Insecurity: When cows became more valued than human live

Insecurity of The Cow Age: Restricting humans for the Liberty of cows.

[09:47, 1/11/2018] Moderator: Hello good morning and a beautiful second Thursday of the bountiful year 2018, and once again happy New Year. Welcome back from the long break and for those who lost loved ones in the course of the killings going on in the country, may their souls rest in peace, we are back on the platform to discuss pressing issues in our beloved country Nigeria and my name is Ibaba O. Ibaba and I’m happy to anchor the first debate of the year.


Considering the trends of insecurity events in the country, the killings in Benue, Taraba, Rivers, Adamawa, Nasarawa, and Kaduna States, alleged to be herdsmen vis -a-vis the government’s lackadaisical approach to the issues, examining the issue critically you will quite agree with me that even in the Northern States, the attacks are carried out in Christian communities, like Benue state is 99%christian, Southern Kaduna dominated by Christians, Southern Adamawa dominated by Christians, Awe and Keana local governments in Nasarawa State dominated by Christians.


What is your stake on the Christian association of Nigeria’s assertion of the present government’s effort to Islamize Nigeria?

What do you think the government can do to arrest the situation and for normalcy to return in the aforementioned States?


No foul comments and please respect other people’s opinion, be brief in your submissions, and may the well-educated school us.

[09:49, 1/11/2018] Serah: Good morning to you, Mr. Moderator

[10:37, 1/11/2018] Eghosa: All security agencies are controlled at the center. As long as this issue is not an agenda of the center, we won’t make any headway.

Case study – IPOB

This is a systematic ethnic cleansing, so the Federal government isn’t interested, so far the cows are safe. It beats my imagination that the President himself last year wore a military camouflage to fight cattle rustling and military arsenals were dispatched to arrest the situation.  What a sorry condition😶

Until the Federal government wakes up to its responsibilities.  I’ll encourage the people to pick up arms to defend themselves.

[10:44, 1/11/2018] Moderator: Good morning @Serah and @Eghosa. The governor of Benue State said that he know those killing them and their leaders are in Abuja, so judging by what he said, the government at the center is in the know of what is happening in Benue state, so can they fight these people who are with sophisticated weapons and are perceived to be in connection with the government at the center? And so many people are alleging that Mr. President’s body language shows that he care not about what is happening and cows are more valued than human lives.

[10:51, 1/11/2018] Eze: I feel the people causing this mayhem in communities in Benue are not really herdsmen but bandits and cattle rustlers that cause these destructions and since some of them drove cattle they steal they are termed herdsmen.  It’s a group of miscreants disguising under herdsmen.
Now open grazing has been banned let’s see if the attacks continue.

[10:54, 1/11/2018] Moderator: @Eze morning and welcome, I strongly believe that they are herdsmen and they came out openly to say that they did it and none of them have been arrested.

[10:54, 1/11/2018] Eze: Who came out and when? Moreover the topic today has some religious coloration to it, people are dying both Muslims and Christians from this senseless killings going on. We can’t decipher who the dead are and what tribe or religion they come from?

[10:57, 1/11/2018] Moderator: Good, one Mr. Garus Gololo, the secretary of the Miyetti Allah said the attacks were carried out in resistance of the Anti-Open grazing law in the State.

[10:57, 1/11/2018] Eze: If you must know, there is a radical Miyetti Allah off shoot, that it has been discovered by the original Miyetti Allah body, if anyone watched channels yesterday or so.

[10:59, 1/11/2018] Moderator: And before the attacks in Benue State, the Anti-Open grazing law, immediately after its implementation the leadership of that group came to Abuja here and issued a threat to the government and people of Benue State, that they will do everything to resist this law, and it happened.

The national secretary of that group was on channels television this morning and he said they are not comfortable with that law in Benue State and he repeated the same thing that they cannot go with that law, so will you come to my house and tell me how to sit or eat in my own house?

[11:01, 1/11/2018] Eze: Well I am glad open-cattle grazing has been banned, it’s a bad and outdated form of animal husbandry. State governments now have the right to protect their citizens and encourage ranch establishment which is a better way

[11:01, 1/11/2018] Moderator: It has been banned constitutional or by proclamation?

[11:02, 1/11/2018] Eze: It’s left for the States to pass the laws how best it suits them, that’s what the State assemblies are for. If all States do the needful like Ekiti and Benue States have done, I think the breeders will get the message.

