Two generals, Two presidents, One letter

Two Generals, Two Presidents and the implication of one letter.

[09:20, 1/25/2018] Moderator: Good morning distinguished house members, how are we preparing for this morning debates? There will be no boundaries to the question. Wherefore the sky will only be the limit to your views.

Kindly permit me to cut out the usual protocol of topic introduction and the background information. The name is Dave your today’s debate moderator.

Question: With reference to our nation’s state of insecurity and economy, what are your views of former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s advice to President Buhari not to contest the 2019 election, as well as the Coalition for Nigeria group to reorganize the nation’s unity and economy?

Go by the existing rules of the debate, good morning once more.

[10:09, 1/25/2018] Scott: Good morning comrades, President Olusegun Obasanjo’s advice to President Buhari is a welcomed one in this administration.  Though, as President Obasanjo said, it is now left for PMB (President Muhammadu Buhari)to heed to the advice or not. To me, the advice to him not to contest for 2019 election is a good one, so that the president can take good care of his health and join the league of past president that serve as advisers and role model to other leaders in our dear nation.

More also, Obasanjo stressed on key areas where PMB has failed the nation, Obasanjo said something I like, he said and I quote’

“He has no personal bane with PMB, that, it was because there was problems in the country that former President Goodluck Jonathan could not rectify in his administration, that was why Nigerians opted for change.  But since the change could not be achieved, he (Buhari) should not re-contest for 2019 election”.

[10:23, 1/25/2018] Ibaba O. Ibaba: Good morning Mr. Moderator and distinguished members, some may say that the letter is a personal opinion and his own private advice to PMB but as an individual and in my own personal opinion, that letter is on behave of ordinary Nigerians who are handicapped, constrained, suffering and smiling who have no opportunity to advice PMB and are patiently waiting for 2019 to exercise their franchise.

The letter is coming at the right time and in the right direction, when there is tension in the land, hunger, insecurity and those within the middle belt and other crisis disrupted States who have no hope of seeing tomorrow because of the fear of the unknown. In fact all of us are sitting on a time bomb waiting for the appropriate time to explode, therefore we must call a spade by its name, it is crystal clear that this administration under PMB have done nothing rather than inflicting pains on Nigerians so if I may associate myself with Obasanjo’s position, PMB should do himself well and retire back to Daura, join the league of statesmen and come up with robust ideologies on how this country can move forward.

[10:30, 1/25/2018] Moderator: Considering the president’s laudable efforts in those areas that the party faithfuls have presented in defense of Mr. President, and their claims that he (Buhari) is the best option for Nigeria’s leadership problem, what do you make of that assertion Mr. Scott?

And who will be the nation’s likely choice of the APC that can pull the same crowd as PMB as well as being better off than him Mr. Ibaba?

[11:13, 1/25/2018] Ibaba O. Ibaba: Yea, I’m not talking about party line in this dispensation but if you want me to go by that, let me divert a little, the crowd you see during rallies and campaign are people from different parties who just go there for one reason or the other, they are not always interested in what you are there to do but the peanuts that may available at that moment when rallies are on, and if you talk about PMB and APC commanding crowd I think you may be deceived by that sir, I read in the news some days ago and a house of representatives member who was in his constituency campaigning for a second term was dealt with by aggrieved youths who claimed that he failed to fulfill his campaign promises, I also saw a senator from Niger state under the APC platform commissioning an electric pole in his constituency as dividends of democracy, I made the points to let you know how people are angry and it will be no longer business as usual.

To further buttress my points, I read that letter in between the lines and OBJ spoke extensively, he talked about “Coalition for Nigeria Movement” which we have been preaching on this platform, aside that he pointed at some areas which APC failed to address.



(3).poor economic management


As an ordinary Nigerian and without a prophet to tell you all of these, OBJ is absolutely right, there is poverty and hunger in the land, at the inception of this administration we have heard people stealing cooked food, soup and all that just to survive, insecurity has become the order of the day. The government is not sincere, they value cows more than the lives of citizens who voted for this government.

It is said that when you tell one lie you need five or ten more to cover the one lie, on the issue of herdsmen, we were told by IGP that it is a communal clash and I asked myself, with who? And moreover communal clashes are always on land dispute so are the herdsmen dragging the ancestral land with their host communities?

The same IGP went to Benue and apologized, the government said cattle colony is the solution, now what is colony? And to the best of my knowledge I think colony, is gotten from colonization so how many times do you want to colonize people?

From there the government agreed with the DSS reports that they are not herdsmen but “ISWA” I then asked myself, this same government that jettisoned DSS reports on Ibrahim Magu, and tried with its last blood that Magu should be confirmed by the Senate regardless of the DSS report? I further remembered what the President himself told Benue State governor and elders when they visited him, “they should accommodate their countrymen” but today they are ISWA killing people in Nigeria, Femi Adesina went on comparing herdsmen killings with previous administration, and a whole lot, so the government is just built on defensive mechanics and propaganda.

