Ekiti Decides 2018

Did the Ekiti people really decide, or were they decided for?

[10:48, 7/19/2018] Moderator:

Hello out there and thanks for joining us on Talk-am platform, it’s a Thursday morning our usual debate day where we discuss politics, economic, social and religious development in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large, on board today is comrade Ibaba. O. Ibaba, I welcome you all as we unite together to discuss our problems and have a solution-based debate in the course of our analysis.

#EkitiDecide2018 = The Ekiti state election has come and gone with the APC candidate Dr. John Kayode Fayemi declared as the winner by the Independent National Electoral Commission polling the total votes of 197,459 against the PDP flag bearer Prof. Kolapo Olusola Eleka with 178,114 votes, with the outcome of the results CSOs, NGOs, PDP and international monitoring team rejecting  and expressed dissatisfaction and registered their displeasure accusing the APC of misconduct, votes buying at polling center and using security agents to intimidate voters and election observers, shooting sporadically to scare people away and encourage snatching of ballot boxes by APC thugs, while some Nigerians criticizing President Muhammadu Buhari of deploying 30,000 policemen, with good number of civil defense, army for just a state election.



  1. Is this the preamble of what will happen in 2019 general elections?
  2. Free and fair election brought APC to power but they are bringing back the corruption and rigging of election former President Goodluck Jonathan brought to an end by conceding defeat without using the power of incumbency to overturn the results.


Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, attack the issue and not personality, straight and concise analysis and may the well groomed educate the rest of us.

[11:04, 7/19/2018] Frank: Hmmm! Comrade Ibaba, you are welcome on board, very worrisome and attractive topic. It is sad in Nigeria that some people have sold their souls to the devil to defend everything that is wrong, in the executive arm of government.

They are simply telling us that no need to go out and Vote! PVC has no value in my NIGERIA… Our Vote doesn’t Count! Rigging is a thing of Pride in my country! I Hate this Country, 2019 is a replica of EKITI

Please let’s cooperate with the moderator today so we can dilute this topic void of bias.

[11:13, 7/19/2018] Mazi: My people, it’s my pleasure to be part of dis forum.
Going straight to the point, in our society today, what we consider wrong is subjective. Let me refresh your mind on the purported use of force, pre – 2015 polls, soldiers swooped on River State govt. when Amechi refused to allow PDP campaign @ a state owned stadium. PDP used soldiers to prevent APC campaigners from entering Ekiti.

When Fayose decapitated the Ekiti state transport network, while a whole president was visiting, what do you call that? Who bought which vote? Which party is not guilty of vote buying? Or is it that one party priced the other out of bargaining power? Fayose laid the foundation of the inferno that consumed his stooge. After all do you remember how many votes APC scored in Fayose’s ward? Doesn’t it show you that he lost the election before voting?

Let me give you people the background to what happened to Fayose,  I’ve been involved in grassroots politics for long. There are leaders, stalwarts and opinion drivers. It does not matter whether they are active politicians or not, but they deserve their respect, returns and honourarium. They are political ward and booth leaders. They determine which way voting takes place during elections, members of the ward or booth listen to them. They are very important. Fayose ignored them and relied on street boys, who are ready to collect money even from twenty politicians without having PVC. That was the problem.

He (Fayose) has no respect even for royal fathers. This Ado Ekiti traditional ruler he went to complain to about threat to his life 3 days ago, do you know how many times he embarrassed the Oba? Fayose does not deserve our sympathy. But as for 2019 election get your PVC ready. I will discuss issues that will determine 2019 some other time. Thanks

[11:53, 7/19/2018] Henry: Good Morning Comrades and great analysis @Mazi, but in a nutshell, are you saying Foyese got what he deserved and the APC are justified?

[12:01, 7/19/2018] Chimgozie: You are on point @Mazi, to be honest with you, evil is evil, it doesn’t matter who perpetuated it. If these accusations are substantiated, then APC should be scolded accordingly. But the apprehension and skepticism started long before the polls. Even our own Ambassador who went to monitor the polls, was already having a mindset towards antagonizing APC.

The both parties we’re engaged in buying of votes, may be APC outsmart PDP,  but the both are guilty of that,  like a comrade said,  Mr Fayose lost the election before the voting began,  the imposition of his anointed candidate on the party  left some key members of the party with no option but to jump ship, federal and state legislators,  former national executives,  a former minister to mention but a few,  he did nothing or little to stop them,  believing he could sole handedly deliver the state to his party which played a huge role in the upset witnessed in the just concluded election.

