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Independence: What do we celebrate?

[09:50, 10/4/2017] Moderator:  Hello everyone out there and thanks for joining us @talk-am platform, a place where you share your views and thought as well as proffer solutions to some of the problems and challenges confronting our country Nigeria. It’s a Thursday morning the first week of October 2017, happy independent celebration. It’s indeed a thing of joy to celebrate 57 years of independent from the western exploitation, domination and alienation, my name is IBABA O IBABA and I am glad to anchor today’s segment of our 24hrs debate.


Every Independence Day affords us the opportunity to remember the struggles of our forebears, our founders, their devotion and sacrifices for an independent nation. On Saturday October 1, 1960 Nigeria became an independent nation, what follows was Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa‘s speech, delivered at the Tafawa Balewa square Lagos at the Independence day ceremony, thereafter we have had so many leaders who marked the October 1st yearly with the Independence celebration right from parliamentary to presidential system of government with a  lot of promise and account on what they have done while serving their father’s land but even at that, the Nigerian populace still complain of dividends of their leadership not returning to them, now talk-am wish to inquire what do Nigeria celebrate every 1st of October.

  1. What do we celebrate, self-governance or good governance? See Moderator’s Thoughts 
  2. President Muhammadu Buhari saying those agitating are “hot-headed” what is your take on this.

No foul language, attack the issue but not personality, be brief and straight to the point, others are entitled to their views and opinions and may the most articulate men and women school us.

God bless the federal republic of Nigeria, God bless talk-am crew.

[10:32, 10/4/2017] Frank: Good morning to you the Moderator Mr. Ibaba O Ibaba, wonderful topic from you. We’re celebrating bourgeoisies taking over from our nationalist who were not corrupt, since then suffering as engulfed the land!!!

And it’s time the Federal government realizes that they haven’t seen hot- headed yet, if the leadership doesn’t do the needful. We keep saying that the earlier we realizes that Nigeria is no longer a baby but an adult, the better for the unity of this country called Nigeria.

[11:04, 10/4/2017] Scott: To many people, Independence Day is not worth celebrating due to a lot of challenges the nation is facing. People are wondering why the celebration, when there is so much hardship, deadly attacks from insurgents and other security challenges. Recall that it was during the 50th Independence celebration that an explosion occurred just outside Eagle Square, the venue of the grand celebration. Since then, the celebration has been low-key and held inside the Presidential Villa. It is very glaring that the nation is riddled with high-levels of poverty, corruption, poor governance and insurgency. We are still divided along tribal and ethnic lines and the gap between the rich and poor is getting wider. So, what is worth celebrating you may ask? But as for me, it is worth celebrating, though we have not gotten things right, Independence Day in Nigeria is worth celebrating based on the following reasons:

  1. We Are Stronger Together – The people have managed to remain united: In spite of all these challenges and deficiencies, we have managed to remain one. Nigeria has its own problems just like every other country. For the fact that the nation still exists despite all the damage done to her socially, politically and economically is enough reason to celebrate. We are not at war. We all would not be going about our businesses if there was war. It is only when there is peace that business can thrive.
  2. The nation has come a long way: We have managed to achieve some things as a nation. Any achievement no matter how small is worth celebrating. A lot of us complain that the nation has achieved nothing but that thing we consider ‘nothing’ has gone a long way to making us what we are today. Yes, we all know that most nations have gone ahead of us and we keep making comparisons. One thing we should know is that those nations also have their own challenges. There are also people sleeping on the streets in those nations.
  3. There is still hope: We might not be where we want to be or that major power we hoped to be but there is still hope. The whirlwind of corruption, bad leadership, terrorism and unstable economy has not been able to snuff out that hope. As long as there is life there is hope.
  4. Wallowing in self-pity has never helped anybody: You celebrate your birthday not because you have become the richest man or you don’t have problems. How has all the lamenting and self-pity helped this nation. If we want to see this country change for the better, we must learn to do things differently. Those who think abusing the nation will make things better are only deceiving themselves. After all, you don’t insult your father because he is not one of the richest men.
  5. Nigeria still has a few good men and women: The fact that the leaders have failed the nation does not mean that everybody has failed. There are still some honest and responsible people out there who have not and will not sell their souls for money. There are still people who are making sacrifices for the nation and taking giant strides. You too can be one of them instead of just sitting and complaining. No one will come from outside to build Nigeria, it is our responsibility as her citizen to do your own bit. A lot of people blame the leaders for corruption, but sit down and reflect: are you any better? You still offer bribes, jump queues and beat traffic. The change begins with you.

