Youth Development and harnessing industrial and creative potentials.

Youth Development: harnessing their industrial and creative potentials.

[08:16, 11/2/2017] Moderator: Youths Development in Nigeria is faced with numerous challenges, and  actualizing their creative potentials too, just few of them, have comprehensive understanding of the Nigerian economy, how it’s runs and the opportunities that awaits them.

The question for today’s debate is:

How can the YOUTHS harness their industrial and creative potentials in this current political framework?

[08:27, 11/2/2017] Eze: First of all by identification of where their skills and crafts are needed and providing required and professional services to their potential clients.

[09:06, 11/2/2017] Frank: Government should help reawaken the young, energetic and talented individuals from their idleness by using pundits in the process of policy formulation

[09:31, 11/2/2017] Dave: Seriously this is a problem that both the youth and government are facing without meaningful ideas of getting over it. I concur with @Mr. Eze’s contribution of first idenyifying their skills first, they have such skills. Being conscious of what you are good at, and the mindset to pursue the vision, that is in the part of the youths and also government policy that can help such youths in achieving their vision directly or indirectly. Lack of these necessary requirements from both sides has rendered the youths unproductive, and the government ineffective.

[09:40, 11/2/2017] Scott: Good morning Comrades. Thank you Madam Moderator for this interesting topic, but it will be imperative for us to know who a youth is.

“Youth can be defined as a special group of people with strong stamina and passion for realizing certain set goals and objectives”. Also, youth share certain characteristics that distinguish them from others generation. Such characteristic include, impatient for change, zealousness, radicalism, rebellious, curiosity, hard work, ego and ambition etc.

You will agree with me, that, these are the propelling factors for national development. Looking at this concept, it is safe to say, that, youth are the engine and actualizers of national development, if their mindsets are channeled in the right direction.

[09:41, 11/2/2017] Moderator: Our search light is under this current political framework.This present administration has provided opportunities for our youths to harness.

We have N Agro

N Tax

N Build

N Creative

N Health

N Teach

N Hardware

N Software.

[09:46, 11/2/2017] Scott: Do these schemes work? Absolutely not, it’s all political to me. It only worked when it came out newly. Nigerian youth should stand firm on its own to acquire a skill. If you wait for the government, you will be disappointed.

[09:48, 11/2/2017] Dave: Just as it is in the speech of one of the American President who once said “Think of what you can do to your Country first and not what the country can do for you“. And this is true because the government is from the people and not otherwise. It is the people that actually build their nation by their various skills contributing to the economy and not only the government. Wherefore, the youth has the major stake in this ugly problem.

A wise young man or woman who has what to give to the nation must do all it takes within the ambit of the law to present himself out to the eyes of the public for possible assistance or government collaborations.

[09:48, 11/2/2017] Moderator: We can think outside the box ( N power) by creating opportunities for others to be gainfully employed. We can harness the PPP opportunity to render exceptional services.

Thanks @Dave, we must give to our nation, for the YOUTHS to give meaningfully, then they must be part of the Decision making body, don’t you think?

[10:13, 11/2/2017] Dave: The government in whichever capacity has still not done adequately to cushion the situation. Even the present government’s N power scheme cannot be regarded as an adequate response due to some bureaucratic and technological bottle necks. These two factors alone have cut a major population away from aspiring for the said N power scheme.

However, I cannot deny the fact that it has done well for the few privileged ones that qualified, but I tell you Madam Moderator, a lot needs to be put in place to solve this critical national problem. The solution still lies somewhere within the two parties, government and the youths, and these are what we must look for and talk about.

[10:15, 11/2/2017] Moderator: @Dave, Our destiny still lies in our hands, Right!

[10:18, 11/2/2017] Dave: Sure it does but only with some good policies from the policy making body.  Yes the youth ought to be part of the policy making body, but they are not because they are not financially able, politically informed and culturally responsible.