His inability to pay the worker’s salaries for several months but went ahead at the Eve of the election to pay 3,000 into the account of civil servants is also shameful and embarrassing,  he relied on his stomach infrastructure so much that he failed to do the needful,

[12:04, 7/19/2018] Mazi: APC is a Nigeria party, they didn’t descend from Jupiter. The members are Nigerians. Remember, the main reason for party is to collect political power and the reason for power is to control wealth & resources.

[12:12, 7/19/2018] Chimgozie: In our last debate, I spoke like a prophet when I said that Fayose was a product of Federal might and could be ousted by federal might. However,  I stand against buying of votes,  in one of our debate sometime earlier this year,  I was of the opinion that we should as a state place a ban on the use of material things,  ranging from food items,  clothing etc. in campaigning or electioneering. In this way, the electorates will be able to take decision out of their own will and conscience.

Money is power we all know, and every man as they say has a price.  An ordinary citizen who has not eaten in the last 24hours will without hesitation jump at an offer of 4, 000 which could sustain him for two days. Stomach infrastructure is a tool used in enslaving our society by the political elites.

[12:20, 7/19/2018] Moderator: Nice and heated arguments comrades, comrade Mazi you emphatically analyzed what happened and how it ought to have been, drawing from the weakness of Mr.  Fayose as an incumbent to deliver his state to his party, but won’t it be right to call for INEC to prosecute those who perpetrated the act of vote buying weather PDP or APC to forestall future occurrence, because I read in the news where the Kogi state governor was attending to issues with men of the press after he returned to Kogi state and he stressed that his election will be more easier and simple than that of Fayemi, was he relying on votes buying and other irregularities or because he was so comfortable with his successes and his popularity in Kogi state despite being a minority in the state.

[12:24, 7/19/2018] Eze: For a people that haven’t been paid because the governor left his primary responsibility and turned to PDP spokesman criticizing the Federal Government and decided to buy votes with 3k.  Ekiti people are hungry and broke thanks to Fayose, so they were up for the highest bidder, and he was outbid in the process.

His police stunt was working until he said “come and collect money”, that’s where he lost it. No one has the monopoly of rigging, APC would have lost if Fayose and PDP did not resolve to rigging by buying votes, and we want to believe PDP will be different from who they were?

[12:33, 7/19/2018] Chimgozie: For me campaign should be solely based on ideas,  what one can offer and how he or she intend to achieve them,  all this material and financial inducements if not checked will consume us,  our politicians are no more concerned about delivering the dividends of democracy to the people,  rather,  they are more concerned about looting the state treasury dry and when it’s time to seek reelection,  they will out of the abundance they have stolen,  return peanuts to the society who are hungry,  malnourished, and get re-elected

[12:34, 7/19/2018] Mazi: Let me still emphasize what an Hon. member said earlier, Fayose’s governorship was an albatross, a moral burden and plague to the Ekiti Intelligentsia. It runs void of any ideology, school and direction.

[12:36, 7/19/2018] Moderator: The questions of hunger is not only with Ekiti people but the generality of Nigerians and it can happen anywhere, it’s a tactical power play from politicians which must be resisted with all sense of sincerity and humility from lovers of democracy, and that is why some of us are championing the arrest of politicians who left their States and fled to Ekiti to make sure my party wins. I am not sentimental but I watched the video clip of APC’s final rally in Ekiti, when minister of Labour and employment said, you should get ready with your PVCs and………. everything, so after the Saturday election the word “everything” reminded me of something but that aside, if Mr president whom we gave our mandate with a free, fair and credible election in 2015 is being sincere with the fight against corruption, he should swing into action and get to the root of this issue of vote buying to avert what will happen in 2019, aside that I perceive an election wherefore, you will be giving money and security agents will follow you to the box and  make sure you cast for who you collected money for.

[12:39, 7/19/2018] Chimgozie: Vote buying has always been in place, like in my state,  2007, 2011 and 2015, the filling party in my state uses it as a measure to out play the opposition, In the 2015 elections,  they went as far as cooking fried rice and chicken,  once you vote,  they gives you a plate of food and drink,  and to some,  a thousand naira

[12:41, 7/19/2018] Moderator: I think in my state it has been a different ball game but not openly buying votes at polling units, but what played in the past was more of ballot box snatching, not Jets flying in with billions of naira

[12:43, 7/19/2018] Chimgozie: If we must get it right when it comes to voting,  a law will have be enacted,  automatically disqualifying any party found guilty of financial inducements during or after the election. For me, this is the height of corruption and if Mr. President is actually committed to fighting corruption, he should not let them get away with this evil not minding whose ox is gored.

