Stanley Bentu: youths creative potentials

Stanley Bentu on “Youths harnessing their industrial and creative potentials”


[12:36, 11/2/2017] Moderator: For now our debate has come to a halt, we’ll continue after the lecture from our special guest. Enjoy

As youths, there are some people we aspire to be like, and there are also those people with whom fate gives us the pleasure of coming in contact with. They are once in a lifetime experience and leave on us positive impressions that lingers all life through.

Mr. Stanley Bentu is one of such persons, and it is with deep gratitude that we celebrate his presence with us today. Though he got news of a loss this morning, he has still kept to his word of being with us. You are most welcome sir.

[13:15, 11/2/2017] Stanley Bentu: Thank you very much I am extremely pleased to be here

[13:15, 11/2/2017] Moderator: You’re welcome sir.

[13:16, 11/2/2017] Stanley Bentu: I think your topic for debate is very critical and timely and I would just like to speak from the heart on it.

How can the youths harness their industrial and creative potentials in the current political framework?”

The topic is great because it asks the right questions, it places the responsibility for success on the shoulders of you, the individual.

What can I do to improve my situation? A man or woman who asks that has hope.

The one who doesn’t have hope always looks outside for solutions, like our leaders sadly often do. The key thing to focus on is self-improvement. We must realize that nothing will be handed to us.  We have to earn our way, and the only way to do that is to fight for our positions in society, but it’s a journey.

I supported the Not Too Young to Run bill passionately but I don’t subscribe to the narrative that the old must give way to the young.

The old have experience and wisdom and the young have zeal and energy and both are needed to move the country forward.

I supported the bill because I stand against politics of exclusion either based on age, gender or any other thing. We have big challenges and can only overcome them if we search our entire talent pool to seek the best of us to lead. The youth have something special – innovation, but to harness that, they need preparation and education. I am not referring to mere academic education, but education in life – enlightenment.

Consume Knowledge.

Young people must develop their ability to think critically, critical thinking is key to leadership.  It is how wisdom is built and wisdom is the most essential mental tool of leadership. Consume knowledge wherever you can find it.  Seek it and eat of it like a goat seeks food. Reading, I find is a corner stone for critical thinking. Reading everything beneficial weather in the net or books. But I find that books have a unique way of building critical thinking even more than reading from the net.

What should we read? Any and everything about your discipline, about leadership and about the world. I find that understanding the history of things give us special insight. It’s important to be curious, to have a need to understand the big picture. Biographies and autobiographies are recommended by me.

Seek mentors and Volunteer

Next is to get involved and contribute in solving problems in your immediate community, many people desire leadership at the top, but they miss the point.  For instance the best way to learn about a business is to learn from the bottom up. Start as an intern and run errands, then help with admin then build up till you begin to learn decision making at the hugest level.  That way you won’t be a CEO who can easily be deceived by the guy in the factory.  You have been there so you know.

Applying this to socio political leadership, if you aspire to be a Governor of President someday,  don’t wait to be given a chance, begin by choosing a problem in your community,  innovate and create a solution,  mobilize support for your cause. If you need to learn, volunteer at any organization that does what you wish to do. Seek a mentor, be a personal assistant to that mentor, if need be and while there, watch how he/she handles matters carefully, learn from that. It’s more valuable than any money you can gain from that.  It’s experience that will propel you because it prepares you.

Often, success comes by chance, but chance favours only those who have prepared minds, those who stayed ready by constantly commuting to improving themselves. Don’t make decisions based on emotions, emotions exist to protect us from harm but they often cloud judgment. So be deliberate in all you do.  I will give an example….

If you work in an office and feel you work hard and deserve a raise, don’t just go out and ask for it, Thank God for Google. Carry out research as to how best to successfully ask for a raise and when you have found a strategy that works for you, execute it. Nothing replaces good planning.

Focus on Objectives

Next I would say, focus on the objective.  People tend to reward results and not effort. Always ask yourself what do I have or what can I do that this other person needs?  If you focus on solving his/her or their problems, chances are you will be rewarded for creating an innovative solution. Make yourself indispensable to any team you belong to


So in a nut shell, study like there is no tomorrow,  seek mentors and volunteer, be prepared by constantly improving yourself,  make yourself an asset to any team you belong to. Begin your leadership quest from your immediate community then grow from there

I hope I was helpful. Thank you.

[13:52, 11/2/2017] Moderator: Wow, thank you so much Sir, you’re a well-watered garden. On behalf of Talk-am, I say thank you sir, we’re grateful for your time and words of wisdom.

[14:06, 11/2/2017] Stanley Bentu: Thank you very much. With all of you, Nigeria has hope.  God bless you all.

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