The senate floor during the reading of the Election Sequence Reordering bill

Election Sequence Reordering, an argument of necessity.

[10:47, 4/5/2018] Moderator: Hello good morning and welcome back from the long break that we were forcefully sent to by saboteurs who came to kill and destroy the collective efforts of this platform, but as God will always have it, despite the evil and satanic manipulations of the devil we were able to flush them out of here.  So therefore I assure you of a comprehensive discussion without interruption and may all our collective efforts and inputs secure us the greener pasture.


As activities begin to unfold build up to 2019 general elections, lots are happening within the political arena with the most pressing one being the amendment of the electoral sequence, rescheduling the former released by the independent national electoral commission and bringing first the elections of the National assembly, State governors, State Houses of Assemblies and the Presidential election coming last, with some APC senators saying that the reordering is targeted at President Muhammadu Buhari and with the president himself withholding his assent. The Looters list released by the Federal Government, Gen. TY Danjuma’s (rtd) call for self-defense and a lot more happening as the election year draws closer.


  1. Should the National assembly override the president and have their way or should we maintain the status quo?
  1. Has it gotten to a level where Nigerians will take up arms and defend themselves?


Above and more are national questions begging for answers, all existing protocols duly observed and may the best of us school the rest. Good morning.

[11:57, 4/5/2018] Henry: Good morning Mr. Moderator, and fellow Comrades. All of these issues have their curses and blessings and like every other political issue, can only be analyzed from a standpoint of interest.

On the election override, it’s somewhat hard determining the true intent of the policy makers. On the one hand, it seems glaring that they are trying to secure their avaricious thrones, seeing that the relationship between them and the Executive has been far from cordial. On the other hand, it could also be argued that they are finally stepping up to their responsibility as “watchdogs of the Executive“. It’s no news that in Nigeria we sadly play politics of non-inclusion, one where the winner must have it all and use the first tenure to by all means possible, incapacitate the opposition.

Remember what happened in 2015? After APC was declared winner of the Presidential election automatically, several other States fell to APC, even the party power balance in the National Assembly changed in favour of the APC.

[12:39, 4/5/2018] Eze: The national assembly is full if selfish individuals, we have serious bills that need passing like the PIB and the budget that will help Nigerians, they are busy passing election reordering personally the president did a good job of withholding assent.

As for taking up arms I would say Danjuma overreached and if each and everyone take up arms do you know the chaos we are set for?

[12:41, 4/5/2018] Moderator: I quite agree with you @Henry, when you mentioned standpoint of interest, but it may also interest you to know that some of the governors who failed to redeem their campaign promises saw this arrangement as a threat to them and President Buhari, we also heard that most of them have been going round lobbying the National assembly members in other not to override Mr. President, because they feel that if this reordering is allowed to see the light of the day, most of them may not be re-elected come 2019.

[12:41, 4/5/2018] Henry: Hello Mr. Eze, you know it can also be concluded that Mr. President withheld his accent to the bill for selfish reason? Yes Mr. Moderator, I can understand the logic behind their fears, but I think elections should be contested on the basis of competence which overtime translates into popularity. Prebendal centered politics killed our democracy before it even started.

[12:46, 4/5/2018] Eze: The reordering is not Nigeria’s problem at present we have bigger problems facing us than election order. We have serious security matters begging for our collective attention. We have economic issues facing us and these bunch of rogues who I will add are bleeding Nigeria dry with their 13.5 million bonanza, think election reordering is our problem. Seriously the President’s selfish act of not signing that rubbish is great.

[12:49, 4/5/2018] Henry: 😄 Very true, problems which have mounted up as a result of years of poor governance which has had politics at its nucleus. I quite agree with you Mr. Eze, and as you always intelligently put it, “we are sitting on a keg of gun powder“, these problems do abound and would continually abound. To an extent our problems seem to be lingering because the different apparatuses of government allow them with the intention of using it as leverage at times of despair.

That we have all these problems does not reduce the capacity of the policy makers from doing the right thing. From where I stand, if we must fix our numerous problems, we must sanitize our political system, and this is a step in the right direction.

