What is the due process of an impeachment notice?

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Happy new month and welcome to August my name is Ibaba. O. Ibaba and may the blessings of August and the favor of God meet us at our various points of need.


crisis rocking the nation’s political arena took a new dimension early this week as news shifted from massive defections from one political party to another to that of impeachment of political office holders in some parts of the country. It started with speaker BHOA his deputy and the majority leader all impeached on legislative misconduct and not carrying members along, the speaker said his impeachment was an act of illegality and he reconvened seating with his seven colleagues and served an impeachment notice to Gov. Ortom Samuel, while we await the outcome of Gov. Ortom impeachment notice, the trend moved to IMO state where the deputy governor Eze Madumere was also impeached, the lawmakers defied court injunction not only to impeach the deputy governor but went ahead and replaced him with Mr Calistus Ezenze. As if that was not enough, the speaker KHOA Hon Abdullahi Attah was also impeached barely three hours after that of Madumere.

Next threatened with impeachment is the out going governor of ekiti Ayodele Fayose who failed to install his deputy as successor, and also the deputy governor of Kano Hafiz Abubakar also lamenting that he is on the list to be impeached. It will be recalled that since the return of democracy in 1999,six governors have been impeached so far.

* Ayodele Fayose =Oct 16 2006.
*Peter Obi =Nov. 2 2006
*Joshua Dariye =Nov. 13 2006
*Rashidi Ladoja =Jan 12 2006
*Alamieyeseigha =Dec 9 2005
*Murtala Nyako =July 2014.


1. What are the process of impeachment

2. Who reconvenes legislative seating?

3. Why is the impeachment and counter allegations coming now, when those fingered are no longer with the ruling party.

4. Will the Senate president retain his seat defecting to PDP alleged to be the minority party in the Senate?


No fowl language, no personal attack, emphasis on the issues, solution based analysis, everyone is entitled to his or her opinion and may the best of us educate us.

[8/2, 12:02] Ikechukwu: Good morning Mr. Moderator and my fellow comrades it is another day the lord had mad. To ur questions the process of impeaching a seating Governor or a deputy Governor is a very stringent one as it’s contained in section 188 of the 1999 Constitution.
1.A notice of gross misconduct.
2. The speaker must serve the governor and members of the state house of Assembly within 7days.
3. The governor has the right to reply or not to reply.
APC was/is a hideout for those envisaged as corrupt leaders under PDP, but declared innocent when they ran to APC because APC wanted power at all cost and now “the thieves or bad eggs have been discharged and feel they can go back to their old ways,they are threatened with impeachment. Behold, your sins.

[8/2, 19:17] Moderator: Comrades the platform is boring today, apart from comrade Ikechukwu no any other person tried to react to issues raised on the platform.

[8/2, 20:25] Eze: My brother we don tire for these politicians tomorrow dem go defect back wehn PDP no give dem ticket. But wait oh out of all the 67 political parties why dem dey go PDP?
If dem strong, dey should try other political parties na? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

[8/2, 21:02] Frank: Good evening all,
Is APC a cult that if you joined’ you can’t come out of it again?

Impeachment in itself is not wrong, but let it follow due process, just like in the case of Benue State House of Assembly where 8 out of 30 does not form a quorum and the constitution categorically stated that a notice of unlawfully gross illegality and other processes must be served within 7days before any meaningful impeachment could be achieved.

I sat down on my usual reflective posture and a thought came to me that, if OSHOMOLE, BUHARI…etc should talk till 2019, about the status-quo happenings, when the gladiators and the shakers sneezes, the center stays calm and awaits the fall of Jericho, that which I see in revolutionary style.

Finally, all the APC put together are no match for saraki, kwankwasso, dogara and others hiding! they gat what it takes to bury APC and attempt to impeach senate president and as well the speaker I assure you’ will see the second batch of defectors but the party they are defecting to, should be given a new name, a coalition with some reputable parties to contest for 2019.
My take

[8/2, 22:44] John Dou: My brother I follow tire 4 the matter oh, why PDP? I don’t think they are less evil at all, not even with their candidate na wa oh

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