Who is the drowning man?

Should the IG of Police be fired for “A drowning man”?

[10:39, 2/8/2018] Moderator: The house of Representatives took a unanimous decision yesterday calling on President Muhammadu Buhari to replace the IGP over his unprofessional handling of killings going on in the country alleged to be perpetrated by the fulani herdsmen, worse of was a statement credited to the force PRO Mr. Jimoh Moshood calling the Benue State governor “a drowning man”, what is your opinion on this, should the IGP be sacked?

Good morning all, let’s do justice to today’s debate. Endeavour to stick to the Rules.

[11:16, 2/8/2018] Chigozie: Good day ladies and gentlemen,  it is so unfortunate the way and manner the IGP has handled the ongoing herdsmen killings in the states,  his comments has been a prove of how biased,  senseless and myopic he has been towards the life of the common Nigerians,  though he apologized on his earlier judgment of why the herdsmen are on rampant killing,  attributing it to anti grazing law of the state. It is so unprofessional for a law enforcement officer who swore to protect lives justify the killing of innocent Nigerians whatsoever, even the presidential directive which ordered him to relocate to Benue was never adhered to.

In my opinion, he is due to go,  as he lacks the diplomacy required to head such a sensitive office in Nigeria, God bless Nigeria.

[11:30, 2/8/2018] Magnificent: Good morning all. This regime has totally failed. If care is not taken we may be heading back to the state of Nature( a lawless state). Naija is becoming a laughable state at d international system.

[11:39, 2/8/2018] Magnificent: I would love to ask, What MUST BE DONE TO FIX NAIJA INTO LIBRAL STATE?  It’s not a funny question, because we cannot solely depend on our leaders, they are failing themselves.

[11:46, 2/8/2018] Ibaba: Good day moderator and everyone, I want to associate myself with the house of Representatives resolutions that the IGP should be sacked with immediate effect and the police PRO Mr. Jimoh Moshood relieved of his duty. When the killings started the IGP made a statement here in Abuja that it was just a communal clash without going to the affected areas to see things for himself, as the number one police officer who took an oath to defend every Nigerian regardless of religion, tribe and political affiliation, ought to have in his own wisdom without waiting for the directives of Mr. President gone to Benue State and arrest the situation.

He waited until when he was asked to relocate to the state, he spent just one day in Benue, came back to Nasarawa State and spent two days. It is crystal clear that the IGP have taken sides, he is bias in handling the killings, treating killer herdsmen with deodorants, he came back and told the Senate committee that the killings are as a result of the anti-grazing law promulgated by the Benue State House of Assembly, wherefore, it was as a result of incessant killings that ushered this law in, and before the implementation of the law, killings were going on. The Agatu massacre was it as a result of the law? So the president should replace Mr. Idris with a competent and we’ll oriented police officer to head that institution.

On Jimoh Moshood, he acted unprofessional because if as a well trained personnel and a force PRO speaking on behave of the police there are statements you don’t make on national television, for calling an elected governor “a drowning man”, it is an insult not just on Governor Ortom of Benue State but on the Nigerian governor’s forum, Ayo fayose have reacted and we are waiting for the rest of them, how could he make such a derogatory statement?

To tell you the height of impunity in this administration, when Kasim Afegbua the spokesman of IBB issued a statement on behave of his principal that the president should pave way for a new generation of leaders by not seeking reelection, he was Declared wanted by the Nigerian police, and the same person who declared Afegbua wanted was on television calling and elected governor a drowning man, Nigerians must condemn this in totality and if Mr. President fails to act sequel to the house of Representative’s resolutions it will be clear to us that the nepotism which former president Obasanjo made reference to in his letter was not just a mere mistake but it has come to stay in this administration.

But it is unfortunate that Mr. Buhari himself seems to be giving deaf ears to the killings going on, up till now the President has not been to Benue to commiserate with the people and at least give them hope, he went to Nasarawa on Tuesday to commission projects, from Lafia to Benue it will not take you 10mins to land in Makurdi, what stop him from doing that?

It is a pity the president will not listen to the house resolutions but Nigerians should know that the Era of “I don’t care is over” and now is the moment, but Buhari should know that he took an oath to defend every Nigerian regardless of tribe, political parties and religion, he should remember what he said on the 29th of May 2015 that “he belongs to everybody and belongs to no body

[11:49, 2/8/2018] Magnificent: I support your assertion @Ibaba, this killings can also be linked to the ‘Cattle colony’. This is a Draconian regime, too much killings. May God help us.

[12:04, 2/8/2018] Moderator: Is there a pattern to these killings, or a hidden motive as speculated by some?

[12:13, 2/8/2018] Ibaba: Yes moderator there is a hidden motive, and the motive seems to be to take over the Benue land, so when they felt the people are resisting they brought cattle colony, but with the help of God Nigerians will collectively resist anothercolonization in any guise.

[13:29, 2/8/2018] Ikechukwu: Good day every one, based on my own perspective I am of the opinion that the IGP is or was intoxicated by the personal relationship he enjoys with the President and that privilege is now tantamount to impunity, to insult’s an elected governor. It is the right time our law makers make their mark concerning misuse of powers. I am strongly in line with the House of Representatives but will the President adhere to such advice? Because you will agree with me that this is not the first time the executive arms of government will look down on the National Assembly.