[12:45, 7/19/2018] Moderator: Well-articulated fellow compatriots, but the deployment of 30,000 mobile police men, other sister security agents in thousands, was that worth it for just a state election?  Wherefore we had States battling with herdsmen and other security challenges but such deployment was not done, are we being sincere or we are just dancing AZONTO and playing to protect the interest of our political party

[12:49, 7/19/2018] Tony: I greet everyone. Surprised @Eze hasn’t said much. Anyway interesting debate I’m watching and reading. Meanwhile rigging is bad in all ramifications, Ekiti result I doubt it is the will of the people even the result INEC provided doesn’t add up and why did INEC remove the result from their website?

[12:49, 7/19/2018] Chimgozie: I won’t blame the federal government on that,  the hype behind ekiti election alone is enough to take such precautionary measures,  and Mr. Fayose with his comments,  instigating the masses against APC and FG,  one would expect that unimaginable could happen,  I think it’s just a security measure to forestall violence and blood bath. As the two major parties who are so desperate to clinch on to power in Ekiti state.

[12:52, 7/19/2018] Moderator: That is the primary aim of a political party to seize power

[13:03, 7/19/2018] Chimgozie: But they were ready to maim and destroy whatever stands on their way, politics shouldn’t be a do or die affair.

[13:05, 7/19/2018] Tony: Well I think because of the amount of money they make, has turned it to become a do or die affair.

[13:09, 7/19/2018] Eze: If Fayose hadn’t been stopped from announcing fake result and chaos broke out In Ekiti, who for maintain law and order?  To show you how callous Fayose is, he  was going about making  the election look like he was the one contesting.

[13:35, 7/19/2018] Tony: Lol

[13:35, 7/19/2018] Eze: Thirdly you can’t buy the votes of people you’ve positively affected their lives, no matter how much you offer.

[13:37, 7/19/2018] Tony: True

[13:37, 7/19/2018] Eze: If he had left Buhari alone and focused on developing Ekiti with innovative ways, even if na to improve on cocoa farming and even establishing local chocolate factories in Ekiti. I have said it here in this forum before that the state governors not the presidency is Nigeria’s problem.

The power to properly negotiate and make deals with FG will go a long way to help the nation grow, they don’t know where to draw the line between politics and governance. There is meant to be synergy not detachment.  We are first humans before religion, ethnicity, political affiliations and skin tone. Even amongst the state governors, they can’t collaborate within themselves. For either economic or social or security purposes, instead its PDP and APC fight.

Lagos and kebbi came together to produce lake rice using their strength to help each-other’s weakness, why can’t other states partner and explore each other’s resources,  why must we wait for foreigners?

[13:42, 7/19/2018] Tony: True but so many don’t understand that.

[14:15, 7/19/2018] Eze: A government that can’t plan on developing his state is busy criticizing the Federal Government on bad governance. We usually talk about networking in Business, why can’t Governors network and exploit each other’s resources and see how their states can mutually benefit?

This stupidity of herdsmen and farmers how much will it take a state governor to establish a ranch that produces and processes beef into sausage and other meat byproducts and also produces milk yoghurt cheese butter etc. If there’s a pilot scheme in states, trust me nobody will move cattle on the road because the viability of the herdsmen business will not get patronage.

[14:31, 7/19/2018] Tony: Good point

[14:47, 7/19/2018] Henry: Mr. Eze, I have read your submissions with intrigue, severally you have portrayed yourself as a progressive minded individual which is the sort of mindset all Nigerians must have if we are to make any progress from the current conundrum we find ourselves. However, some of your narratives which tend to align with that of @Mazi are worrisome to me. You seem to be projecting a very beautiful conclusion from a faulty premise. When you say “Fayose was outbid” does it justify the APC? All of the wrong things you have faulted Fayose for (and believe me I am not sentimental towards him), do those faults of his give credence to the actions of the ruling party?

There seems to be a retrogressive value which pro APC analyst attach to their analysis when talking in defense of the APC. They seem to be constantly looking backwards, so much so that the phrase “the past 16 years” has become a recurring pitch for them. And I am curious how we plan to move ahead looking back. Fayose started the money politics in Ekiti, well while that might be a fact, does it justify the conclusion of the matter?

This position has always left me speechless, and I am wondering if this formulae can give birth to the collaborations you are advancing (which are fantastic if you ask me), but is this formulae not the albatross keeping the country from attaining her developmental goals?