[10:33, 11/2/2017] Odey: For the Youths to make any appreciable meaning both for themselves and Nigeria as a whole, there has to be a purposeful re-discovery. How can the youths eat their cake and still have it? The youths constitute the bulk of willing tools politicians use to achieve their anti-people objectives, use as tugs and hired crowd. Most of the active minds would rather be engrossed in cultism instead of channeling their enormous potentials creatively. Until there is a change of attitude, the youths can only get what the older generation decides to leave for them

[10:34, 11/2/2017] Moderator: Welcome on board @Mr. Odey

[10:35, 11/2/2017] Ikechukwu: Good morning Madam Moderator and to you all, the Nigerian youths are blessed with enormous gifts or talents, but sometimes we abandon our potentials for Sharp-sharp limelight. In other words copycat talent, where every youths out there wishes to be like Tekno, Davido cr7 ,messi and so many others by going outside their potential and talents .Also our parents sometimes failed in their duties to direct their wards towards achieving their destiny and  in some cases end up as  nuisance in the societies.

Regarding government, the policies of our country are not encouraging, either some of those programs mentioned by our Moderator are just a mere trick to remain relevant to the plight of the masses. How many youths have benefited from it so far and among those who has benefited from it who are they in the society and what are their links to government? So the problems beseeching us comes from us the youths, parents and the government so all hands must be on desk to harness our potentials.

[10:36, 11/2/2017] Moderator: Hmm, the YOUTH most demonstrate maturity. Thanks @Mr. Odey. What I Enumerated above is what the APC government has cooked for its youth, are we asking for more?

[10:39, 11/2/2017] Ibaba: Good morning all, moderator you said this present government brought N-power but just like @Scott said it’s political because, if you begin to ask yourself, how best was the SURE-P program introduced by the previous administration?  So the problem is not coming up with programs that cannot flourish after every four years but how do the government implement them to leave such as a legacy even if they are out of office.

The government should give the youths a sense of belonging, because like we know, the State is the committee of the bourgeoisie for the exploitation of the proletariat. So until the youths become part of policy making, politically carried along, because like Albert Einstein posited, the State is made for man, not man for the State. Good morning.

[10:41, 11/2/2017] Eze: Knowledge they say is power, until you have knowledge and understanding of your ability and potential you possess that will go a long way to self-development, one only needs to have the will power to and personal motivation to harness your gifts.

[10:44, 11/2/2017] Moderator: Sustainable programs. The proletariat has nothing to lose except for their chains. Do you think we can overcome this present political arrangement without revolution? Because the YOUTH needs to take charge!

[10:48, 11/2/2017] Dave: So, where do these solutions lies? In my own opinion, those youth that have what to offer need to do more than just being the only ones that knows what they can do or with some few people in their locality. But all must try to sell themselves out to the public for patronage. And the government also should campaign heavily for the involvement of the private sector to produce more of the likes of Tony Elumelu and others.

[10:49, 11/2/2017] Ikechukwu: @Madam Moderator, I believe that revolution is not the only means of stating your displeasure about government policies, through our PVC come 2019 we can initiate a new phenomenon

[10:51, 11/2/2017] Frank: In this country of ours today, you excel when the government says so, nepotism in today’s Nigerian leadership is a hindrance to our youth that are talented in deferent ways which we all know are of great benefit to them and the development of the economy of the State.

In the same vein with @Scott, who said those policies doesn’t work any longer, if we feel the youth are at fault, I agree, but only for “not acquiring a specific skill for themselves to be empowered”, but our government stands the greatest contributor to their mediocrity, in not creating an enabling environment for them to be serious.

What happen with our security, infrastructural development, law and orders etc? If look closely, you will see that about 79% are looking for political fortune instead of being self-employed and that cannot happens until the government of the day stands for a robust, unbiased and a massive corrective measure in her policies for the Nigerian State.

