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Nigerians’ Untapped Potentials: A Goldmine Lying Fallow

[08:58, 10/26/2017] Moderator: Today’s Debate on Nigerians’ Untapped Potentials promises to be exciting, please our rules remains, no foul language, give clear, specific and concise answers.

Let’s enjoy ourselves. 😘😘😘

Background: The strength of our Country.

History has shown to us that great empires were built on the sweat and blood of labour force e.g. The Roman Empire, Great Britain, Greece and United States etc. The strength or weakness of a country is measured by the level of employment and productivity.


  1. In our beloved country today, can one categorically say that our graduates are employable and productive?
  2. What are those potentials we’ve not explore as a country? See  Moderator’s Thoughts

[09:50, 10/26/2017]  Eze: Practical knowledge is missing from our educational system, too much theory and it’s because we place too much emphasis on certificates which only limits us to job application and writing aptitude tests and interviews, but practical knowledge will create a long line of people that will create jobs for themselves with adequate hands-on experience to be self-reliant instead of government reliant. So I suggest our curriculum in schools at all levels be fine-tuned with emphasis on practical knowledge and not theory.

We need to explore the potential of our talents and what each and every one of us is capable of doing, be it in music, tourism, entertainment, engineering etc we have all been blessed by God both human and natural resources we should really look inside ourselves.

Look at the Nigerian entertainment industry alone it has grown exponentially and the industry is so huge it’s employing  hundreds of people and the value chain is so huge. To buttress my point, we can use the blueprint of what others have done and also try to create our own in our own way and unique style. We have over 180 million people, if we can satisfy this plenty people with locally produced goods and services alone it will go a long way to boost the local economy.

Even our population is an Advantage to us, that’s what people like Dangote and the Telecom industry are capitalizing on to become very rich, our population. Our greatest undoing is our over reliance on government, Yes I know lots of people will say they are supposed to provide amenities which is a given, but if we strive hard to be creative the government will rely on us. It’s so sad that talking to the average Nigerian all you will hear is government this government that.

Personally I think this recession has inspired a lot of Nigerians to be creative, Shoe making, bag making, fashion designing, soap making even our military has started inventing stuff. Agriculture is booming, I hope we sustain the momentum and also urge the government to ban more things that we don’t need. We now produce tooth pick and pencils that we used to import in large quantities, Rice importation is down while local production is growing.

These are signs that if we put our act together we can be a great nation because everything we need both human and natural resources we have been blessed with, It’s to develop the human Resources which in turn will develop the natural resources.

[10:34, 10/26/2017] Moderator: Great job @zey

[11:39, 10/26/2017] Ikechukwu: Hmm what a topic this morning, well good morning Moderator and every member of this great group, it is unfortunate that we Nigerian’s do not emulate things that can project our country towards development.

Nigeria is built on a foundation of mediocrity and un-patriotism, right from primary school curriculum to tertiary institutions students are not taught on how to build on their own ideas or intellectual, mental development which would complement government. When you look at other nations work force, you see that they are made up with individuals provided with avenue to showcase zeal, curiosity to make a mark, but here in Nigeria look at the age bracket or grade of our labour force, men and women who have little or nothing to offer to the growth of our nation, you see people who have refused to give chance to the younger ones to contribute their own ideas.

So I suggest that the work force should have more of youths with Zeal and the mindset to make an impact in the society than older ones, also there should be a review of our curriculum so as  to know it’s area of weakness and introduce something that can keep students on their toes.

[11:41, 10/26/2017]  Eze: @ Ikechukwu Sir, if I may correct a notion, chances are taken not given. A made-up mind is an unstoppable Force, Our people have chosen to be docile and wait for government to do everything e.g case of waste disposal in Nigeria, we are the ones that litter the streets with dirt. Have you noticed that Nigeria is the only country that does environmental sanitation monthly yet Nigeria is one of the dirtiest countries while those that don’t do it are rather neat?

Now we have WiFi, Google etc we can access information on our phones, even videos on how things are made, we can use those information to educate and build ourselves.

[11:46, 10/26/2017] Ikechukwu: Yes @Eze, I agree with you to some extent not completely because some of our government policies are against development or should I say creativity.

[11:47, 10/26/2017]  Eze: Please what government policies are you talking about? Be specific.