[12:55, 4/5/2018] Moderator: Election is not our problem?? Well election must come and is a necessity going by our social contract theory, so irrespective of economy and insecurity, we must have elections. And I always laugh when people talk about the #13.5million bonanza, but can that of the Governors and the President with his vice also be revealed to us?

[12:56, 4/5/2018] Eze: They are willing to push that crap but will oppose the $1b for security. Election reordering is not our problem.

[12:59, 4/5/2018] Henry: No it isn’t our problem, but political patronage, finding a safe haven in the ruling party is surely a monster that must be destroyed.

[13:00, 4/5/2018] Moderator: What then is our problem, the 13.5m bonanza? What is wrong having the presidential election last?

[13:01, 4/5/2018] Henry: That’s a question I will very much love to be answered.

[13:02, 4/5/2018] Eze: What is wrong having it first?

[13:03, 4/5/2018] Henry: @Eze, I can tell you one thing that is wrong with having the Presidential elections first. Success has become over glamorized and everyone, even the most corrupt wants to be identified with it. It’s like our parents right from when we were born seeing the future and knowing which of their kids will become prominent and successfully, do you think a dime will be spent on some folks?

[13:03, 4/5/2018] Moderator: If you feel you have credibly performed well, I think you should be ever prepared and have that self confidence that even if Councilor and Local government’s chairmanship election comes first, you will be victorious. It has been so in the pass and the National Assembly is empowered by the Constitution to make laws

[13:04, 4/5/2018] Eze: Not stupid laws, common sense will tell you that, Nigeria in which ever sequence they vote isn’t the issue where we have other pressing issues. When your priorities are skewed then you’re headed for destruction.

[13:05, 4/5/2018] Tony: Don’t you think $1b is way too much @Eze, are we going for external war?

[13:06, 4/5/2018] Eze:  Military hardware doesn’t come cheap, except na spears and catapult you want buy.

[13:07, 4/5/2018] Tony: Hahaha

[13:08, 4/5/2018] Eze: And it covers all our security apparatus, police army navy civil defence customs boys scout girls guide etc. not forgetting Peace Corp which is another idiotic move by the legislature

[13:09, 4/5/2018] Moderator: @Tony, that is a lump sum of money, we don’t have external war to fight, and even the dreaded Boko Haram members there are plans to grant them amnesty so why do we need such for arms procurement alone?

[13:09, 4/5/2018] Tony: I hope it covers all and they will use the money for what it’s meant for and not pocketing it.s

[13:09, 4/5/2018] Henry: I bet you my brother that money can be appropriated for spears and catapult shelled in military hardware.

[13:10, 4/5/2018] Moderator: 😁😁😁

[13:11, 4/5/2018] Eze: I know countries at peace that have spent more on security, Poland just made one of their biggest military purchases, are they at war?

Let the senators pass bills that have both economical security and developmental impact, not election reordering.

[13:12, 4/5/2018] Henry: Of course its common knowledge that the best time to prepare for war is at peace time. I also think that Armament is an imperative move for every Nation on the planet now, because Trump’s protectionist policy has robbed the UN of the little legitimacy they had left.

A bill with economical, security conscious and developmental pursuit, sounds more like a highly political bill just like the elections reordering bill.🙂 Believe me, the day we get it right with our elections, lots of things will change.

[14:14, 4/5/2018] Moderator: Well done comrades, the other side of the question has been exhaustively analyzed, the most critical one that has to do with lives and prosperity which is partly the primary purpose of any sitting government, “have we come to a level where we can defend ourselves?

[14:32, 4/5/2018] Henry: This has once been a topic on this platform, and there seemed to be a near unanimous vote against citizens picking up arms to defend themselves. But in the light of recent and persistent killings of citizens without any mapped-out action plan to deter these killers, I wonder if that stance against self-defense is still tenable.

[14:34, 4/5/2018] Fourbian: In my own view, National Assembly is an institution assumed to be representatives of the people, because they are assumed to be expressing Nigerian’s opinion as regard to election sequence, if  Mr. President see’s the bill as targeted at his office, it’s his opinion not Nigerians. If the National Assembly can secure 2/3 majority, let it become law.