[11:27, 1/25/2018] Moderator: @ Ibaba, when I talk of crowds and PMB especially in the Northern Muslims dominated towns and cities, I am referring to his Charismatic power of influence on the ordinary Muslims folk. Apart from Sardauna the next personality of influence is Buhari, in case you don’t know. And these people even if they are dying for lack of food, they will still go for their amiable leader. This is the reality of the northern politics. And having a different candidate from Buhari will mean reduction of the APC’s chances of being in power. This is where I was gunning at in my question, so what is your observation?

[11:31, 1/25/2018] Eze: All I would say is for the President to salvage the remaining time he has to expound on the good things he is doing, even though there are some areas he needs to take drastic measures, then it would be left for Nigerians to decide if they want him or not.

[11:35, 1/25/2018] Moderator: I believe the bulk of all problems is vested in Buhari being the president, wherefore lets Concentrate on Buhari being or not being the president come 2019. So what are the chances of Obasanjos’s letter in influence the minds of the Nigerian voters against the sitting president should he dare contest, cum his followership in the populous northern State?

If he improved in some of the good things that he is doing, do you think or see him being voted for again with the letter from the ex-president?

[11:42, 1/25/2018] Ibaba O. Ibaba:


We were told that the country exited recession since last year, do they care to know the prices of food stuff in the market? The answer is NO, this same government hired a foreigner in one of the African countries that will help us in economic recovery, we have almost 36 Federal Universities in Nigeria aside State universities, and in each of them we have department of economics, we have about 1000 professors, we graduate thousands of students in the aforesaid department, still the government ignored all of these and opted for a foreigner to come and help us.

The former president talked about nepotism, he is absolutely right and without being told by a soothsayer, we should know and it is crystal clear.  By way of conclusion, Baba Obasanjo is a former President, he may have his short comings but we should not throw away the baby with the bathing rubber, we should take the message and leave the messenger please.

[11:42, 1/25/2018] Eze: That’s Obasanjo’s business, because power resides where the people say it resides.

[11:45, 1/25/2018] Moderator: Yes but articulated speakers, people of influence and charismatic figures do change the course of events isn’t it? Even in choice for leadership.

This letter of OBJ is to create a heavy doubt on the people about President Buhari’s limitations in his governance, should Buhari overlook Obasanjo’s wise counsel?

[11:51, 1/25/2018] Ibaba O. Ibaba: Cast your mind back on political activities build up to 2015 general election as compared to what we have now. Politics is a game of calculation, you have 19 Northern States that voted overwhelmingly for Buhari last election, how many States are willing to pay the supreme price because of Buhari?

The very day that OBJ’s letter was made public, it went viral Bisi Akande and Asiwaju Tinubu met with Buhari in a closed door, who knows what they discussed? OBJ and his crowd were with Buhari last election, are they ready to go with him now? South East without being told you know that he has lost them already, is it Benue that will vote for Buhari? I will love Mr. Buhari to contest so that after the election, we will still discuss his integrity here on this platform.

[12:14, 1/25/2018] Moderator: OBJ in his letter rubbished both APC and PDP and suggested a coalition for Nigeria movement, and the people’s Democratic party are busy saying that, they are that coalition referred to in the letter by Obasanjo, what do you make of this statement by PDP?

[12:52, 1/25/2018] Eze: @Ibaba, our Professors in school only give notes on economics, and go on strike. No innovation nothing, because I’ve not seen any practical working solutions from any of them.

[12:54, 1/25/2018] Ibaba O. Ibaba: I think I disagree with your position sir, we have sound Professors, it is the failure if government to call them and ask of their inputs in National issues. The government should carry them along.

[12:55, 1/25/2018] Eze: For me OBJ, PDP political leaders, traditional leaders even Nigerian s in general all we do is talk and criticize no one proffers solution. Carry who along? Brother they are dead weight, recession can only be exited from by production of sellable goods and services

[12:57, 1/25/2018] Ibaba O. Ibaba: But I think he made a point and gave an alternative in that letter aside APC and PDP which is the coalition for Nigeria movement

[12:57, 1/25/2018] Eze: Point? Go to any beer parlour you will hear people making points, if he loves the nation he should go to Aso Rock confront the President with a workable blue print on how to make Nigeria great, not write letters, any idiot can write letters.

Personally what I look out for is positive productive actions, not letter writing and criticism, we have passed that stage. If the Professors were that good we would be producing our own power plants, automobile, cellphones, fridges even refineries or perfumes. We talk too much and act too little.

[13:07, 1/25/2018] Chris Obi: Buhari beyond OBJ has had the whip of very many influential Nigerians whose opinion shape Public Perception. It is better he leaves now. In March 2015 when Jonathan was written to, PMB applauded OBJ for telling truth to power. OBJ just like all persons who have told truth to power under PMB cannot be wished away. Note that it took all of these people to support him before he became President after so many attempts. Power can be sweet and difficult to release but its people who give power through the support of God. PMB has lost the 2015 goodwill and makes sense to know when to quit.