[11:47, 10/26/2017] Moderator: We may never know the potentials of a man, until he’s given a project to handle. During pre- colonial era our people were vibrant in Agriculture, history has it that slaves were used to build magnificent structures in Europe and America etc.

How can these potential be harnessed?

[11:48, 10/26/2017]  Eze: Potentials can be harnessed properly when there is a sense of direction; the slaves were used to fulfill a certain purpose. I use the entertainment industry as an example, Actors, producers, musicians, comedians, had a sense of direction. Breaking away from the stereotype of being an Engineer Doctor Accountant and all these formal professions our parents who also are to blame forced us into, without understanding the gifts and talents in us.

Another factor which I failed to mention, our parents, Nigerian parents are a great factor stifling the growth of the nation.

[11:51, 10/26/2017] Ikechukwu: Someone like me I learnt a handwork that can keep me out of being in labour market but due to task force I can’t stand, and I don’t have all that is required at the moment, but without those forces I can take it one step after another. Those are the kind of Government policies @Eze.

[12:02, 10/26/2017] Chigozie: Good morning Madam Moderator! categorically in your word, the 99%  of the Nigerian  graduates are not employable as a result of rot and inadequacies  in our educational sector,  like I said in one of our debates on this platform , education in Nigeria  needs total overhauling and innovations as we are lagging behind in what is obtainable in other parts of the world,  the purpose of education to Africans solely was to aid exploitation by bridging the language barrier, even our nationalists in the 90’s who were granted scholarship in Britain were denied access to some books tagged important in the libraries.

The foundation of education in Nigeria is very shaky and sick, but several years after independence, all our past and present leaders have failed to restructure the system and background, and here we found ourselves as a result of this satanic colonial carry over.

Nigerian education is more theoretical than practical, leaving the students without any practical knowledge or experience, this evil menace of theory in our education is what has crippled the abilities and potentials in our students, it has left the mind of many talented young Nigerians blank. Our school curriculum has failed to place more emphasis on practical entrepreneurship, too much emphasis on theoretical education than entrepreneur exposure has done a lot of damage to individual abilities in Nigeria, but the question is, will a good tree produce a bad fruit?  So the government and our teachers, tutors and lecturers are largely responsible for the un-employability of Nigerian graduates.

[12:03, 10/26/2017] Moderator: @Chigozie 55%

[12:07, 10/26/2017]  Eze: Education now is easier the internet has made things a lot easier, so instead of people to be Facebooking chatting and Whatsapping they can also learn a lot from reading up on thing online. Education is not only streamlined to classroom anymore.

Apprenticeship is a form of education that’s how I learnt what I do, so if you know the formal education system is rotten, there are non-formal and informal ways of learning, and from the internet a whole lot can be learnt, after all education is skills development.

I know the amount of knowledge I have acquired from YouTube alone showing how to build and create stuff, even machines that I couldn’t operate, I learnt how to operate them by watching videos of people who can.

Once the mind is docile the people remain stagnant, if schools don’t teach you well, research on the internet, we can do ourselves a favour by also helping ourselves if no one is ready to help us.

[12:18, 10/26/2017] Chigozie: @Madam Moderator,  I agree with you ma,  owing to the fact that we ourselves  as individuals are the architect of our own problems,  even the theoretical system in place,  many Nigerian students are lazy, we lack the determination to succeed,  we all engage in malpractices, to even meet up with the theory,  we devote more time to circular activities  which does not add value to our life, we see the white collar job as an escape route to labour, and hence we all troop into the school just to acquire a paper certificate.

We as individuals have to start looking inward and try to discover our potentials and abilities, a scholar once defined business as creation of customers, we need to start asking ourselves, how we can create satisfaction, critical thinking, and not sole reliability on the government jobs, our bureaucratic system is also one of the reason why we are down here, because it places personal or regional interest more than national interest.

@Eze, Let us close down the schools then,  let all learning be subjected to the internet,  in as much as we should work on developing ourselves , the government has to wake up to their responsibilities,

Beside,  how many Nigerians have access to the said internet @Mr. Zey,  the epileptic power supply is another cause for concern if you are saying we should go totally digital in education,  our government has to be very serious with education,  in fact I am of the opinion that education should be made a foremost fundamental human right in this Nigeria,  this men called our leaders all have their children schooling in good schools abroad,  countries like USA,  Britain and so do not depend on the internet to learn, the school is very important in both national and individual building, I am opportuned to have British curriculum with me and you will see that the two systems are very very different.

