. President’s return after aver 100 days medical leave has sparked lots of discussions in the polity as can be seen above. Participants have done a great job at advancing their unbiased views to the questions presented by @ Talker Linda. She did a wonderful job with the background details, giving even a novice ample details to engage in the discuss. A big thank you to @ Talker Linda.

With the views advanced in this debate, even Talk-Am as a movement is challenged to chart a new course, and we believe this should be the resolution of our readers and Nigerians at large.

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  1. Again,a very interesting debate from talk-am,we can collectively do more than this as youths and just like the Holy Bible says,the harvest is rich but the labourers are few, so we earnestly pray that more youths will wade in to correct the wrong doings of our leaders, God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria and Talk-Am team.

  2. Congratulations to all Talk-Am team. We are indeed a pathway to a greater Nigeria. God bless our Nation.

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