[13:08, 1/25/2018] Eze: So he leaves what next?

[13:08, 1/25/2018] Chris Obi: We get a new leader.

[13:08, 1/25/2018] Eze: Another President then another letter from the political elite again? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

[13:12, 1/25/2018] Chris Obi: For as long as we are unable to get a good leader, do not expect the letters to stop coming. They will stop when we get it right. We need speed and the man himself said, he has lost speed at this time of his Life. When you cannot meet expectations, what do you do? Give way.

The political elite or anywhere, what is important is that Nigeria must move forward and not be stagnated.

[13:14, 1/25/2018] Eze: We can call ourselves Igbo, Hausa, Yoruba, Tiv, Ffik, Ikwerre, trader, herdsman, market woman, from South, East, South South, North Central, North East, I believe Nigeria is not a place but we are a people with so much potential and resources all we need is to realize who we truly are and not allow a Minor group of people determine who we are.

[13:15, 1/25/2018] Scott: Thank you Mr. Moderator, even if the President has or has not done anything, there will still be supporters, party members etc that will support and back him up. Because of what they’re gaining or they will gain from the presidency.   I am not saying PMB has not done anything, but the attitude he showed towards killings in the nation alone warrant this advice for him not to contest in 2019. Different groups like the Arewa , Association of cattle rearers  etc are telling the president not to listen to Obasanjo’s advice. So it’s PMB’s decision alone to take.

[13:16, 1/25/2018] Ibaba O. Ibaba: Take the message and leave the messenger, Rev. Fr. Mbaka prophesied last election that Buhari will win, and he was exalted as a true prophet of God, now the same Mbaka said PMB should not contest and the presidency said because he was not made the CAN president and that is his anger, but aside OBJ and Mbaka we have other notable Nigerians which some are from the north that have disagreed with PMB’s second tenure bid, the likes of Junaid Mohammed, Yakassai and the rest.

[13:16, 1/25/2018] Zekeri : Posted an image – image deleted.

[13:17, 1/25/2018] Ibaba O. Ibaba:  Zekeri don’t try this again, debate is going on you have not contributed since in the morning and the best you could do is to post nonsense here why?

I want him (President Buhari) to contest so that he will be disgraced and other Nigerians with questionable characters will see the outcome as a deterrent. What type of leader are you when on the day Benue people were burying 73 people he was busy receiving governors who came to endorse him in Abuja. Did any delegation from the Federal government go there on that very day to witness the black Thursday?

We can’t keep progressing in errors, look at countries like Ghana making a mockery on Nigeria telling Fulani herdsmen in Ghana that this is not Nigeria, we have become a laughing stock in the international arena by our leaders, where is our future and that of our generation yet unborn?

[13:50, 1/25/2018] Zekeri: I do appreciate this wonderful debate so far and the subject matter is getting a lasting solution to the problem of our dear country Nigeria. @ Ibada an animal will never lead us in Nigeria, we need loud and clear research to know the kind of person who can take us away from this unpalatable situations.  I made a deep research about Sen. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Makarfi, who I see as the Man who can do the job. This is not the time for nonsense. It is the time to search for who will take us to the better Nigeria.

[14:54, 1/25/2018] Ibaba O. Ibaba: Yes quite sure, it is time to search and shop for a credible Nigerian to deliver but what do you mean by “animal will not lead us”?

How do you justify your position of shopping for a corrupt free Nigerian who will deliver and your agenda’s correlation with Obasanjo’s letter dismissing APC and PDP while clamoring for a coalition for Nigeria movement sir?

[15:25, 1/25/2018] Zekeri: My dear brother, you see, Nigeria is a State that needs time to study. Now, what I mean by animal is this, now we are searching who will be the Savior. If you term that as nonsense, then, you are telling me that nobody is fit to redeem Nigeria from its precarious situations. Even Obasanjo’s letter that negates APC and PDP and demanding for coalition democracy, now, is it animals or humans Obasanjo is proffering coalition for?

[15:25, 1/25/2018] Eze: Funny how Nigerians assimilate and hold unto Obasanjo’s words yet I wonder how he himself ruled this country, there is a saying that you cannot see ur back when you’re dancing. Nigerians don’t have a set standard of who they want to lead them, any one can do so far as they make better promises than the last candidate, or who says what they like to hear.

One I think that will make this group different is not only to encourage people to collect PVC and vote it’s also tell them the standard and quality of leadership they should vote for. Political debate is important, that’s where you find people of substance with a plan and ways to fix the country, not just campaign promises with no plans.

[09:08, 1/26/2018] Ibaba O. Ibaba: Yes very correct about political debate, you have a point there.

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