Peace Corp Members

Implication of Mr. President’s refusal to assent to the Peace Corp Bill

[10:32, 3/1/2018] Moderator: Good morning fellow comrades and welcome to the month of March, the third in the year 2018.

President Buhari refused assent to the Peace Corps Bill which have generated a lot of controversies in recent time.

Question:   Will Mr. President’s refusal heighten the existing security challenges in the country OR should the National Assembly override the president’s assent?

And above all, what are the implications of not recognizing Peace corp as a sister security agency to tackle insecurity and also help in maintaining law and order?

Maintain the existing rules and may our gurus give us direction.

Good morning.

[10:46, 3/1/2018] Eze: First of all what is the scope of operation of the Peace corp, who and how is it expected to be funded and what’s the need of establishing another paramilitary organization? I think the President did the right thing. The Peace corp guy can collapse his recruits into the police or army if he is serious, not establishing another organisation that funding will be a problem.

All this duplication of duty is rubbish as far as I am concerned, will talk later about to go in for a presentation.

[10:51, 3/1/2018] Moderator: So Mr. Eze what are the implications of this refusal because it was alleged that, some persons paid #40,000 each for kits and some other things, and going by Mr. President’s decision don’t you think the youths may think otherwise considering hardship and economic situation in the country? I wish you the best in your presentation.

[10:55, 3/1/2018] Eze: Thanks brother, the man should be arrested prosecuted and monies refunded. Who paid money for recruitment???  You cannot incorporate am illegal security outfit and expect your recruits to fund it.

[11:08, 3/1/2018] Moderator: I think the case came before a competent jurisdiction with the issue of extortion as claimed by the police all-encompassing and after the court x-rayed the whole issue judgment was passed in favor of the Peace Corps and the court thereafter mandating the Nigerian police force to unseal their office and pay damages to the organization. So if it was or is an illegal organization, the court would have done justice to that, but the court insisted on its legality.

[11:59, 3/1/2018] Scott: What an interesting and a proper timing for the topic. The Peace Corp lost this race when they didn’t follow due process from the inception. I support President Buhari for not assenting to the bill. More also, Mr. President’s refusal to pass the bill will not heighten the existing security challenges in the country.  Because Peace Corps is not a military organisation that will just come and tackle the security problems on ground. The security problem on ground can and will still be tackled if the leaders at the top will be true to themselves and to the nation by allowing the Army to do their jobs with adequate support. The police, Civil Defense Corps, etc also should be supported adequately to tackle internal security problems.

[14:14, 3/1/2018] Mr. Odey : Good day Comrades. I think the President is on the right direction on this, flowing from the Steve Oronsaye’s panel report, it will amount to duplication of agencies which a serious government should be cutting down on. Yes there is glaring unemployment but the government should only provide enabling environment for private sector to absorb the steaming unemployed youths. I wonder what that body would turn to eventually if the bill were assented, a lot of extortion will follow.

#40,000 for kit? It is better for the legislators should see reason and withhold their veto for the overall interest of the nation.

[14:17, 3/1/2018] Ikechukwu: Good day Mr. Moderator and to you all out there, first of all I believe we have had so many paramilitary force or security bodies enough to handle what so ever security threats we are facing as a nation, so for me I think Mr. President has done well by not giving his assent and I also encourage National Assembly to have a rethink on the issue before overriding the President as this could be another avenue to syphon money meant for other things, besides the country is facing so many challenges regarding finance. I believe the existing forces are cable of handling every situation that will surface if whole heartily executed.

[18:10, 3/1/2018] Frank: Good one from that first debater, an applause from me! For the first time opinions are correlating here.

Why will people even question the decision made by his Excellency in regards to Peace Corp? Nigerians like compounding theories that are not factual, just take a look at the Civil Defense Corps are yet to be rationalized and engage into various localities. Riffles, auxiliary welfares and day to day running of their security affairs are blundered.

What I expected government should have done is to create massive employment and deployment of ou more than 85% of our 190 million population into army, police, secret intelligence and civil defense, to dominate our communities, towns and cities. If the resources are to be valuable to human being then extension should be more into incentives and that could alleviate their sacrifices for the nation.

[18:42, 3/1/2018] Moderator: Welcome and well-articulated Mr. Frank, but one will wonder that going by United Nation’s ratio of one police man to 400 persons, which we are not meeting up maybe because of our selfish, destructive and unscrupulous political gladiators who hijacked the services of mobile police men for their private guards, and we were told by the police service commission that out of the 300,000 police personnel, about 150,000 are deployed to VIPs and private companies.

Ordinary Nigerian will concur that the assent of Mr. President would have been a plus to the unemployed youths pounding the street of Abuja, Lagos and across Nigeria, and above all don’t you think with such frustration of this whole stuff coming dead on arrival, those who used their hard earned #40,000 to seek for this job will be left with no option than engaging in criminality and think destructively?

[08:21, 3/2/2018] Frank: Mr. Ibaba’ thank you! That is why I said they should be reconsidered into army, police, Civil Defense and other constituted forces available in the country.

One police man to 400 persons my foot! Go to the bank and ask, a police man who is been attached to protect lives and property but when the armed robbers plunge will be the first to be killed. That will not certainly work in Nigeria my brother, instead the country of our own today need more security.