[10:54, 11/2/2017] Scott: The youth are the cornerstone to societal rejuvenation. Societies are not only recreated through the youthful population, but, youth are often referred to as “leaders of tomorrow”. So, their mindset and roles is of major importance to the development of any society. It is perplexing to say, that, no nation will experience development when the preponderance of the population that constitutes the largest percentage of the population are idle and ineffective.

So, therefore, the youths have a greater role to play on national development. It has been suggested that Nigeria could by 2030 reap the benefits of what some called a “demographic dividend” if it invest now in human development. Nigeria’s current demographic structures could be future assets when a demographic window of opportunity opens as fertility and high youth dependency declines.

In fact, The Nigerian youths, not oil is the future of Nigeria in the 21st century.

Unfortunately, these projections, expectations, and future forecasts, seem to be an abysmal blindfolded future, if the prevailing realities is anything to go by. The current state of the mind of the Nigerian youth is not encouraging and doesn’t inspire confidence. Societal neglects and government inability to design an integrated and implementable policy framework targeting their youthful energy for national development, has left the youth without guardianship, mentorship and direction.

Instead of utilizing their energy, curiosity, creativity, passion and impatience for change to foster national development; unfortunately, the gamut of the society has left the youth without, hope, guardianship, mentorship and future aspiration, if the agonies of poverty, unemployment, frustration, despondences, confusion, hopelessness, parental and governmental neglects, are anything to go by.

[10:57, 11/2/2017] Odey: @Ibaba, I agree with your submission to a great extent, but I beg to differ on the line you requested that the youths be given a place in the decision making process. The youths have the strength but they seem not to be aware of it. I hope you are aware of the numerical and military strength apparently possessed by the youths? In fact the youth’s a sense of purpose can do anything. If you are waiting for that to be given to you by older generation then just forget it. They are enjoying the status quo and would not let go of it cheaply. Freedom they say is achieved, not received.

[10:58, 11/2/2017] Moderator: @Ikechukwu we can revolutionize our country with our PVC.  Revolution doesn’t have to do with violence always, eg 1830 France revolution.

[10:59, 11/2/2017] Dave: @Moderator, You are turning me unto another and more crucial problem of the youths. Yes! We can, the youth can and only by that spectacular means of a Revolution. A revolution that I consider as legal coup d’état is one against the old generation that has been holding power. A revolution that will seek to address the reason of been a citizen in this God’s own country called Nigeria, a revolution that can reduce the senseless economic gap between the so called rich and poor. Yes we can achieve that under a political party for the youth, which will seek to bring a new breed of politicians from the poor educated families of this country. Yes we can.

[11:11, 11/2/2017] Ibaba: You cannot stage radical revolution as it is now because the elites have all it takes to silence whoever may try to misbehave vis the political, court and the prison etc. But there is still hope, we can do something, the revolution must not be bloody or radical but if we can tell them without fear of favour that enough of their self-enrichment, so many issues are in the air now how many groups comprising of youths are asking questions demanding for their prosecution? It is because we allow ourselves to be used as political ladder to wade into power, using us for political manipulation, rigging of elections, snatching of ballot boxes

[11:22, 11/2/2017] Dave: @Frank, Nowhere in the world can one find a faultless government, as such governments only exist on movies scripts. In another speech of one of the American president, he said and I quote, “In every democracy the people get the government they deserves“. And to me this is a fact. Whatever kind of government that is in power, if it is there by the votes of the people, then that is what the people wanted.

Wherefore it is in the duty of the people to institutionalize good government into power. Meaning it is still partly the fault of the youth for not adequately standing up to have good government in place. The people are the makers of every type of government meaning the government is for the people.

[11:23, 11/2/2017] Chigozie: Good morning comrades,  nice to be part of today’s debate again,  talking about revolution Madam Moderator,  I want to clearly state that revolution is not obtainable in Nigeria as was clearly shown in the 1966 Major Kaduna Nzeogwu led coup and as a result,  counter coup followed and up till today we are still suffering from its effects as a nation,  because we are too religious,  tribalistic and sentimental.