Insulting Nigeria on Independence Day for not being like the USA or other more developed countries is like insulting your father on his birthday for not being like Dangote. Let’s all change this attitude of pessimism and hopelessness and believe that one day Nigeria will get it right.

[11:05, 10/4/2017] Odey: Thanks for this opportunity. To the issues raised, my view on what ‘Independence’ is to the Nigerian people is that looting has changed race. While in the pre-colonial and colonial Era, it was the white man stealing our common resources to develop their homeland, the trend now is that the few of the black men who by whichever means find themselves in the corridors of power have unfettered access to our common resources which they keep sending abroad at the expense of the common development. Come to think of it, how independent are we? Our dear President just came back from his over three months medical tourism in London, at the moment, a minister of the Federal Republic is in America for health related issues. Ditto three billions capital allocated to Aso Rock clinic, yet no Panadol, no syringe.

In the educational sub sector, even the so called higher institutions are mere glorified secondary schools, no functional infrastructures to sustain the institutions. Nigerians take delight in studying abroad, even in Niger Republic, Ghana, Sudan and others nations that we should be ahead of. We have not detached from colonial hangover, even in our names dresses and other aspects of our culture, how can we be said to be independent.

The major determinants of our lives come from outside the shores of our country. Kwame Nkrumah in his quest for independence came up with that famous quote of ‘seek first political independence and all other things will be added’, I think he never knew that after 57 years of independence, Nigeria will still be importing things like toothpick, matches, and even have our petroleum refined abroad. Instead of adding to the political freedom we are rather subtracting, maybe because we got the so called independence on a platter?

[11:42, 10/4/2017] Dave: Good morning distinguished members of the upper house, one part of today’s questions looks at what can be termed as “intentional question” – Whether we are celebrating self-governments or good governance? Of course we are celebrating both, we have both and we ought to celebrate both. Or will one doubt the fact that we are independent politically, economically, culturally etc. Or will one be blind not to have seen any form of development in the society which is as result of some form of good governance?

Can we deny that since independence we haven’t had some form of societal transformation and yet we are in the technological age, even if not experts we are in it already? What do you call that? Good governance. The number of the educated people in Nigeria presently has doubled the number that was there when we just got the independence in 1960. What does that mean to you? Good governance. I can go on and on with these examples, but as the conceptual meaning of good governance, meaning different things to different people, some may have their opinions contrary to this notion, but the fact still remains in rational or fair judgment, we as a nation have achieved some forms of human and infrastructural growth and development, even though they have not met the people’s expectations, but no individual can deny the existence of such good governance with his eyes open.

President’s notion of agitators being hot-headed is in place. This is an African thing, where agitations always take the path of violence no matter how peaceful they plan it. More so, a situation where the leaders of such agitations are even the ones who spit fire and brimstone, heating the agitation. Or which of the African countries have you ever recorded a social and peaceful movement or agitation, as sometimes done in Europe?

[12:49, 10/4/2017] Moderator: @Odey, our Independence coming on a platter of gold I think is not only the problem because one or two African countries, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone who were not colonized seems to be confronted with those similar challenges, where do we go from here Sir?

