Tunde Eso

Tunde Eso


Tunde Eso is passionate about serving the great people of Osun State, Nigeria, with a view to providing equal opportunities for all. He has been involved in various life impacting projects like the running of scholarship programmes on educational and vocational trainings in Osun and in other places.

With this great opportunity given to me to serve our people, there shall be a multiplication of such effort which will ensure youth empowerment, good welfare package for civil servants, students, women, men, traditional rulers, elder citizens, industrial growth and security. My passion for serving, and a voice for our people motivated me to step forward to promote sustainable quality of life for everyone.

I am fully committed to helping the development of an enabling environment for business growth, development and social integration.

I consider myself a visionary which became clearer to me at the age 19. Visionary leaders are compassionate and humanitarian.”

What do you think can be done to solve insecurity problems in Africa especially Nigeria?

Security is key to ensuring growth in any society. You can imagine that the actions of Boko Haram  that commenced in the North is now treading the Western part of Nigeria and imagine they have extended their activities to neighbouring countries in the effort to  capture the whole of Africa. They have been able to move thus far because governments in Africa have been careless about the solutions.  For some years now, I proposed e-policing, the involvement of community leaders, youth coordinators, and youth empowerment by situating youth centres all over the continent where they can lodge complaints and get skills acquisition that will engage them and put them off negative tendencies.

Fix electricity in Africa, then you have employed 75 percent of the youth in the continent, because they will yield for massive industrialisation and will be totally engaged. Security problems will be reduced and we will be sure of economic growth in Africa.

Insecurity is one of the major problems of political instability because it will make political holders to be flippant in their attitude towards the growth of the nations in the continent.  For instance, the internal crises in various African countries such as  Somalia, Sudan, Congo and Central Africa Republic whose growth and development have been stagnated for so long because of internal conflicts.

The task of rebuilding Africa is in the hands of both the government and the governed, which constitute the civil society. Since security is paramount to the existence of any country, government which is the body saddled with the administration of the State will play the major role in ensuring the security of the youth in all ramifications, be it physical, social, economic, educational and in career.

Tunde Eso
Tunde Eso: Author and Politician. Osun State 2018 governorship candidate
What are the strategies that should be put in place to achieve this?

In achieving these, leaders should ensure good governance by drawing-up and implementing policies which are pertinent to the protection and well-being of the youth. Governments should build state capacity to maintain law and order, by equipping the police and other law enforcement agencies. They should also strengthen mechanisms for conflict prevention, management and resolution. African leaders should also show more commitment to the promotion and protection of right of the youth, as stipulated in their various constitutions. There should be avenue for the youth to seek redress in the law courts, when their rights are abused.

Moreso, governments should introduce youth integration initiatives, by promoting the role of the youth in socio-political and economic policy-making processes, in order to give them a say and better still, a sense of belonging in shaping their future. African governments should endeavour to empower the youth, through the provision of educational, economic, social and political opportunities in order to secure their careers and aspiration in life.

But the youth who is at the receiving end is also facing the security challenges in question.

Conversely, the youth whose security is being endangered, have a part to play in addressing youth security. There is need for African youths to be politically conscious, by participating in political activities which shape their status in the society. They should be involved in elections, by electing visionary leaders who have their interest at heart. Furthermore, youths should take their destiny in their hands by assisting the State law enforcement institutions to address issues relating to security.

The war against corruption in Nigeria appears to be the major agenda of President Muhammadu Buhari-led government.  What else do you think can be done to achieve a better result from this agenda?

Government should give education to all especially those at the primary level, then their parents won’t need to steal to send their children to private schools. They should also make the society a cashless one except for emergency with clear evidence.

Have you been involved in politics?

Yes, right from my university days, I was a Student Union Secretary; President, Indigenous Association. Before I went to tertiary institutions, I was encouraged by one Mr. Bankole who was my Church elder at the age of 24 to go and run for councillorship election in my town when he saw in me great leadership qualities. So I contested under People’s Democratic Party (PDP) which I was asked to step down for another candidate by Chief Ebenezer Babatope, the chieftain of the party then in 2007.

I was also called by party leaders to come for a run election again and in 2011. I was called by one of my clients and business man in Osun to come and run Osun Governorship election and in the process my people said they prefer I run for House of Representative or local government chairman, then we started meetings and campaign. Meanwhile, since PDP lost to All Progressive Congress (APC), everyone returned home. But recently, some youth and elders in Osun came to meet me in my house that due to my intellectual acumen displayed in the society, they will prefer me as the fifth Governor of Osun State.

From which party are you likely going to contest?

We are still working on that.

How do you hope to make a difference in Osun if elected governor?

Beyond all, I am a visionary and I got my vision at age 19, so I am sure of whatever I am saying. Visionary leaders are better leaders. They are compassionate and altruist in nature. Osun is no doubt an agrarian State. So, I intend to make our farmers and people enjoy the benefits of work through empowerment and provision of support for them. I intend to build on the good works my predecessors; to take advantage of information and communication technology (ICT); to provide social amenities and empower the youth cum the aged.  I will make sure to improve on the availability of water, food and shelter to stop depending on importation, and I believe government has no business in business.

The role of government is to create an enabling environment by ensuring security of lives and properties; good roads, effective railway system and tax-friendly system. When government creates an enabling environment, industries will spring up.  I have started talking to Osun indigenes and other investors to come and invest in Osun. We have gold that has not been adequately tapped for the benefit of the citizens. My State is known for tourism which is a source of foreign exchange. We have Osun Shrine, Erin Osun waterfall and so on. There is no reason why Osun Festival is not able to compete favourably with other festivals in the world like North Hillgate carnival in London.

My manifesto includes: Pass to travel for artists in Osun State; creation of mortgage bank for artisans; civil servants, productive youths, widows, widowers, market women and men and others to run short and long terms businesses. Free education for first school leaving certificate students and scholarship will be given to secondary and tertiary students among other benefits; serial empowerment for religious and traditional leaders; upliftment of sporting activities in the State; provision of low cost housing and  advancement of our transportation system. We would ensure that our natural resources are used to better the lot of Osun citizens through massive involvement of local and international investors. Meanwhile, as regard politics in Osun, we need a visionary youth to run the affair the State from 2018 so that Osun citizens can feel and enjoy dividend of democracy, you can draw sample from the new young Ooni of Ife.

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