The day a man discovers himself, his potentials,  his purpose and what he really wants to achieve,  is the day he truly starts living.

Our youths must wake up from our slumber,  we must unleash the potentials in us,  the problem we have today is that everyone  wants to be a politician, everyone wants a white collar job,  therefore abandoning the talents in us, failing to unlock the potentials in us, in the other way round,  power is never given,  rather,  it is taken, if we are waiting for the current political elites in Nigeria to involve us in the policy making, we may be totally relying on a fate that may never be.  We must get ourselves involved. We must enforce ourselves on the system through creativity, hard work, self-reliance, patriotism.

[11:27, 11/2/2017] Eze: @Frank, please were people like Wizkid, dbanj, Hilda Dokubo, Don Jazzy, Timaya etc, was it the government that decided that they should excel? Talents supersede any government policies anywhere in the world.

The Nigerian youth need to discover themselves and their importance in society, anyone who doesn’t discover themselves and their abilities can easily be swayed to fall for anything.

[11:30, 11/2/2017] Ibaba: Yes @Mr. Ikechukwu, it cannot be achieved on the platter of gold and just like you said, they are enjoying the status quo and they don’t want anybody to jeopardize with it, but like the great Abraham Lincoln submitted, “it is dangerous to weaken the strong in our attempt to strengthen the weak”, so let us take the message to the talakawas and let them understand that our lives worth more than  N5000 to rig election, let us examine our lives because “the unexamined live is not worth living” and to wrap it up with the saying of Aristotle, “the worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal”.

@Eze, Of course we cannot all be musicians or comedians those people you mentioned, go and read their profile before you judge the son of nobody who is on the street struggling to eat thrice a day, and the disable people on the street.

[11:38, 11/2/2017] Frank: Wizkid flourish or connected to his talent through God and a politician and business man from the West, we all know the story pls.

[11:39, 11/2/2017] Eze: Good you first mentioned talent then Banky W signed him and he flourished through proper marketing, and his music was good and people loved his song. It had nothing to do with politicians.

Now my point is, if you discover yourself people will invest in you, and if he didn’t sing or was heard singing, Banky W will not see or hear him to sign. I repeat, there is no one here that’s without anything to offer society but if you don’t hone your skills properly or exhibit your potential, nobody will appreciate you talk less of investing in you.

If we discover who we are even the so called elites and politicians will patronize us. Our politicians build houses, sew clothes, host parties. All these are services that are provided by local business men. If you are a cook be a great cook, if you’re a dancer, be a spectacular one, if you’re a wielder be a creative one.

There’s nothing too small to make greatness out of, knowledge of your ability can only make you excel.

[11:40, 11/2/2017] Moderator: Our guest will be joining us soon so let’s keep our constructive contribution flowing in.

[11:46, 11/2/2017] Dave: @Chigozie, the 1966 revolution is far different from the democratic revolution through the power of the voters card, it’s not by the gun, please take note. When we are talking of revolution in this platform, we are simply referring to democratic revolution of facing out a particular generation or groups of people from continuously being in power. As you can see, our government keeps revolving around the same groups of people year in year out.

[11:47, 11/2/2017] Frank: @Eze, please what I’m saying in essence is, the generality of our youth both in the local area and  urbanize towns should be unbiasedly encouraged to discover their hidden talent and that will happen to so many of them through the implementation of good governance policies.

My bro @Eze, It certainly doesn’t have to do with politician, but the story of most of them was linked-up through one connection or the other but the rest talented Nigerians without these connections are deflected with no hope.  A responsible government should help them sell their talent maybe through good representative policies and identifying those with valuable talents for proper marketing.

If you are a wielder’ where is the electricity as a startup wielder to stick to your God’s giving potentials?