[12:23, 10/26/2017] Moderator: Thanks comrades, @Chigozie create satisfaction, whao

[12:24, 10/26/2017] Ibaba: Potentials can be harnessed when there is a sense of belonging, the government is not encouraging at all, if we are saying we shouldn’t blame government for all of these what, happens to those who at some points came up with a useful idea but were not encouraged by Nigerian government and were called upon by other nations boasting their economies today, early this year we heard a young man from one of the Eastern States constructed a tricycle locally made, where is he today?

One Mr. Aondofa, a disabled Nigerian domiciled in Aba is into shoe making and my brother if you see the kind of shoes he produces you will never believe they are made here in Nigeria, the last time I checked he is planning to travel to Italy because he is not properly recognized here in Nigeria by the government.

I was told that the DSTV which South Africa now claimed ownership was an idea from a Nigerian but he was not encouraged and neglected by the government, so government should create an enabling environment, take adequate care of citizens welfare, give them security so that people  can think  constructively and be creative else they said a hungry man is an angry man, how will someone residing in Borno be creative when his or her security is not guaranteed, so government should first of all invest on her citizens by providing the aforesaid, then if we now fail to do the needful, then we should be responsible for our actions.
Good morning Madam Moderator, morning house.

[12:29, 10/26/2017] Moderator: Good morning @ibaba.  #government should wake up to its responsibilities.  Quite interesting. 👏🏼

@Eze personal development, Great job.

[12:31, 10/26/2017]  Eze: The shoe maker who wants to relocate, his problem isn’t government, his problem is marketing strategy, as much as we have talents and potential it’s how we package and market what we can do. : I am sure he does better shoes than Gucci, but he can develop a strategy to sell it to people.

[12:32, 10/26/2017] Ibaba: @Chigozie, Nigeria is well structured, nothing is wrong with our educational institutions, government should ensure full implementation of her policies, law makers should be up with their oversight functions, judiciary should be up and doing, make institutions stronger and power above individuals

His problem is not marketing strategy, but the government @Eze.

[12:34, 10/26/2017]  Eze: The government isn’t his market but people are, we have 180 million people, if he can reach 300,000 alone through a good marketing strategy, he wouldn’t need government for any reason, apart from paying his taxes. Moreover taking a cue from sites like aliexpress.com, a simple idea like that that opened the world to Chinese manufacturers.

That was an individual initiative, for once let us remove our minds from government, because if they don’t seem to help isn’t there any other way? This thought alone is enough to make one creative.

[12:37, 10/26/2017] Ibaba: @Eze, Even in Abuja here, some persons who cannot secure a shop and you see them hanging by the street with their daily hustle are been harassed and humiliated by task force do you Still call that marketing strategy?

[12:40, 10/26/2017] Ikechukwu: 👍Well said @Ibaba.

[12:40, 10/26/2017]  Eze: I’ve seen Italians making suits and shoes in Conner stores for cheap, Nigerians buy from them and sell at cut throat prices.

[12:41, 10/26/2017] Ikechukwu: @Eze, what’s an individual initiative?

[12:41, 10/26/2017]  Eze: Alibaba.com, that’s the biggest website for Chinese manufacturers, It’s an online hub that links manufacturers to buyers.

[12:42, 10/26/2017] Ibaba: @Eze That young man has over 50 youths on apprenticeship with him, and his challenge has always been people coming to them in the name of one government agency or the other collecting money from them, now to whom are they remitting the money? We should be sincere to ourselves please.

[13:02, 10/26/2017] Darlington: Good morning debaters, I would like to cite that the Nigerian problem is multifaceted and the problems trailing each facet is a direct result of an uninterrupted perpetuation of mediocrity in all of our human resource development spheres, starting from the family circles to the higher institution. While we are in a hurry to dump the blame on governments and higher institutions, I would like to posit that Nigerian Families are the spring point of this plethora of problems.