[13:40, 2/8/2018] Scott: Good day everyone, the killings is taking another shape and style. Various tales of attacks on vehicles travelling from Benin to Lagos along Benin Ore express way. Thank God the police came out to debunk these tales as unfounded, but for once let’s sit and imagine what all of these news of insecurity is doing to our country in general. My question now is, what do we do, since our government is not showing any form of concern?

[16:00, 2/8/2018] Ibaba: Mr. Scott welcome, the killings has a hidden agenda and we must unveil that if we really wants to move forward, the security agents are not giving us the true picture of what is happening, let the Minister of defense appear before the law makers and tell us what is happening in our boarders, somebody must be relieved of his job or be fired.

I think we know the solution to our problems most especially this issue of herdsmen, they are Nigerians and we cannot deny that fact as such they have the equal rights to reside in any part of the country and associate as enshrined in our Constitution, but they must adhere to our laws to avoid break down of law and order.

Ranching is the solution to this, cattle rearing is a private business so those who wants to do it should subscribe to the idea of ranching which is the global best practice, go to countries in the middle east, they have cattle more than us, our own is a child play but you don’t hear of what we have here, it is not only the Fulani that own cattle, people should Ranch their livestock so that they don’t run their businesses at the expense of others.

[16:11, 2/8/2018] Mr. Epic: If any of us still remembers Abuja declaration of 1989 you will see all that’s happening right now, you will see all the plans concerning what we are in to today.

[16:14, 2/8/2018] Ibaba: Can you brief us about the declaration sir?

[16:15, 2/8/2018] Mr. Epic: The Abuja Declaration is the name frequently given to the communiqué issued after the Islam in Africa conference held in Abuja Nigeria between 24 and 28 November 1989. The conference was organized by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (at that time called the Organisation of Islamic Conference) and it agreed to set up the Islam in Africa Organisation (IAO).

[16:42, 2/8/2018] Tony: “Indeed there was a country”. I remembered in the 80s and early 90s the herdsmen moved around with their sticks and not Ak47 but now religion has taken over our humanity. Since the security apparatus have given different conflicting information about them, first thing to do is to close/secure the boarders of the country. Some boarders of the country is a laughing stock, all those custom officers perambulating along Benin-ore road inflicting pains on passengers will be posted to the boarders no more customs on our inter roads, secondly give every herdsmen 7days to disarm and after that If they fail to do so, then we come up with next step…

[16:45, 2/8/2018] Moderator: Thanks Tony, because of ECOWAS treaty to free movement, closing the boarders won’t really solve the problem.

[16:47, 2/8/2018] Tony: Granted Moderator, but that doesn’t mean that our boarders will be wide open, go to the north and see what I mean and then go to Lagos or Cross River you will see the difference.

[18:14, 2/8/2018] Ibaba: Yeah @Tony, we have porous boarders, let those in authority tighten up our boarders to disallow influx of aliens gaining access into Nigeria, if you extensively carry out an assessment of those Mai Ruwa (water peddlers), 70% of them are from Niger and other neighboring countries. How do they gain access is what we don’t know, last year the Governor of kano raised an alarm that about 4 million Alamajiri (Homeless protégés serving under an Islamic leader) in kano are not Nigerians. Have we done anything to flush them out? Not only in kano even Abuja here but sometimes those things are coordinated by unscrupulous and destructive politicians who hire them and bring them in to Nigeria to manipulatively have their way during elections, as registration is going on now they are equally being registered and when elections are over what do you expect from them, when those who contracted them have abandoned them, they will have no option than engaging in criminality and unleashing terror on innocent citizens.

Sometimes I am tempted to submit that “fulani” is being used as a nomenclature to cause this havoc, but those in authority don’t want to do anything. Those guys may be fleeing Boko Haram and cattle rustlers who attack them and cart away with their cows from there penetrate through people’s farm, killing innocent citizens, a case in point was what happened in Zamfara and in Mambila, so sometimes the fulanis are at risk even more than farmers, although they (fulanis) also indulge in this.

If we have had serious government over time and even now who have been proactive and not just reactive in condemning killings when they happened this issue would have been of the past, it seems we are helpless but we are not hopeless so we pray for togetherness of our youths regardless of our faith so that our eyes will be open and we shall be liberated from the hands of evil dictators who call themselves leaders in a democratic dispensation, for it is only those who fight for freedom with indefatigable and self-sacrificing spirit that wins and maintain it forever otherwise thieves are willing to trample on the sovereignty of other nations.

Other countries are happy about our predicament and there are foreign invincible hands fueling the crisis so that their sophisticated fire arms will sell.

[18:58, 2/8/2018] Eze: Half of our problems can be solved by setting simple standards and everyone abides by those standards and because there are no set standard people just behave anyhow. If there was a set standard for cattle breeding (ranching) we simply won’t have this present chaos, Nigeria won’t be as dirty as it is if we have sanitation standards, we won’t have potholes and collapsing buildings if we have set engineering standards.