[11:47, 11/2/2017] Chigozie: “A man’s gift maketh way for him”, people like Okocha,  Kanu,  Pet Edochie and most of the celebrities in our society today all achieved the fame and success they enjoy today because they discovered the potentials in them and maximized them. I am not saying the government has no responsibilities to play, but we have greater roles to play if we really desire success.

[12:24, 11/2/2017] Dave: I concur again with you @Eze, talent must sell itself out to the public but it is a good government policy which does the magic of catapulting one to financial success. I give examples with the American showbiz system. Why is it that an artist at his first one hour of releasing his song or an album can sell up millions of dollars? It is government policies guarding the industry against pirates. I have said it, that it takes two to tangle, both the youths and government must do something to better the situation.

[12:33, 11/2/2017] Frank: @Mark your last paragraph is actually justifiable to the reality of our claims

[12:36, 11/2/2017] Moderator: For now our debate has come to halt, we’ll continue after the lecture from our special guest.


[14:21, 11/2/2017] Moderator: Wow, we must reflect on the major points of the lecture. As for those who haven’t been contributing, Mr. Stanley said and I quote: “improve yourself, make yourself an asset anywhere you find yourself, however you find yourself there”.

[14:42, 11/2/2017] Frank II: One of the take I learned from this man is and I quote “don’t make decision based on emotions” In totally agree with that guys.

[14:43, 11/2/2017] Dave: From Mr. Stanley’s lecture, we were all on point with the topic, and I think Mr. Bentu is much more elaborate with the facts and I as a person really benefited from his contributions especially on the point of leadership, from base and not from the top.  And two, lack of critical thinking of how to achieve ones dream is the very point that has been weighing most of us down in our various aspirations.

This I grabbed again to break myself out and collaborate with people like @Mr. Eze in the entertainment biz. Because I am full of virgin ideas that have not be tested. As it is said “No one can tell the story better than the owner of the story“. Mr. Bentu has really inspired me. Let’s have others too.

[15:19, 11/2/2017] Darlington: Mr. Bentu has once again proven that there is always something really special about special guests. Guys don’t you think we occasionally need special guests?

[15:37, 11/2/2017] Moderator: Oh yes, in fact mentorship programs has to be revive. Take home points:


Refined mindset,



Be prepared.

Be an asset.

Take charge…

[15:56, 11/2/2017] Scott: My take on what he said,
1. nothing replaces good planning: This point is like what the Bible said that we should study to show ourselves a proof. This point is for all of us, starting from the bottom to the top. God bless you all. God bless Nigeria.

[16:40, 11/2/2017] Miss K: Wow! This lecture got me thinking, am inspired. As a young entrepreneur, I learn everyday by checking on those that have done well in the same line as I have chosen. Reading too is also of importance.

[16:50, 11/2/2017] Blessing: Once again, good day to you all, my point is on ( Self Improvement)

* Creativity is the innate human resource that economy has yet to harness its full potential in order to contribute towards global prosperity, cultural exchange and social Justice.

*Being creative is the inspirational energy and knowledge that spur many individuals, to new industrial ventures with a vision for future transformation of societies. We cannot depend on the Government.

[17:52, 11/2/2017] Odey: God bless you Mr Bentu. My take home from this auspicious lecture is that the youths should get prepared and take action. Nobody is going to just hand it over to you. @Blessing, the Government has a role to play in whichever area you want to delve into, an enabling environment has to be created for youths to take catch in. If you are in business already, you know it is not easy to survive as a beginner : Outrageous Light bills, stringent conditions attached to getting facilities to enhance business, name it. The State has to act the touch bearer for the Youths to explore their potential.

[19:15, 11/2/2017] Frank: @Mr. Odey, you are absolutely right because, I wondered on how a wielder survives without electricity or high tariffs and perhaps starting from his/her humble stage! that will certainly discourage the young man/woman completely back to the street. we do have “NDE” is this policy design to help the people of nobody or talents in our midst to be gainfully engaged still active?

Do you feel differently about our views, please use the comment box below.

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