In developed climes, a child is allowed to explore the world, try his hands on different things, in all these, the child is watched closely by his/her parents or guardian to determine the area of his talent. In their schools, and colleges, there are several extracurricular activities that are stationed to help self-direct a teenager into line of specialization in life. Sometimes these teenagers even end up choosing careers that are weird and versed to their parent’s deepest beliefs, but they still let them follow their heart. These actions create passion in every line of practice, in every course of study, and in every profession. The question is why there won’t be passion when you’re doing what you love, when your studying a course that has a deep rooted connection with your deepest nature, when you are doing what you truly destined to do?

Where there is passion, work and study becomes fun, there is vision, there is creativity and the graduates are highly employable. In Nigeria, it’s the other way round, even before a child is born, the father says he is going to be a doctor. As for the child, there is no concern on how well he plays football, how well he sings, how well he paints, or how well he turns mere metals into engines, because as far as they are concerned he is going to be a doctor. The child in a bid to actualize their parents dreams gets admitted into a medical school with so much eagerness and passion to succeed but as time goes on, he sadly realizes that there is no connection between him and the course he is studying, there is no passion, he doesn’t read to know, he reads to pass, he is constantly skipping classes because to him, they are boring. The truth is, a good number of Nigerian graduates are victims of these parental programing.

Now the governments blame; imagine a country where it is somewhat traditional that before you can secure admission into the university, you must have written jamb like three to four times. It’s even harder when you want to study the so called “highly rated courses” like medicine or law. The cutoff point is just too high. It’s because of this reason that countless Nigerian graduates and students apply for courses that are easy to get admitted into, they just peruse through the brochure looking for courses they can easily get admitted into without any recourse whatsoever to their talent and passion. I’m sure you have come across people who at their teens had such wonderful dreams of studying medicine but later ended up studying agricultural economics or crop science. This gives birth to graduates who only studied to…

Where there is no passion, there won’t be any viable vision, and where there is no vision, the people perish

[13:09, 10/26/2017] Ibaba:


We live in a country where people who are working as Civil Servants are being owed for donkey months, they are considered as IDPs, some committing suicide, people cannot eat, they cannot pay their children’s school fees, men running and leaving their wives at home helplessly, some leaving their people on hospital beds because they can’t upset hospital bills, senators of the Federal Republic donating relief materials to those who  are working, then what happens to those who are not working, what will they think to destroy or to protect.

[14:10, 10/26/2017] Moderator: @Darlington, passion comes from doing what you love – Thanks guys.

[15:03, 10/26/2017] Frank: I will like to be precise about the issues that have been blockages to the Nigerian system:

Capital, connections to market, suitable conducive and enabling environment, finally mediocrity. Un-addressed policies are badly lacking in our Nigerian leadership, its demoralizes my feelings when I hear people saying that “A hungry man is a creative man” what if the leadership and policy of government does not accomplish his/her creativeness, it becomes an angry man leading to political hooliganism, thuggery and quality system of innovation and benefit to the country ends or crush!!!!! Not Clear

[15:25, 10/26/2017] Moderator: Individual aspirations. Hmm

[17:20, 10/26/2017] Frank: Certainly, yes and must encourage individual aspirations-thank you to the @Madam Moderator.

[17:42, 10/26/2017] Moderator: Thanks Comrades, you’ve all done justice to today’s debate, judging from your analysis, can we then say that corruption is not the only bane to our country’s underdevelopment?

Rather government policies must wear human face according to @Ikechukwu;

According to @EZe personal development and motivation is key to societal growth;

@Chigozie, says individuals should seek to create satisfaction, identifying and meeting human needs;

Prof Amafidon say’s “let’s focus on what makes us great as a nation, invest in human development (youth)  #channels tv. #politicstoday.

[20:32, 10/26/2017] Eze: It is one thing to take a horse to the stream it’s another for it to drink. I’ve seen and heard of millions of youth development and training programs, but I am sorry to say I’ve not seen the impact most of these training have done. I think the greatest obstacle we have is the mind set of our people, I am sorry to say.

[20:55, 10/26/2017] Tony Odi: True @Eze, Some youths just want manna from heaven without working hard for it at all.

[22:03, 10/26/2017] Ibaba: Nobody wants manna from heaven gentlemen as there is no free meal anywhere, all we are saying is we have not had leaders in this country, all of them are opportunist. The Bible says when the righteous man rules, the people rejoice, all of them at some point came by accident. Nigerians are not lazy but the government is not giving a sense of belonging to her citizens.

