would government protect us or we ourselves?

Who would protect us now; government or ourselves?

[2/22, 09:46] Moderator:


In Nigeria, news of killings, abductions, raids has become a recurring decimal, it’s now routine to hear of Boko Haram, Herdsmen, Armed robbers, Kidnap kingpins, militias in our daily broadcasts. Many administrations have come and gone without any tangible solution to curb our second biggest monster (after corruption) insecurity.

Earlier this week, the Boko Haram insurgents attempted another mass abduction of students from a Federal Government College in Dapchi about 101km North-west of Damaturu in Yobe State. The same insurgents that we have repeatedly been told were defeated by the Military.

Consequently, we are presented with the questions:

  1. Who would protect us now; government or ourselves?
  2. Is the gun ownership restriction law existing in Nigeria keeping us safe or vulnerable?


DO UNTO OTHERS WHAT YOU WANT TO BE DONE UNTO YOU, and may the well-educated school us.

Good morning.

[2/22, 10:19] Eze: Guns on their own don’t kill people, it is people with guns that kill people. Politicians and even law enforcement agents because of greed and quest for power have allowed guns to proliferate the country, giving rise to the cases we see.

[2/22, 10:21] Moderator: But failure of government to defend her citizens may result to self-defense.

[2/22, 10:22] Eze: It’s not about defense it to cut off the main supply, if with all arm ourselves, that’s a recipe for disaster.

[2/22, 10:24] Moderator: Government and the security agents have a lot to do, viz checking the excesses of arms in the country, Mr. Eze I said so because, according to the chairman Police Service Commission Mr. Mike Okiro, we have about 15,000 mobile police men guiding private individuals,

[2/22, 10:29] Eze: It’s funny when you’re telling the politicians who are responsible for buying and arming the miscreants to do something, most of these miscreants can’t afford the sophisticated arms they have. The ones that do like the militants were through oil bunkry and pipeline contracts. Even it’s so bad a customs official who is in  court today says he paid off the police, SSS  and other security personnel a small change of 4 million so that a container filled with weapons could go through.

It is a bottom-top approach and everybody has to do their part in society, our I don’t care attitude is plenty, just because it’s not happening to us we are like “OK”.

[2/22, 10:38] Moderator: So in a country where police men who by law are supposed to be protecting defenseless citizens are all attached to politicians, their girlfriends, in laws, private companies, leaving you and I without nobody to protect us, then what do we do if we all lost confidence in the government?

[2/22, 10:41] Eze: Info gathering and dissemination is what we need,

[2/22, 10:41] Moderator: And what happens when they are arrested? I heard in the news that government set free about 400 Boko Haram suspects, to where, and to go and be doing what? People should pay for their crimes, so that it will serve as deterrent to others willing to indulge in crime

[2/22, 10:45] Eze: Suspects is the word, not everyone caught was a bad person, now that’s story for another day.

[2/22, 10:46] Moderator: Eze even when there is clear evidence at the end, they are being swept under the carpet. Our leaders over time have not being sincere with security issues. The masterminds of Benue killings were arrested in Tugan Nasarawa State, that was the same place the governor of Benue raised an alarm, that they were harboring those perpetrating this act in Benue state, the Nasarawa State governor denied but on Monday, the Fulani man along-side four others were arrested  and during interrogation they admitted

So those in leadership position are not telling us the truth, they are just apportioning blames and all of that

[2/22, 10:55] Eze: Well they have been arrested, it’s just the will to do the right thing.

[2/22, 10:56] Moderator: If you go to kaduna, it’s el rufai versus Shehu Sani and Hunkuri, in Zamfara it’s Marafa and Yari, in Kogi it’s Dino Melaye and Yahaya Bello, name it just all over the country and they are not ready for governance.

Eze, we need a justice that is blind to the power, the wealth, the office, the tribe that stands before it so that those willing to trade on that same path will have a course to rethink.

[2/22, 12:57] Mr. Odey: It is regrettable the way people play politics with everything, human lives not left out. Politics is played by arming willing youths to unleash terror on perceived opponents, even those with the instruments of power deploy same to intimidate opposition. We must learn to imbibe the definition of politics according to Mau se Tung (war without bloodshed) in order to have peaceful political environment.