[11:06, 1/11/2018] Moderator: The federal government should stop coming up with chameleon style and take the bull by its horns, if you really want to prohibit open grazing let it go through the National Assembly please.

[11:07, 1/11/2018] Eze: So what will the States be doing? You see why I say our problem isn’t the Federal Government? Why must we wait for Federal Government to agree before something is done?

Ekiti did it. Benue did it, if more States followed suit the Federal Government won’t have an option. We rely too much on Federal Government that’s why States aren’t developing.

[11:09, 1/11/2018] Moderator: The law is in Benue with its full implementation but why the killings, you see it’s high time this government stopped playing politics with human lives, how will a group of people say they are not comfortable with a law made by the representatives of the people with the Executive Governor’s assent and then start killing innocent citizens and the government at the center will be busy playing politics and blame games.

[11:11, 1/11/2018] Eze: If you must know, the law has done the needful, stopped open grazing.

[11:11, 1/11/2018] Moderator: My brother did you listen to Femi Adesina? Is that the solution? Why are we like this in Nigeria, just to please your pay master you can’t even say the truth because your job will be at stake?

[11:11, 1/11/2018] Eze: The killing is a different ball game entirely

[11:12, 1/11/2018] Moderator: Why are you saying it’s a different ball game when the people in question said it is because of the law?

[11:12, 1/11/2018] Eze: In the sense that criminals decided because the law didn’t suit their business, but the law won’t be changed its still in full effect.

[11:12, 1/11/2018] Moderator: Can you tell us what you know about the killings?

[11:13, 1/11/2018] Eze: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 like I am a part of the killers.

[11:13, 1/11/2018] Moderator: My brother, the herdsmen are responsible for this and about six or seven of them were arrested and paraded by the state command, so why are you saying they are not? If herdsmen say they killed and you say no they didn’t, it means you have some information.

[11:14, 1/11/2018] Eze: Yes I know herdsmen are responsible, the logic is, is the law being implemented??? Do you have open grazing again in Benue?

[11:15, 1/11/2018] Moderator: The law is fully implemented sir.

[11:15, 1/11/2018] Eze: Simple

[11:16, 1/11/2018] Moderator: In resistance of the law, they are killing people

[11:16, 1/11/2018] Eze: Those killings are caused by idiots who oppose the law, because the law is in full force. Now look at the bigger picture if other states implement it, two things happen.

First you won’t have people’s farms destroyed and you control how these people migrate because it also affected us in the South. Reduce their movements and it reduces the loss of lives and property.

[11:17, 1/11/2018] Moderator: I believe if you are not comfortable with any law you approach the court and challenge it not by taking laws into your hands. The States alone can’t achieve that without support at the center.

[11:19, 1/11/2018] Eze: All States can implement anti grazing law, they don’t need the center.

[11:20, 1/11/2018] Moderator: Why is the Federal government refusing to abide by that and instead opting for cattle colonies? What is cattle colonies?

[11:20, 1/11/2018] Eze: We give the Federal Government too much credit and power they don’t have. The colonies was a suggestion, its left for the States to agree or not, simple.

[11:20, 1/11/2018] Moderator: yes we give the Feds the credit because they own the security and everything and its primary purpose is to protect lives and properties. Why would the Feds suggest that, isn’t that evil and to tell the world that they have a hidden agenda?

[11:20, 1/11/2018] Eze: They own security but States can raise local vigilantes

[11:21, 1/11/2018] Scott: Good morning comrades, it is a pleasure joining this debate today. The Christian Association of Nigeria has not done anything concerning the Islamizing of Nigeria, they are only praying for it not to happen.  Meanwhile, the Islamic Association is using all they got to pursue their objective.

The no 2 question, many people, NGO’s, cooperate bodies etc have and are still suggesting ways to the Feds to Arrest the problem.  But our government doesn’t listen or does not seek advice from no one, rather they do what they think is right, which is not usually right most of the times

[11:22, 1/11/2018] Moderator: Welcome Scott

[11:22, 1/11/2018] Eze: 🤣🤣🤣🤣

[11:23, 1/11/2018] Moderator: Are you aware that some members of the CJTF (Civilian Joint task Force) have been arrested in Rufu, a boundary between Taraba and Benue States.