If you go to France the disable people have equal representation in the parliament and every other category of persons.

[22:42, 10/26/2017] Eze: Our leaders are the product of the society we live in and family, community mind set. Brother kills brother because of family land, throwing refuse indiscriminately beating traffic. When people like this end up in power what kind of leadership do you think they will produce?

If you read up on slavery it’s our own people that sold their kinsmen to the slave traders. Like they say, the change has to be individualistic before it becomes collective. The leadership we have didn’t come from Pluto they lived and grew up in our locality.

[02:11, 10/27/2017] Frank: Please stop attacking the truth when it has been hit right to its point’ we will keep exposing the reality from its hiding place! people have been working tirelessly using every of their God’s given talents to prosper but the nepotistic features of our Nigerian leaders, power-cursed, did not help them flourish e.g. we have so many talented footballers in our States and even ABUJA but who cares to help them play for our country’s benefit?? Nobody from that nepotistic policy cares!

But guess who the hindrance is? The Nigerian systems that ignorantly we support, just like in the case of articulation of footballers issue, this comes up.

“He is the Minster’s slot, the President’s nephew or the Senate President’s younger brother’s sons and they play nonsense! While those hard core talented footballers from the peripheral background live with frustrated knockout from the race in trying to contribute value to their State. It is when you encourage good policy for all that you kick national phenomena like Robbery, kidnappings, thuggery, raping, Fulani Herdsmen attacks and Reprisal attacks, ethnocentrism etc. from threatening the economy and lives of the innocent populace. But self-centered policies are advantageous only to cruelty and gullible systems we have in which lies are convinced to be life.

[06:58, 10/27/2017] Eze: So what society brings such leaders? Personally I will say hone your skills and talents so people celebrate and value your talent not government

I use the entertainment industry again my brother the likes of Tuface, D’banj, Don Jazzy, Davido made it because the people of Nigeria consumed their music, they set a standard on what they make today and those talents have been recognized all over the world today. They took the bull by the horn without help from any political Organization or government policies.

[07:10, 10/27/2017] Ibaba: @Frank flesh and blood did not review this to you but the power of the Holy Spirit, just like you mentioned which you have said it all, look at what happens in military and other security agencies when they are recruiting or replacing, those who are called to serve don’t even go to the field, the son of nobody will suffer under rain and sun and when the list is finally shortlisted, you will see a different thing entirely, so you don’t blame the common man on the street when things are not going well with him just because some had the opportunity and they are fixed somewhere, Saduana of our blessed memory said”

Nigeria will not know peace until the son of nobody who have nobody that know somebody will become something”

Our leaders in power how industrious are they and if they think we are lazy and docile they should stop taking politics as an occupation, go and build factories and become an employer of labour so that those you call lazy people will go there and work, instead of claiming  ownership of what belongs to all of us, living flamboyantly embarking on trivial and frivolous jamboree.

[07:11, 10/27/2017] Eze: I am good at my job and I’ve been hired by different pole because they have seen what I can do and they love it. The Bible says your gift will make room for you

[07:14, 10/27/2017] Ibaba: @Eze, Oga if you are good in what you do, how about those who don’t know how to do it?

[07:16, 10/27/2017] Eze: They can decide to learn if they want. The reason why the Igbo tribe has so many business men all over is the apprentice model they operate.

They own a business, take on a young apprentice who serves them for years and becomes Master of his own after the training, and he also takes on an apprentice, the chain goes on. It’s a choice thing, you either choose to do the right thing or the wrong, it’s a choice thing.

[07:22, 10/27/2017] Ibaba: In love and equality we were all created but all fingers are not equal, we are not saying people should be lazy but even the handwork you are talking about many can do it in one way or the other, but in Nigeria before they call you to do anything they must know your tribe, where you worship, your region and who refer you to the job, this is so bad.

[07:22, 10/27/2017] Eze: We all here have faced disappointment in our lives but we chose to become good citizens and forge on and make something out for ourselves.

Hahaha @know your tribe

[07:23, 10/27/2017] Ibaba: Of course.

See  Moderator’s Thoughts

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