[2/22, 13:26] Blessed: I quite agree with you Comrade, it’s even more worrisome that we call ours a democratic state. Democracy in its basest definition is “sharing ideas to live by”, leading to an atmosphere of live and let live. But sadly our democracy’s tenet is “live and let die”.

@Eze, I understand your sentiment about not allowing everyone to be armed with firearms, it’s the right approach and spawns from a logically correct mind. But what then will be the conclusion of the matter? That sanity must now live in fear of insanity? Decent citizens must now live in fear and trauma? Certainly not!

I am not militarist by nature, but in the light of the facts, something has to be done. Citizens should be armed, and let everyone work for his or her security. After all, its common knowledge that most of our elites have weapons for self defence, as they will call it, if we are to balance the equation, so must the common man.

At this point we have moved past the stage of logic and good conscience, the time for that was the lag time between when the illogical minded first struck and when it became a recurring event, a rite of passage for a maneuver in one selfish politician’s political career.

From all indications we are back to the state of nature, and life must follow same rule, and that is to be solitary, brutish and short. When we then get to the point of understanding that each life must be respected, we can abolish proliferation of arms. Why must the common man suffer for a politician’s folly? They got so many guns into the system and are unwilling, even unable to retrieve same, so should others keep dying on their behalf?

Won’t legalization of arms serve as a check even for corruption?

[2/22, 17:41] Scott: what a topic, I have been so busy but am glad to be here. Good evening comrades

My brothers and sisters, the security situation of our dear nation is in a pitiable state; An epileptic state that is getting worse by the day.  We have hoped on government, they‘ve failed us, we have hoped on foreign countries, they’ve failed us also. The best and only solution is to help ourselves. And pray also

The gun ownership restriction law in Nigeria is glaring, it’s keeping us vulnerable.  Reasons being is that, if a common man like me wants to buy a gun now. The first thing they will do to you is detain and question you on what you need a gun for.  If care is not taken you might even go to jail.

We are only flying in the wings of prayer, the issue of insecurity in Nigeria has caused more pain than gain. It is only fools that will say all is well, when truly all is not well. In fact citizens of this nation are suffering.

[2/22, 18:08] Bliss: getting a gun is not the best solution, all I know is that God is our savior, the Bible made us  understand this except God watch the city if not watchman is watching in vain so my brothers and sisters God delivered Israelites from Egypt so shall God see us through in Nigeria. Nigeria is under captivity of the poor while the rich enjoys all the benefits insecurity we’re taking about is for the poor, the Rich ones are really secured

[2/22, 18:24] Moderator: Prayer is good but with faith and hard work God told the Israelite to pray and dedicate the battle to Him the living father and they will emerge victorious which it has been so over time, how faithful and sincere we are with our prayers when the so called pastors and imams in collaboration with the politicians make life difficult for us, most of the big churches are built with proceeds of corruption and they will in turn deceive everyone saying God asked us to pray for our enemies.

[2/22, 19:55] Blessed: Violence is never quenched with violence, there are always better alternatives. Watching @cnn tonight, I am awed at the strength and commitment of young Americans that make up the #NeverAgain movement, and I wonder when Nigerians will get tired of their docile and complaisant attitudes?

If we shouldn’t get guns, what then must we do?

[2/22, 20:23] Eze: Insecurity is caused by us (our fellow Nigerians) who dislike each other, brother killing brother, some use their relatives for rituals and political power our moral compass is broken. That we can terrorize and kill our people for trivial issues that can be sorted amicably shows how wicked we are.

Because if a politician gives me a gun I won’t take, but what about you and the next person and the next person will they say no too? These are questions we need to ask ourselves, these are issues we need to start as a movement.  We can’t be killing ourselves and not be remorseful about it, our youth cannot keep on being tools of murder and we keep quiet about it.

These politicians don’t kill is the person they buy guns for that do the killing.

[11:25, 2/23/2018] Eghosa: Good morning house, kudos moderator.

My silence here is not deliberate, but due to the economic situations, I have to opt my games. Concerning the attempted abduction of the students at Dapchi girls, I have a strong feelings that its all setup, this government is capable of doing anything to remain relevant.

Its the duty of the government to protect its citizens, when citizens begins to pick up arm to protect themselves, then we’re in a state of anarchy.

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