Waoooh @scott, of course I know that not everyone is corrupt but I still believe that a lot of Nigerians have not stolen because they never had the opportunity to steal and why we conclude that Nigerians are corrupt is this. If you come to Abuja to carry out a survey on how many persons are HIV positive and at the end of the exercise you discover that 52% are victims your conclusion will certainly be that Abuja people are HIV positive, so when we say Nigeria is a corrupt nation it is because we have been producing leaders with corrupt mind and questionable characters this alone made some people to believe that democracy have succeeded enriching the middle class people every four years.

@scott I agree with you because there is hardship in the land and there is a saying that “a hungry man is an angry man”, in the same light you did mention the 2010 incident at eagles square during Independence celebration and since then it has been on low key and of course you know that back in school then, the beauty of this celebration was students from various schools coming together in our various States and even in Abuja here to jubilate, celebrate and merry together but specifically because of that incident, gone are those days, so what is the way forward ? How do we go back to the glorious days? What is your perception on this Sir?

[13:15, 10/4/2017] Scott: Yes Sir, we can still go back to those glorious days, if only our leaders start doing what they ought to be doing right…. mind you it is not as if they were that good back then oooo, but they should lead aright.

[13:19, 10/4/2017] Ikechukwu: Good morning Mr. Moderator and my fellow Comrades, the term independence has so many meanings; it all depends on the facets you look at it. In Nigeria, it is quite unfortunate that our independence from colonial masters is a freedom not to promote, construct and repair those loopholes left by the foreigners, but an avenue to further depilate and render our State useless by her own citizens through the “favoured ones” . An independence that gave those favoured access to steal and cater away resources meant for her development, the word independence should be freedom from bondages Rather than chains in the hand of our leaders.

[13:21, 10/4/2017] Moderator: @scott even at that, in advanced societies where those things are put in place we still witness similar things like the incident in Las Vegas as a case in point, and sometimes these things are sponsored by those who feel they should be at the helm of the government or category of people who feel they are the ruling class and after successfully installing a government they are neglected, how can we manage such situations Sir?

[13:29, 10/4/2017] Scott: Thank u sir, you mentioned something about the advanced countries, one thing you should note is that in those countries, the citizens are okay to a very large extent when compare to our State. Their infrastructures, health facilities, the rate of crime/insurgency there cannot be compared to our dear country.  When a crime is committed there, the persons involved will be brought to book no matter how long it takes.  But here, the reverse is the case. That’s why I said our government should step up their game and lead aright.

[13:30, 10/4/2017] Chris Obi: We are fixated on those we choose as leaders. We need new crop of leaders.

[13:31, 10/4/2017] Moderator: @Chris Obi, how can we achieve this Sir? And welcome!

[13:33, 10/4/2017] Ikechukwu: On the issue of Mr. President’s 1st October speech that those agitating are “hot headed”, for me is an unnecessary statement and uncalled for because he was the architect of all the problem, he knows what is good to do but failed in his responsibilities and should not blame anybody.

[13:35, 10/4/2017] Moderator: What was the right thing to be done by Mr. President which he failed to do Sir @Ikechukwu?

[13:40, 10/4/2017] Chris Obi: Thank you Mr. Moderator, we need to walk away from these big parties, mobilize ourselves to vote people who have never been in public offices and who have track records achievement in private life. We can engage in civil enlightenment on how to hold our leaders accountable.

[13:42, 10/4/2017] Ikechukwu: Thank you Mr. Moderator, Mr President failed Nigerians in so many ways 1 his campaign promises of paying 5k to youths, his biasness in his appointment and so many others. All these together caused the agitation.

[13:43, 10/4/2017] Eze: In foreign climes disobedience and law breaking is met with adequate punishment no matter your social standing, but in Nigeria when such punishment want to be slammed on offenders it’s the masses that have been impoverished  that will defend the criminals who have destroyed the society, and then we ask what we are celebrating.

The same criminals will be the ones sponsoring agitation and restructuring, can someone tell me what moral right people like Edwin Clarke, Tony Anenih,  Doyin Okupe, Fani Kayode have to agitate? But these same people are championing those causes and lots of Nigerians are supporting and cheering them on, and we are here arguing and making points.