[14:40, 4/5/2018] Henry: 👍🏼 there comes a time in a country’s existence when they must stand up and take certain decisions if they must survive. The civil war was endogenously caused, but Boko Haram and herdsmen from my perspective are external aggressors and if there is ever the possibility for Nigeria to conscript her citizens in an event of a war, then citizens should be allowed to defend themselves in this warfare as well.

[14:59, 4/5/2018] Eze: Question is @Fourbian, representatives of which people and if they represent the people as you have said aren’t there other issues that are more pressing to the people? eg security of lives and economic agendas that they can press the executive to implement? as Nigerians is election sequence our most pressing need?

Why must it b them first, why didn’t they start with LGA elections or counsellor it just shows you how self-centered they are and what’s even wrong about the old system? Moreover this new move isn’t cost effective either. National Assembly is an institution of clueless selfish people.

If u take time and follow what they deliberate on in those chambers, you will fall sick.

[15:11, 4/5/2018] Henry: Your point about them placing their first raises more suspicions, on that line of reasoning, they are wanting.

[15:13, 4/5/2018] Eze: @Henry, What we have with Boko Haram and the Herdsmen is asymmetric warfare, It’s a very difficult war to fight because its hit and run tactics that’s been used and who you’re fighting tend to hit mostly soft targets. Moreso, they are mobile.

Having a quick response armed unit with a real surveillance can help in a big way, hence the need for more fast attack helicopters like the cobra can help hunt and track these bandits. Also satellite imagery from countries well advanced can help to track troubled pots aid the military to pursue these insurgents to their hiding places, instead of arming everyone

[15:20, 4/5/2018] Henry: These are good ideas and have been advanced from time immemorial, yet people are still dyeing by the day. How many would be sacrificed for these plans to be implemented? Imagine how those who have lost and keep losing loved ones; imagine what their opinion will be on this matter.

[15:20, 4/5/2018] Eze: If our military can be funded adequately especially in equipment and technology, we can defeat insurgency easier. But it costs shit load of money.

[15:58, 4/5/2018] Henry: What then happens while we wait for the military to be adequately funded? People to keep losing their loved ones?

[16:36, 4/5/2018] Eze: See where the national assembly comes in for those that say it’s their right to shift election sequence, these are acts they can fast track and supervise the purchase of these hardware and funding and hold the feet of the security chiefs in fire so they deliver sound and adequate security,  and if this had been done a long time ago instead of reordering election or peace corps bill or asking the CG customs to appear in uniform, this menace would have not gotten this far. Instead they blame the executives.

[17:14, 4/5/2018] Henry: Like I said earlier our problems linger because each side wants leverage at times of despair. Let the Executive just accent to this reorder bill. They can even advance their conditions like the LGA being first, followed by the State, NASS and then Presidential. Once they have accented to it, then let them call all Nigerians to crucify the policy makers.

[17:25, 4/5/2018] Moderator: National Assembly comes in where @Eze, when the President himself is power drunk, the IGP, Minister of Defense, the Controller General of Custom and other Security Chiefs seems to be answerable to the President alone. The CG custom refused to wear uniform, nothing happened thereafter, the IGP brought a one sided security report to the National Assembly and  there was a call by the same National Assembly for his sack nothing happened thereafter, calling an elected Governor “a drowning man” and went scout free, when the president himself went to Benue State and admitted that the same IGP did not carry out his orders and nothing happened thereafter. A constitutionally empowered State House of Assembly made laws and for the police boss and defense minister to help implement the laws for the peaceful coexistence of everyone they were busy taking sides in Abuja, and even when the military operations were sent in the troubled areas they were busy shedding the bandits and killings are still on going, and all you do is blame the National Assembly because of their 13.5m bonanza, while not review to us the salaries of the so called executives and the amount used for Mr. President’s health if you want to be fair and transparent to Nigerians?

[17:27, 4/5/2018] Eze: So is the solution to sign an election reorder into law and all these will go away?

[17:28, 4/5/2018] Moderator: Let’s tell ourselves the truth, Nigerian military is one of the highest paid and highly equipped with sophisticated and assorted weapons in Africa, so if they failed to meet up with our expectations, people should bear the consequences for such actions. Why are they afraid?

