Employment and productivity in Nigeria

Employment and Productivity in Nigeria – Moderator’s Thought

27/10/2017 09:22:58: Moderator: Whoa, I’ll like to use this opportunity to thank our able admin and all that participated in yesterday’s debate centred on Employment and productivity in Nigeria

Some of us are of the opinion that personal development and motivation is key to societal growth, wrapping it up, Everyone has great potential, but until opportunity is created, those potentials can never be actualized.
In attaining high level of productivity and employment, Governments policies must be seen to be flexible and workable.

Government’s policies must be centred on my list below:

1. Increased government and private sector investment on infrastructure e.g. improve telecommunications  and transportation.

2. Tax and welfare reforms to improve work incentives and increase the incomes from people working more productively.

3. Improving the quality and affordability of education and training will increase its effectiveness at raising productivity – for example an expanded programme of apprenticeship schemes, better management quality.

4. Improve access to and quality of health care to reduce sickness and absence which should increase output per worker.

5. Deregulation of markets to encourage stronger competition leading to greater efficiency e.g. increased competition in financial services, retailing.

6. Measures to boost business start-ups and research and innovation which could all lead to higher productivity in the long run

7. Government measures to increase bank lending to further increase investment and productivity.

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