[14:54, 7/19/2018] Eze: How can someone impoverish people for political gains and pay them to vote, that means it’s a pattern of winning election in Ekiti. We know how obvious it was when Fayose won in 2015, and won even to the Supreme Court.  A precedent was set even with all the evidence present the Supreme Court didn’t void the election.

I don’t encourage vote buying, but like they say politics is a game and the play of the game in Nigeria is, starve them and buy them over during election.  And in my earlier submission don’t cheat and expect the other person to stand and watch. But I will say this as my conclusion the Court should strike out the PDP and APC and give it to the runner up candidate 🤷🏽‍♂

[15:12, 7/19/2018] Henry: 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

[15:14, 7/19/2018] Eze: Because both parties have no case and if they have defaulted in an electoral law, then the court should do the reasonable thing and give it to the clean candidate even if he pulled 5 votes and no electoral fraud, that way others will be careful

[15:20, 7/19/2018] Moderator: Who is the court?  Who controls the court?  Is the court independent? These are some of the questions, in Nigerian context you don’t expect judiciary under APC led federal government to give victory to PDP in Ekiti state, just like what played out when Fayose won in 2015. Or maybe recolonization should be considered as the option.

[15:29, 7/19/2018] Eze: It’s a judicial morality not weather PDP or APC controlled, and to be frank the judiciary has given a lot of judgments against this present administration.

[16:39, 7/19/2018] VikkyFourbian: Good day all, there is no difference between the left ear and the right ear. They perform the same functions even though they are located on two different sides of the same face. APC and PDP are pregnant and at the same time nursing mothers, with few corrupt minds who only consider their stomach. Mothers who promise and always don’t fulfill, with stories of good life which developed nations no longer considered as national issues. Until Nigeria understand all what politic is about we cannot grow, to crown it, am not interest in what PDP did for 16years to remain in power or what APC is doing to remain relevant in the political space.

We need an established political institution for our public office holder with rigorous training on leadership and many more at all levels, apart from political parties and INEC before allowing then run any office.  If we want to keep examining the behaviour and character exhibited by these parties, we would keep talking till God knows when.

All my prayers for Nigeria is that God should give us leaders in time to come, with vision and deep understand of the country.

[20:03, 7/19/2018] Frank: No, I think they should be left to face their foolishness because no one eat the evil fruit and fail to accept the consequences, because the Ekiti people accepted the fruits from APC in exchange of their birthright. I wish them the best in their four years sojourn in the land of the evil and that justify their subjective JUDGEMENT.

We the Kaduna people have tasted it and are still languishing in it, till we are able to bail ourselves out next year’ otherwise, Don’t forget that we brought it upon ourselves because I was witness to the system that voted my governor into power and that is why our cry for his bad governance today is upon us not anyone else. We accepted our responsibility for such an ill decision, but the joy of it is that we have served the better chunk of our years in the land of Golgotha.

Ekiti people you are welcome to the land of Golgotha!!

I also disagreed with some of our summations here, despite his arrogance and inability to pay salaries which the Federal Government deliberately refused to bail him out like other APC states by, the people of Ekiti still love PDP and FAYOSE because this is a collective move to sustain the party even though, 2019 planned to be different from this election.

Some analysis here does not reflect the minds of the people of Ekiti that cast their votes but to the bias of pro APC elements. I made my research and I am able to come up with this analysis and I ask myself when will this federal might syndrome stop and GOODLUCK JOHNATHAN’s style of conceding defeat be honoured?

Check this it may influence our analysis here👇

Number of accredited voters in Ekiti 316,019

Number of PDP votes 178,114

Number of APC votes 197,459

178114+197459=375573. Subtract accredited 316,019 accredited voters and you have over 59554

Votes for other political parties is 19,345 , add it to 59554= 78899. So INEC conducted election in Ekiti that had number of votes cast to be above the number of accredited votes with 78,899.

Note that you have some areas that are inconclusive, so if you are to add that one, you should have over hundred thousand unaccredited voters.

Now, the world has seen how APC is fighting corruption in Nigeria. I pity Nigerians and our future.

We need to help ourselves from this desperate politicians like YAHAYA BELLO of KOGI who loves giving BUHARI a bad reputation, international community should do something else Nigeria might go into extinction.

It’s a pity!

[21:34, 7/19/2018] Moderator: Mr. Frank, to a very large extent I dear the authenticity of this your report of accredited voters coming below results announced, and I tagged it “social media rumour” the ekiti election was monitored by both international observers, CSOs and NGOs, the PDP crying foul you think they have not seen this, with such a clear evidence without hesitation they would have been in court now, to be candid this statistics is factually incorrect and should be disregarded with all sense of sincerity.