[11:23, 1/11/2018] Eze: Like I said States should rise to the occasion and do the needful, it’s not to only sit and wait for Federal Government. I’ve said this and I will keep saying it, our Governors are our problems, because they lack initiatives on both economy and every other thing

If The Fed isn’t doing what you want, find a way of coming up with ideas and initiatives to run your small economy. All we do is talk about the wahala, Kudos to Ekiti and Benue that took decisive actions. If other governors follow suit this madness go stop.

All they do in their useless governors forum is to shear Paris club fund


[11:29, 1/11/2018] Scott: I don’t think those people killing are herdsmen, they are soldiers. The way they operate, their targets, their weapons etc is something for us all to investigate.

[11:31, 1/11/2018] Eze: No they ain’t, proliferation of arms in Nigeria is terribly high, what the militants and criminals carry is sophisticated.

[11:32, 1/11/2018] Moderator: Which soldiers, from where and how?

[11:33, 1/11/2018] Eze: What we also lack is intelligence gathering, I am sorry to say, Nigerians are reactive not proactive.  There’s nothing wrong with getting committed Benue people to act like they rear cattle and infiltrate the camps of these herdsmen, so as to pass information to the adequate authorities and prevent some of these mayhems, because when this destruction happen no perpetrators stay on the crime scene. They hide their weapons take a bath go back to their cattle and drink fresh milk like nothing happened.

What can the police do, arrest any Fulani herdsman they see?

[11:40, 1/11/2018] Scott: Good question, since I was born, until now, I have never see a herdsmen with guns, but bow and arrow. Even if they want to use guns must it be Ak47? Are we fighting a war? Ak47 is for war.  Our police don’t have such weapons.  Do you know how much one Ak47 cost? The amount of one gun can buy 10 to 15 cattle.  So tell me what they are defending? To me there is a hidden Agenda concerning this herdsman issue.

[11:43, 1/11/2018] Eze: Another logic to it is, there are also cattle rustlers who kill and steal cattle and drive these cattles through peoples’ farms to avoid being spotted. Thereby destroying lives and properties of anyone that gets in their way causing mayhem, and since they move with the stolen cattle they are termed herdsmen.

[11:44, 1/11/2018] Scott: I stand with what @Eghosa said, we should defend ourselves when necessary, because this government is not doing anything concerning this issue.

[12:01, 1/11/2018] Eghosa: Enacting a law to stop open grazing by State governors is a mirage, because they don’t have the security wherewithal to enforce their laws. So the onions still falls on the Federal Government.

Moderator: Gentlemen, the solution is to arrest the leaders who issued this threat and executed it.  Before the attack, the governor (Benue State) told Buhari about the threat, is on record my brother so the federal government should arrest them. If we say they are soldiers, they will slaughter two mobile police men?  Why are we hiding from the truth?

Like I said before, the question has religious coloration, why is the most of the killings happening in Christian communities?

[12:16, 1/11/2018] Ikechukwu: Good morning Mr. Moderator and members, I welcome you into 2018 the year envisaged as prosperous year, my take in this is that the Federal government is deriving pleasure in the killings, judging from their body language, how can all these calamities happen in the country, yet those at the helm of governance are still looking for solutions or even not doing anything at all to bring normalcy into the country, government have a lot to do so that peace can return.

If they, government can’t figure out a lasting solution to this chaos they leave the masses with no alternative than to defend themselves with any means which will further bring the nation into Anarchy

[12:23, 1/11/2018] Moderator: And if the masses go into self-defense it will lead to anarchy which will not be so good, I want to disagree with those playing politics with this, rebranding  them as cattle rustlers, stealing cows from where and to where? You see we should be conscious of what to say when it’s affecting other people, if the leadership of the Fulani came on air and said we have done this in respect to this then why are we shielding the truth, Buhari who is their grand patron should be bold enough to proscribe the activities of this people.

It took him not too long to declare armless IPOB (Indigenous People Of Biafra) a terrorist group and sending operation python dance to arrest their activities so why is this case different?

The world terrorism index report 2015, declare herdsmen as the fourth deadliest group globally so why are we not doing same to arrest this situation and bring to end this wanton killings? I want to put it to you whether you like it or not, if you like be partisan because of pea nuts or to please your pay master, but this is a religious war coming and by the time they dismantle the Tiv people then the rest of the middle belt States will follow.