[19:01, 2/8/2018] Ibaba: Yes, our government should be committed to making laws that are certain and knowable in advance, they should foresee the unforeseen circumstance, which is how it’s being done in advance countries.

[19:02, 2/8/2018] Eze: Standards set helps to reduce nuisance level, Laws and standards are two different things

[19:03, 2/8/2018] Ibaba: @Eze, I think is not too late, for lessons are blessings for those who want to learn.

[19:03, 2/8/2018] Eze: It’s not; we are stuck with our ancient ways, that’s another thing that has kept us back. We need to liberate our minds on doing things better, for instance, since I was born till now vulcanizers in Nigeria change tyres the same way, and I am trying to innovate that.

That’s by the way, we can do better in this nation if only we can use our brains, I think the best way is for the government to organize tech competitions, you will see how creative we are.

[19:11, 2/8/2018] Magnificent: Then something fishy is going on that we don’t understand.
[21:28, 2/8/2018] Moderator: This vividly explains the critical times we are in and how undervalued an average Nigerian life is to those we voted in to lead us…
[21:36, 2/8/2018] Mr. Epic: Because our government don’t allow the creative ones to contribute to the economy
[21:39, 2/8/2018] Eze: @Moderator, I think its the value the killer places on human life because if the person doing the killing valued the sanctity of life no matter how much he is paid or angry he/she won’t kill. Most times we blame leaders who I must say are not really doing their jobs, but the rest of humanity too should lean the value of life, and that comes from empathy.

@ Mr Epic leave government out of creativity, its only when a need arises that humanity is inspired to create, but because of our docile nature as Nigerians and Africans at large, we feel its only the whites that have that ability, and its inherent in our society. If the followers sit up trust me leadership will.

We can’t fold our hands and wait for politicians to do everything, once I finish my research and build something good my market will be the vulcanizers and the road users. If the innovation is fantastic I create value in society and society pays me money, I pay my tax use some of the proceeds to further my research and create more things.
[21:46, 2/8/2018] Mr. Epic: Well you may say so but they are the pillars for helping the creative minds of the society.
[21:48, 2/8/2018] Eze: My dear they are not pillars, your mind is the foundation and pillar of every creative enterprise, because with or without govt our minds will still come up with ideas.

[22:53, 2/8/2018] Ibaba: It is because we are docile people that the government takes advantage and ride on us, Nigerians are very patient people give us what we want, make us comfortable and we will pay the price. To accept a responsibility you must be responsible, so when government officials fail in their areas of coverage they should be blamed regardless of who is piloting the affairs.

How will one be creative and think constructively in an environment like this, if it is not herdsmen, it’s boko haram, fuel scarcity or government officials treading blames, so what will you think innocent citizens killed, pregnant women had their belly split and unborn babies removed, you can only constructively think when you are in a safe and secured environment
[23:01, 2/8/2018] Eze: Development my brother is a personal decision, if you want to, you can be creative wherever, even in the chaos.
[23:02, 2/8/2018] Ibaba: To think and be creative is another thing, to have the capital and capacity to develop and execute that thought is another different thing.
[23:02, 2/8/2018] Eze: Personally I like challenges, and I look at possibilities not problem. I’ve chosen to live that way and even when I don’t have capital I’ve built stuff that has given me money because I saw an opportunity and I created value
[23:05, 2/8/2018] Ibaba: As it is in Benue now what do you think, I was told last week that NNPC officials and foreign investors were shot by herdsmen so what then do someone think when people are on the street everyday fleeing for their dear lives and thinking of what to eat?
[23:20, 2/8/2018] Mr. Odey: Good evening comrades. I am sorry for checking in this late. Well, the situation we find ourselves in respect of the conduct of our leaders is rather unfortunate, it boils down to obvious failure of the institutions in the state. A security chief watches those he should protect been hacked to death and the only action he could take was to issue a careless statement, as if that was not enough, another statement came calling the Governor, and elected Chief executive of a state names, in fact, the removal of IGP is long overdue not only for happenings in Benue but for complexities as alleged by Distinguished Senator Missau. But what can we say, it is a common saying in my place that ‘when you see a bird dancing on the road, the drummer is in the bush close by’ I call it the height of Executive irascibility. The House of Rep. Demanding his removal is begging the question, the legislature is considered a rubber stamp, how far can they press their demands when they know the glaring insecurity in the land constitutes a breach of the constitution. After all ‘the primary purpose of government is the security and welfare of the people’. If the executive has failed in its duties, what are they waiting for to institute an impeachment proceedings?
[23:23, 2/8/2018] Ibaba: Welcome Mr Odey
[23:24, 2/8/2018] Mr. Odey: Thank you Ibaba
[23:26, 2/8/2018] Ibaba: The position of the hollowed chamber is just advisory which is crystal clear that the president will not do anything in that regard, the advice is dead on arrival
[23:29, 2/8/2018] Mr. Odey: Yes ibaba, that is why I recommend they invoke to relevant sections dealing with impeachment for them to be taken seriously.

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