[13:46, 10/4/2017] Chris Obi: @Eze, Everyone gets in the same currency he gives.

[13:47, 10/4/2017] Ikechukwu: @Eze, about punishing disobedience, the right procedures are not followed, whatever should be done to Mr. B should have been given to Mr. A.

[13:48, 10/4/2017] Eze: @Ikechukwu, take a gun now and rob and see if the right procedure won’t be followed against you. We are all at fault when we celebrate mediocrity that is why we have the kind of leaders that we produce. We complain it’s the system but we are the system, when the 3 arms of government are so corrupt and you say procedures aren’t followed. For a politician, the judge will follow a different procedure to rule on a case while another procedure is used to judge the guy that stole a goat, who are we kidding?

Democracy brought us more thieves from the 3 arms of government, all those arguing about colonial Masters Amalgamation that it’s flawed, old, I ask that was over 100 years ago did they stop us from using our brains to develop our own country when they left? Yet our politicians and business men would rather establish and stash money in foreign country, indirectly employing those citizens than do same here. Innoson produces car how many of us or our government officials buy Innoson cars?

[13:58, 10/4/2017] Ikechukwu: Exactly my points @Eze, that’s because I have no political power and to even those that have it some are superior than others therefore if justice will have a say in Nigeria we all should be on the same page or level.

[13:59, 10/4/2017] Eze: Brother you don’t need political power to change your attitude and your family and immediate environment, as a father/ uncle start with your children to teach them it is wrong to throw dirt on the street or wee on the road, teach them to respect other tribes and religion.

[14:01, 10/4/2017] Ikechukwu: But Political Power is what others are using to commit crimes and go scot free.

[14:01, 10/4/2017] Eze: We like the big talk we can’t reach, but neglect the immediate change we can effect.

[14:01, 10/4/2017] Moderator: Mr. Eze you are welcome, who is corrupt in Nigeria when nobody is charged to court and prosecuted? and of course I know that you cannot call anyone a thief unless he or she is declared so by a  competent jurisdiction, so which way @Eze?

[14:03, 10/4/2017] Eze: Mr. Moderator, if the person is caught stealing he is a thief, leave that crap about competent court, because what they do is use the stolen money to stall the case and make the so called competent court incompetent. We lace this GS with so much English, what is the average salary of a politician? But his asset doesn’t reflect his salary, what do you call such a person or you go wait for competent court too?

Make we dey speak English these people will keep making a fool of us. Is it the court that they will say judge is bias before the case is called?

[14:08, 10/4/2017] Moderator: @Eze are we not supposed to ask questions knowing fully well that, their accumulated wealth are our stolen funds, I mean what has been our role as citizens?

[14:08, 10/4/2017] Eze: Our roles as citizens is to tell them “we are loyal sir, your boys dey oh, find us something”

[14:08, 10/4/2017] Moderator: What is the way forward @Eze?

[14:09, 10/4/2017] Eze: Subject these politicians to a debate, and thorough security and asset scrutiny, get EFCC to monitor foreign bank transactions.

[14:10, 10/4/2017] Moderator: @Eze, what if they failed to show up for the Debate?

[14:10, 10/4/2017] Eze: Don’t vote for them, and mind you, the serious ones will show up.

[14:11, 10/4/2017] Ikechukwu: My brother we are different people with different environment or exposure so the only thing that will place us on the right path is law, meaning you and I obey it and who ever goes contrary to it serve its punishment but in our scenario you break the law with ur political power you go free then I committed the same crime I paid for it, then where is the justice?

[14:11, 10/4/2017] Moderator: Do our votes really counts?

[14:12, 10/4/2017] Eze: Well it did the last time I voted. The guys that voted in Bauchi and waited till midnight until INEC called the result theirs did. @Ikechukwu, then our Justice system should be revamped.