I saw it coming, the Tivs are the majority in this sovereign entity called Nigeria and where to start this is from them, and when they are finished with them, they will move elsewhere if you like call them cattle rustlers or what have you.

[12:33, 1/11/2018] Scott: Yes, it is true that the question has religious coloration, one of the reasons why the killings are happening in Christian communities is that they want to Islamize Nigeria.  I read an online news, a lady saying that the killings will not stop until Christians convert to Muslim’s.

The situation of this country now, is it not in Anarchy already? We have prayed, we have fasted, can we just sit and watch a fellow human like us slaughter another? Which way Nigerians?

[12:42, 1/11/2018] Ikechukwu: If all these claims of trying to Islamize Nigeria has any atom of truth in it, should that be the reasons why the government showcase this lackadaisical attitudes about all the killings?.

[12:57, 1/11/2018] Moderator: What I feel the government at the center should do is this, give the State governments who are willing to enact this law prohibiting open grazing all the necessary support, security and all of that so that they will see to its effective implementation for peaceful coexistence, this law is not targeted at anybody, if you wish to rear livestock, you ranch them so that your rights can not disturb the business and peace of others.

The government should encourage ranching, it is the global best practice even some African countries does this so why can’t we do it here for peace to reign? But the federal government seems not to buy this idea for unknown reasons

[13:20, 1/11/2018] Magnificent: It’s good to be back here once again. Ranching will be the only solution to ameliorate the chronic menace of the herdsmen killings.

[13:26, 1/11/2018] Eze: So indirectly ranching will stop the Islamizing of Nigeria, since the killings is targeted at Islamizing Nigeria? If we want to proffer solutions, let’s do it reasonably and not be bias.

[13:28, 1/11/2018] Moderator: How to find solutions for the killings and why the killings happening in only Christian dominated communities

[13:28, 1/11/2018] Eze: It’s a bloodbath in Rivers State, kidnappings, cult killings etc going on, is that part of the Islamizing agenda? Because militant and cultist carrying out this mayhem are from the South-South

[13:29, 1/11/2018] Moderator: That is clear and there is a road map for that, but how about the one in Benue and other States?

[13:30, 1/11/2018] Eze: That’s why I drew your attention to the South-south, what’s the agenda for the church massacre in Anambra or the new year killings in Rivers State.

[13:31, 1/11/2018] Moderator: Yesterday a gun manufacturing factory was discovered in Nasarawa State, they were arrested by army and till now we have not heard any statement from anybody

[13:31, 1/11/2018] Eze: They were arrested, what more do you want to hear? Whether they have been killed? Let’s drop sentiments and let the security agencies do their jobs courageously. In Nigeria even when arrest are made for criminals we still have ethnic bias. Why are they arresting only this tribe or that tribe, forgetting that when the crime was committed the person didn’t think of tribe. What do we really want in Nigeria? I truthfully don’t know.

[13:34, 1/11/2018] Moderator: What we are saying is this @Eze, we want a justice that is blind to whoever stands before it, regardless of your wealth, ethnicity, and your region so that Nigerians will know that action ‘A’ will attract consequence ‘B’ regardless of who you are, arrest the leadership of Miyetti Allah and let them face the law. I think Don Wanny was killed with his mansion destroyed, let people pay for the offense they have committed regardless of where they are from.

[13:35, 1/11/2018] Eze: But the same Nigerians that want justice and equity will cry wolf when it’s a Southerner or Northerner that’s arrested, its happened severally.

[13:40, 1/11/2018] Moderator: Let’s stop being sentimental, not only when it is in your domain that you will feel for, but let’s judge issues above party lines and call a spade a spade, if you have been to Benue today, watching 75 people buried at the same time you will leave APC and pepper out of this.

[13:41, 1/11/2018] Eze: Let’s see how effective this new law is, I am not justifying the killing of anyone.  You are the one making it about APC, this is beyond swapping political party. Like you just mentioned, what to do is taking decisive action from the local government to State and Federal level.

[13:46, 1/11/2018] Magnificent: Hmmm. It’s empirically a lacuna to assert that the killings are geared toward eliminating Christians’. From time immemorial herdsmen killings have been on, if we don’t treat this well it might lead to religious bigotry.