[17:29, 4/5/2018] Eze: What statistics prove that?

[17:29, 4/5/2018] Moderator: Google helps

[17:29, 4/5/2018] Henry: 🙂🙂🙂

[17:29, 4/5/2018] Eze: Because prior to now, our military hardware were obsolete

[17:30, 4/5/2018] Henry: I told you that our problems are meant to be used as leverage at times of despair.

[17:32, 4/5/2018] Moderator: Were you not in this country when we were told that the Nigerian police is one of the poorest in the world, and there was a counter statement by the Police PRO to disapprove that report and disabuse our minds with lies that they are the best in Africa?

[17:32, 4/5/2018] Eze: @Moderator, your argument is out of context, question is the bill of election reorder the right thing or not. Military or police talk is not the context. My argument is that, this bill ain’t what we need now at these trying times.

[17:34, 4/5/2018] Moderator: It is out of contest because it is not associated with your position; we have two questions there, self-defense and the electoral reordering.

[17:35, 4/5/2018] Eze: Ohk so you support individuals taking up arms?

[17:36, 4/5/2018] Moderator: If the government fails to protect you, then you defend yourself

[17:36, 4/5/2018] Eze: Simple, point noted

[18:11, 4/5/2018] Chimgoziem: It is indeed necessary and if Mr. President is or wants to be transparent, he should sign it, there could only be one reason why his loyalists are kicking against it, which is the extra advantage it grants them in their respective elections after Mr. President must have been declared winner.  It puts the entire state into their pocket and gives them the room to manipulate the outcome of their various elections with the influence of the incumbent President, it is a right call and move for a better transparent election in Nigeria.

[18:17, 4/5/2018] Fourbian: When a State is failing to protect or defend her citizens or does not have the capacity to protect her citizens, what do you expect? When our security operatives are only attached to the haves in the society/VIPs, a State without equality or supremacy of law..

My brother/sister you can wait for Nigerian Government but I will not. If I am in a situation which requires urgent action, I will not wait for Nigerian security operatives before taking action, wait for a State that cannot account for her citizens talk less of foreigners.

[18:30, 4/5/2018] Chimgoziem: Self-defense is the use of force to defend one’s life, property or loved ones from real or threatened attack, according to the Black law dictionary. The question should be to what extent should the citizens defend themselves? The state alone cannot defend its citizens, especially in a State like ours where the majority of the police are deployed to protect the bourgeoisie leaving the have-nots exposed and at the mercy of hoodlums.  I as an individual have always and will always protect with my life, myself, property and loved ones with everything I have because the State is not concerned about the life or security of the ordinary Nigerians.

I doubt if anyone among us will fold his arms and amid life threatening situations against you or your loved ones, definitely you will defend them.  We are helpless without waiting for the intervention of the security agencies which can no longer be trusted, who have compromised national interest for what is best known to them.

Just last year we saw a python dance in the South East and instantly peace was restored,  we saw the power and the might of the Nigerian army, the IPOB declared a terrorist group and it restored peace in a State being ravaged by agitation,  but on the matter of herdsmen,  the government have taken no or very little force to ending their evil menace for reasons best known to them,  so we must defend ourselves.

I cannot die like a coward, surely I will give a fight.

[19:09, 4/5/2018] Henry: That’s why it’s said that “Survival” is man’s first disposition.

[00:26, 4/6/2018] Frank: We must stop merely complaining about the hardship, insecurity, injustice, inequity, bad leadership, infrastructural decay/deficit, cluelessness, unemployment, poverty, stealing/corruption, high handedness, dictatorship, draconian policies and many other vices plaguing our dear state while we sit and fold our hands and do nothing, we must rise up and do something to make our voices heard.

We must stand and be counted as reformers/crusaders for peace and security, social injustice, fairness and equity, good governance/all- inclusive people orientated government. We hold the power to turn things around for better for our dear State, it begins with you and me.

Lastly, people protect your vicinity if the morality of the present government (security) is not there to safeguard your lives and property please.


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