[14:16, 10/4/2017] Ikechukwu: The problem is not judiciary it is the structure of the country.

[14:17, 10/4/2017] Scott: The second Question when the president said that Agitators are hot-headed: my take is that

“It was expected that in an occasion such as this 57th Independence anniversary whereby Mr. President would solicit for greater patriotism and love of fatherland that the holder of this high office would have addressed the lopsidedness in the appointments of top level military and DEFENCE chiefs to reflect the divergent Multi-Ethnic and Multi-religious configurations of the Nation State of Nigeria.

Portions of the Speech by President Muhammadu Buhari which specifically lampooned the people and leaders of South East of Nigeria amounted to raw hate speech which is capable of igniting longstanding hatred for Agitators/Igbos. Such statement is uncalled for.

[14:18, 10/4/2017] Eze: I think we all are blessed by God in our creativity and we have left the government to do our thinking for us but those especially in the entertainment industry have done for themselves, which is what individuals should be doing not waiting for government. When industries are built the government has no option than to support success.

@Scott, appointment of what? See what Minimah Alex Badeh and the fomer defense chief did, they stole money, sat in Abuja while troops we’re killed. Dasuki turned Santa Claus, common guys all this tribal sentiment won’t get us anywhere.

If you speak to any soldier you will know about the past defense chiefs and the present ones, I live near a military barrack and I have conversation with a lot of soldiers trust me in the army it’s about efficiency not all these ethnic crap people like to project. The question is are they getting the job done are they equipped for it, are their welfare taken care of, what is their moral support for fighting? Take a look at military service abroad and ask if they are concerned where their service chiefs are from.

Nations are moving on and what we care about is Petty things like tribe, I don’t care if a Benue man is my Governor, I care about his development plan.

[14:27, 10/4/2017] Chris Obi: Who is not looting? Is it PMB’s government that is not looting? We had a better country under those this Government tagged looters.

[14:29, 10/4/2017] Eze: Yeah you had a better government but I beg to differ, because the woman that produces cornstarch has a market now, the yam and rice farmers have a market, the toothpick producers in Akwa Ibom have markets,the pork farmer in Lagos and poultry farm has a markets, and oh you have a better deal let me ask you OBJ and Yar A’dua both left 64 billion in our foreign reserve but GEJ left 23 billion at an oil price of 110$ per barrel.

The local producers are having their goods consumed, so please if you don’t have a better government all these people I’ve mentioned do. Sorry to say but I think it’s a shame that you can say such a thing, we imported virtually everything including eggs and tooth pick destroying our local industries, and enriching other economies, yet we complain about no jobs.

In business it’s local capacity that later turns out to be professionals, it might interest you to also know that the consultant that the Malaysians met to educate them on palm production some years ago  is still alive, and anytime I bring up the palm topic he just shakes his head.

Norway’s revenues dropped seriously because this present government decided to stop fish importation and local fish and shrimp production is booming in Lagos.

[15:11, 10/4/2017] Ikechukwu: @Eze, about tribal sentiments, we should be the one asking you such questions because they are still free enjoying their lives in government that promised to fight corruption, but those who are asking for what belongs to them are being killed like a goat, please my Comrades this routine of who knows who is killing us.

Mr. President’s remark for me was a hate speech and it is only here in Nigeria someone will rubbish someone’s reputation and don’t want to have inference in his own affairs may God help us.

[15:34, 10/4/2017] Eze: @Ikechukwu, bail doesn’t mean you are free moreover if the court pronounces them guilty they will be in jail bro. What’s a hate speech that people trying to cause havoc in Nigeria are hot heads?  What sort of president will condone the rubbish that is going on? Even you soliciting for power will not.

[16:02, 10/4/2017] Chris Obi: @Eze, we all desire such scenario where we don’t care where our governors come from, but a situation in which you don’t care about others when you get power entrusted to you, it then becomes a concern for others.

See  Moderator’s Thoughts 

Do you feel differently about our views, please let’s here from you.

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