[13:47, 1/11/2018] Eze: The IG is to relocate, military formation has been sent, open grazing has been banned. May the souls of the deceased rest in peace, and may their families be consoled. Let’s see how things turn out

[13:47, 1/11/2018] Magnificent: Amen. Magnificent: Our rulers are just playing politics with the herdsmen killings because they not affected. Ranching will be the only solution for now.

[13:49, 1/11/2018] Eze: Yes @Moderator, same Don wanny was a PDP stooge and has been running free killing. Don Wanny has been running loose in Rivers State killing, maiming, kidnapping and robbing. He is a known bandit that was given chieftaincy title not to talk of Ateke Tom a known militant was made king in Okrika. But when enough was enough, Don Wanny was tracked to far Enugu and killed.

Let me say something, elders and chiefs who are supposed to guide and say the truth and also administer punishment loose their conscience and dignity when they see or smell money. That’s what is bad. That criminals can be rewarded with chieftaincy titles both bandits and politicians for a morsel of bread. Brothers and sisters the wrong in our society cannot be corrected if these things keep happening.

[22:24, 1/11/2018] Magnificent: @EZe. I buy into your assertion.

[23:32, 1/11/2018] Frank: Hmmm! what a topic, the same thing happened to Southern Kaduna!! Mass burial was conducted before our eyes!! Buhari is busy ignoring, innocent lives frequently waste while El’ Rufai on the other hand, is catching fun in Kaduna seeing hundreds of qualify Civil Servants being sacked or retired!!! What a gullible leadership style.

I keep asking myself, is it to maximize pleasure to one section or ethnic group in order to make them strong and visible in the polity of Nigeria at all time and allow the minorities in abject pains all the time?

Please stick to the objectivity of this issue that has to do with Fulani herdsmen, they are politically backed up. I only blame the governors/the traditional leaders on this, they have the right to protect their terrain from evil.

Despite all the insults on Governor Ayo Fayose he has proven to be the only Governor who has successfully implemented the anti-grazing law. Miyetti Allah threatened him and he dared them to try any rubbish. Nothing has been heard from that axis till date. The reason is not far-fetched -he doesn’t play to the tune of the FG that is obviously in support of the herdsmen.

“I would rather have a mad man as my governor as long as he uses his insanity to protect my sane life” Frank

[08:51, 1/12/2018] Tony: Good morning all, When good people keep silent, evil goes on but when people stand together in unity and speak out, evil vanishes in the land. We all must speak out because injustice to one is injustice to all. Our freedom and unity as a country is at stake and we should never be intimidated at all. Enough is enough.

[08:56, 1/12/2018] Moderator: Good morning future leaders of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, thanks for the awesome participation in yesterday’s debate, with a singular honor I want to commend the management of this platform for the solidarity shown to the government and people of Benue State by changing our DP as they were in tears yesterday when the bodies of the 76 victims of herdsmen were laid to rest in Makurdi the Benue State capital. Also all our collective efforts have gone far and they are applauded by well-meaning Nigerians.

I wish to stress that the management is abreast of activities on this platform and as such they are working diligently and assiduously to see that before the year runs out, our inputs will be physically seen by the whole and Nigeria in particular, so my advice is that we shouldn’t relent and whatever we feel should be done for the progress of this platform let’s do it without hesitation, we have been preaching one Nigeria with our mouths but at this juncture I want to put it to us that, the Nigerian State must be seen working with its architect and buildings, the government should be committed in making laws that seen and knowable in advance.

 In the words of a Lutheran pastor, Martin Niemolle” They first came for the communist and I did not speak up because it’s a communist, then they came for the Jew but I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew, then they came for the trade unionists, then they came for Catholics and I didn’t speak up because I was a protestant”.

Let me take it to Nigeria’s context, then they came for the Benue people but I didn’t speak up because I’m not Tiv, Idoma or Igede, when they came for Southern kaduna, part of Nasarawa, Southern Adamawa, and Taraba, I didn’t speak up because I’m not from there, then they came for me and by that time, no one was left to speak up.

I therefore call everyone to be actively involved in the efforts for peaceful coexistence in Nigeria regardless of your faith, tribe, region and all the centrifugal forces, this is the truth, until we accept it, our nation will stumble on its broken feet.

Those same things can bind us that drive us apart.

Good morning.

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